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Foxers Lace Boxers, Panties For Men

foxers lace boxers panties

These lace boxer panties are gorgeous, and I reckon they’d look mighty fine on the male form. Foxers make quite a range of these lace boxers, in a variety of colors, so if you don’t like the elegant black shown above (and really, how could you not like the elegant black panties shown above, I love them!) you can go and find something in a red, or a yellow or even an emerald green.

Check out these Foxers lace boxers….

Embrace Lace Chemise, Bra and Panty Set

embrace lace lingerie for men

Why not wear a chemise with your favorite panties? This three piece ‘Embrace Lace’ set from Wacoal is comprised of highly sophisticated and unique lingerie. I say three piece, but you can mix and match out of several different panty cuts and bra styles, which means whether you’re a follower of thongs, or a believer in briefs, there’s an option for you. I started this little piece because I had a fascination with the chemise, which is so wonderfully detailed, especially in the white on black version. There’s something about white lace laid across black mesh type fabric that is sensual and alluring. The bodice of the chemise is much more detailed than one commonly expects to find in a garment of this nature. The cup area is sheer, but the herringbone pattern of the light mesh fabric makes it a classy kind of sheer, a dance of the seven veils sheer, rather than 1980’s Cheer sheer. You know what I mean.

The Embrace Lace Bra

The Embrace Lace Bikini

The Embrace Lace Chemise

Amoureuse Plus Size Ruffled Lace Chemise

plus sized negligee for men

If you like to feel pretty, this chemise is perfect. In a pale pastel pink or a darker black nuit, you’ll sleep the night away in comfort. I especially like the almost ‘A’ line cut, and you’ll love the silky tricot lining which slips against the skin, complimented by a lace overlay which is simultaneously delicate and alluring. Perfect for anyone in the plus sizes, or a man who likes a little room in his lingerie.

Amoureuse Plus Size Gown In Ruffled Lace

Jade Green Rose Red Lingerie

red green lingerie sets

Lingerie is best when worn in combination with other lingerie. Lingerie lends itself to layering, but it doesn’t much lend itself to lending. Something about hygiene or something along those lines. I don’t know. Who can keep clean thoughts in their head when feasting eyes on satin and lace in colors which are frankly more appropriate for Christmas time, but I’m against seasonal grasping at colors. They limit imagination.

With this lingerie set you get yourself a nice lace trimmed bra, a garter set and matching panties. Get one in each color and you can turn yourself into a veritable vintage Christmas tree in mid-summer.

Seven Til Midnight Simply Stunning Lingerie Set

Corsellete Lingerie Shapewear For Men

corsellete for men

It looks like a corset, but this shapewear will do more than suck you in. It will help put curves in the right places with a clever design which not only tucks in anything that might be hanging loose, but also creates the visual appearance of curves by merit of the shape of the patterned material against the black ‘background’ of the garment. That’s science! Lingerie science! And art.

What Katie Did Lulu Red and Black Corselette

The Ladies Are Squeeming

squeem lady shapewear for men

If you’re interested in trends in feminine lingerie, then you might be interested in the latest wildly popular piece of intimate apparel designed to create an ideal female form. It’s called Squeam, a brand umbrella-ing a bunch of shapewear

I chose the image of the pretty lady leaning nonchalantly against a tree in her bra, panties and shapewear because it is perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. It seems to imply that this underwear can become outerwear, as long as your make up is neat and you intend on accessorizing with a smile.

Made with rubber and cotton, the shapwear pictured is designed to cinch the waist, creating something approximate to a hourglass shape. Waist definition is a marker of good health and fitness, which is why we find it so appealing in our mates.

If you find this appealing, find out more at the link below…

Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear

Seven ’til Midnight’s Flawless Satin Chemise

flawless satin chemise for men

A little silky something for those exotic nights… (any night can be exotic if you put your mind to it, all you need is a pineapple and some nice lingerie – and the pineapple is optional.) This little black chemise also comes in raunchy red and a more virginal white. The lace trimmed cups will make the most of any cleavage you care to procure naturally or with the aid of Breast Forms.

