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Latex VS Lace | A Lingerie Showdown

black lace pantiesRecently we have discussed both lace and latex. Many men who wear lingerie have never so much as considered latex, their fascination lies with finer materials, filmier fabrics which can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing. Latex on the other hand, functions more often than not as the main event. Let’s look at them both in a little more depth….

Latex or Lace, You Decide

Hanky Panky Lace Thongs – Lingerie That Caught The Eye of Wall Street

hanky panky low riseNot all lace lingerie is made equal, a fact proved by Hanky Panky, a brand making themselves a name for high quality whisper soft lingerie that has become a sensation amongst Wall Street commentators and celebrities alike. It has been said that supermodel Cindy Crawford, pop sensation Jessica Simpson and Goldie Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson (who scientists have discovered has the genes for detecting luxury lingerie built into her very being,) all wear hanky panky lace thongs. These thongs even got a mention in the Wall Street Journal, which called them ‘lace butter.’

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John Wears Lingerie | How To Secretly Wear Lingerie

rosy olga pantiesEver wondered how to wear lingerie without anyone knowing? Take some hints and tips from John, a married man and father of two who manages to wear lingerie without anyone knowing at all…

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(Photo provided courtesy of awesome He Wears Panties reader, view more like this on the Men In Panties Pics page.)

Sexy Silk Camisoles For Men

lace_bust_silk_camisoleThere’s very little in the world prettier or more “innocent” than the camisole, and there’s certainly no material more sensual than silk. Silk camisoles can easily become part of a man’s everyday wear as they are largely unobtrusive under a shirt of any sufficient weight and are certainly completely undetectable under a suit jacket.

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Three Kinds Of Lingerie She Won’t Know You’re Wearing

I like to talk about fashion freedom a lot, but that doesn’t mean we should forget those men still languishing under the tyrrany of special people in their lives who would indulge in extreme moral panic if they were to discover them wearing lingerie, or men who want to wear lingerie in public but don’t want to risk being caught.

Check out my suggestions for stealth lingerie…

Men Look Good In Lingerie | Real Men Wearing Lingerie

sexy_man_in_stockingsThis is a follow up to the wildly popular and fiercely debated ‘Why It’s A Big Deal When Men Wear Women’s Clothes In Public’, and a rebuttal to some of the more ignorant comments there which claimed that men shouldn’t wear women’s clothing not because they don’t have the right to, but because they don’t look good in it.

The sheer arrogance and indeed, shallowness of these claims aside, this is one of those times where fire can be fought with fire, for the claim that men do not look good in women’s clothing is simply false

Check out the hot guys in lingerie and lend your voice to the cause…

Sexy Silk Lingerie For Men

silk-slipSilk was once only attainable from the cocoon of a hardworking sweatshop silkworm paid less than 0.001 of a cent per day. Nowadays, in this modern and enlightened age, you might think that the silkworms are kicking back and playing PlayStation whilst scientists in white coats synthesise silk in shiny laboratories.

Sexy silk lingerie awaits you…

How To Look Hot As A Man In Lingerie

Looking good in lingerie can be a challenge for men and women. The scanty nature of most lingerie ensures that vast swathes of flesh are exposed to the eyes of onlookers, which means that there is little to hide the flaws which everyone possesses. For some, the battle to look good in lingerie may seem to be a loosing one, but do not loose hope. You can look hot in lingerie, no matter what you look like!

Yes you can…

Rawr! Sexy Primal Animal Print Lingerie For Men

tiger-print-babydollSome people might consider animal prints to be tacky or trashy, but those people have never experienced the true power of wearing lingerie that looks like you’re wearing animal skins without the hassle of chasing, catching, killing, skinning and chewing the animal hide softer yourself. (The chewing part is the hardest, absolute murder on the jaws.)

Today we take a look at a range of animal print lingerie, most of which is featured by the wild beasts at

Mreow.. sexy hot lingerie that looks vaguely like an animal!

Lingerie Essentials For When The Revolution Comes

Times are tough. The global economy appears to have drunk the proverbial kool aid, hundreds of thousands are out of work, North Korea is testing nukes with the giddy abandon of a girl who just came of age and Obama may or may not be a puppet for a shadowy group of international bankers bent on establishing a new world order.

Revolution is afoot, my friends, but what will you be wearing underneath your fatigues when it comes?

Something sexy, I hope…

Top To Toe Lingerie For Men | Body Stockings

sexy_body_stockingBody stockings, hell yeah! Body stockings! If you love lingerie, you will love body stockings. Yes you will. Have you tried a body stocking? Have you? Hmm? If not, add one to your ‘to do’ list. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t know what a body stocking is? Body stockings are, quite literally stockings for the body. They’re not great for women who need support in the chest department, but for men who just love the sensation of sheer nylon, they’re perfect.

Check out the hot bodystockings!