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Self Loathing And Panties

Recently we’ve been having some discussions on the forum about what images are and aren’t acceptable. It’s looking like we’re not going to allow members to publish private images of themselves as the general consensus is that these images are often erotically charged, and that’s not the point of the site. I agree with that, but I’ve noticed something else in these discussions, something that quite frankly saddens me.
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Japanese Men Make Boy Skirts Mainstream

I have to thank Kevin for passing a link along to me that made me aware of the wider male skirted movement in Japan. Many of you will be aware that there is a section of the male Japanese population rejecting traditional notions of masculinity. What you many not be aware of (as I was not) is that these men are also embracing feminine clothing as part of their movement.

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How To Get The Courage To Wear Women’s Clothing In Public

A man wears a dress in public quite happily. This is a doozie of a leap for many men to make. It is one thing to accept yourself and have fun wearing women’s clothing in the privacy of your own home, but to go out of it and expose yourself to the eyes and judgment of the world, now that is quite another thing. But if you really want to wear women’s clothing in public, this article may help you do that.

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Happy Men Wear Dresses

Look at this guy in this picture. Look how freakin’ happy he is. If dresses made me feel this happy, I might actually wear them a little more often. As a woman however, it is my job to steadily usurp male fashion, which is why today I am wearing a tweed jacket, smoking a pipe and preening a lush, false mustache. But enough about me, back to these happy guys in dresses.

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Men Look Great In Dresses

Ah the dress, the final frontier of feminine fashion. Do you dare go there? Would you know what to do if you went there? Today we have a dress special for men who have been curious about wearing dresses but were wondering just how to find dresses to suit them.

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