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Self Loathing And Panties

Recently we’ve been having some discussions on the forum about what images are and aren’t acceptable. It’s looking like we’re not going to allow members to publish private images of themselves as the general consensus is that these images are often erotically charged, and that’s not the point of the site. I agree with that, but I’ve noticed something else in these discussions, something that quite frankly saddens me.
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Men’s High Heels | Manly Fashion Must Haves

Another great picture from High Heels Passion

High heels for men. This is a new one for a lot of men, even for men who often wear lingerie and other items of women’s clothing. Of course, for a great many men, the notion of high heels is not a new one at all, indeed they adore their high heels and if they had it their way, wouldwear almost nothing else.

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Kitten High Heel Shoes For Men

Perfect for the man who wants to get into wearing high heels but doesn’t yet trust his ankles to his high heel walking skills, kitten heels were designed in the 1950’s to be worn by young proto-housewives (younger teenage girls) to prepare them for a fulfilling life of looking pretty and popping out babies on a regular basis.

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The Legend of the High Heeled Men

It’s said that in the canyons of the South, there are those who have been riding for a hundred years, though given that the average life span of a man is around 80, it seems more likely they’re probably been riding for 50 years, or even more like 5 years. You know how legends are inflated. One moment you’re sneaking your buddies some wine and fish sticks, the next, you’re the son of a god. It’s happened to the best of us.

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If you like this piece, you may very well enjoy High Heels Passion, a great blog dealing in High Heels for men!

How To Get The Courage To Wear Women’s Clothing In Public

A man wears a dress in public quite happily. This is a doozie of a leap for many men to make. It is one thing to accept yourself and have fun wearing women’s clothing in the privacy of your own home, but to go out of it and expose yourself to the eyes and judgment of the world, now that is quite another thing. But if you really want to wear women’s clothing in public, this article may help you do that.

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How To Walk In High Heels, A Guide For Men

High heels are lovely, but they do take some skill to wear without causing serious damage or even worse, looking silly. Oh the horror of looking silly! The women one occasionally sees striding down the streets of major metropolitan centers deftly avoiding subway grates in their four inch heels aren’t as stupid as they look you know, in fact any one of them could probably dance across a tightrope stretched over the Niagara falls.

If you would like to attain the same lithe grace, here are a few tips for walking in high heels.

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Where To Buy Large Womens Shoes For Men

If you happen to be a man who likes wearing women’s shoes, you’ll already be aware of the problems surrounding finding shoes in a size that fits you. Most women have smaller feet than men, and if you happen to be a particularly tall man, then you’re going to have even more problems finding pretty pumps, high heels and flats to suit your outfits. But never fear, I have found several sources of pretty, feminine women’s shoes you’ll love!

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This Winter, Men Will Be Wearing Skirts

Givenchy has picked up the torch of skirts for men and flown it high in its Fall / Winter collection. Not content with putting a solo skirt in there for a bit of gimmicky androgynous draw, skirts make up around half of the men’s collection, along with feminine jewelery, and shoes styled to look like strappy women’s sandals, sorry, correct that, strappy velvet sandals that are unashamedly for men!

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The Lingerie Prince | A Modern Tale For Men Who Wear Women’s Clothing

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a princess, who like many princesses of her time had been locked away in a tall tower because she was so pretty and her hair was so shiny and her feet so tiny and her eyes so large and her nose so pert and her femininity so feminine. She was so pretty that other women would projectile vomit with jealousy if they laid eyes on her.

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Wife Won’t Let You Wear Women’s Clothes?

So, as you know, I spend a great deal of time telling my readers how wonderful it is for men to wear women’s clothing, and how much they should indulge their fashion sense to its fullest limits. I do realize, however, that many men who like to wear women’s clothing are very much restrained by other influences in their lives. These influences usually come in the form of women that the men in question want to remain married to or living with.

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Feminine Pointed Power Shoes For Men

Men’s shoes tend to have a bluntness about the toes which one assumes is supposed to be masculine or something. Blunt, dull, boring, staid, typical fashion associations made with the male sex. Some days looking at men’s fashions is so depressing that I don’t know why we don’t just dress men in cardboard boxes and have done with it.

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