(Again, the forms are optional, but if you’re the sort of fellow who likes to play at being a fellowess, or simply explore his feminine side, then the technology is at your disposal.)

Otherwise you can take the opportunity provided by the deep v cut and show off a brassiere. Also going for this sweet chemise is the fact that it is quite short, meaning that a pair of well made panties might very well be flashed as you wear it. So many lingerie options, so many potential outfits yet to be created!

Flawless Satin Chemise

Lace Kiss Bralette

A bralette is a bra for people who don’t really need to wear a bra for support, but like the way it looks. Thus the bralette is perfect for the discerning fellow who likes to not only wear a little lingerie, but an entire ensemble, or for the guy with an eye for lovely lace located a little north of the usual lingerie location. (I’m all hopped up on alliteration folks, it’s been a long weekend.)

The bralette featured in this little article is clearly beige, but guess what they’ve called it ‘mother of pearl’. I like to imagine mother of pearl as a distinguished woman just back from riding her favorite stallion across the English countryside, but this works too. This little lace bra also comes in black and in a rather lovely blue teal.

See the Wacoal Lace Kiss Bralette in all colors!

Jezebel Lace and Mesh Cami Panty Set

Smooth, soft, silky. A little touch of harem-esque fabric with a meshy, see through fall that will let your panties show through underneath, so nothing is lost in the layers. This cami set from Jezebel is perfect in numerous ways. And it comes in a range of styles, each complimented with feminine bows and a little flounce and frill. Innocent white, sexy black or dance of the seven flames red, this cami / panty set has a color and a shade to suit your every mood.

View the full range of color options here:

Jezebel Lace and Mesh Cami Panty Set

Almost A Bra! The Piikabu Lace Mini-Cami

Here’s something a little different and a lot fun, a ‘mini cami’ made of lace. It’s not quite a bra, but it is a very exciting entry into the world of chest bound lingerie. Halfway between a brassiere and a camisole, you find this sweet creation. There are no straps to adjust, no back clasps to cause bra lines that might be difficult to explain to the public at large, or to get caught up in other bits and pieces of clothing in awkward fashion. But there is a nice thick band of lace that walks the fine line between drama and comfort. With rave reviews from several satisfied customers, this is a little piece of lingerie you might want to consider.

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami on Amazon!

Dreamgirl Shalimar Charmeuse Babydoll

A babydoll is something longer than a camisole, but shorter than a robe or gown. It’s a little dress like scrap of lingerie that’s designed to hit around about the upper thigh. A silky smooth babydoll can turn the simple act of going to sleep into a slip and slide sensation. This particular babydoll from Dreamgirl also comes with a matching robe so you can cover yourself for a more modest look or let your inner doll shine.

Starting at just $14.95 for the set, this item does come with something of a buyer beware caveat, as it is at the lower end of the price spectrum for lingerie some sacrifices have been made in the name of fabric quality, it is also a rather short item, so if you’re a tall guy you may find that it reveals much more than it covers. This item is probably best suited to those who want to dip their toe into the world of longer lingerie without making significant financial commitment, rather than anyone looking for a long term lingerie investment.

Dreamgirl Shalimar Charmeuse Babydoll with Robe Set

Wet Look Nylon Garter Belts from Love Fifi

These are some interesting garter belts. I say garter belts as if there are two of them, which there sort of are and sort of aren’t. Basically there’s just one garter belt but it comes in normal sizes and plus sizes too, so everyone can enjoy the wet look nylon coverage. There’s something a little bit Catwoman about this piece of lingerie, it’s sinuous and sensual. It might plot to overthrow a local superhero, but I think you’ll forgive it. The straps across the rear are a little bit BDSM, a little bit Rock n’ Roll, a lot awesome. This isn’t delicate or frilly, but it doesn’t have to be. This garter belt is bold and knows what it wants. It has drive, it has passion. Will it have you?

Dark Delicacy Garter Belt (Normal Sizes)

Dark Delicacy Garter Belt (Plus Sizes)