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Why Men Must Wear Dresses

This is a two part post about the state of feminine fashion when it comes to men, and the reasons behind it. If you were looking for a reason to wear a dress, you’ll find it here.

What do you think when you hear the words, feminine fashion? Do you imagine skimpy skirts and tube tops? Do you imagine pretty lacy undergarments? Do you imagine long floral dresses? Do you imagine short shorts and a tank top? Perhaps you imagine jodhpurs and a riding jacket, or maybe a sharp two piece business suit?

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Men must wear dresses. In fact, I would like to posit the theory that until all men are able to walk about in dresses without fear of mockery, losing their jobs or putting off potential mates, we will not have achieved freedom and equality in our societies.

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Buying Lingerie For Your Mother On Mother’s Day

As many of you will know, I am something of a lingerie connoisseur who spends large amounts of time perusing Internet purveyors of  lingerie. A trend that I could not help but notice was the fact that all over my favorite lingerie sites is splashed the reminder that mother’s day is May 9th. I quickly realized that this was not merely a helpful public service being provided by these purveyors of lingerie, rather it was an encouragement for me to purchase my mother some lingerie.

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How To Find Freedom In Women’s Clothes

If you happen to be a guy who at some point developed a fascination with women’s clothing, you’ve probably spent a good deal of your life since that time feeling guilty and disliking yourself. I don’t say that because I’m some guru with a deep insight human nature, but because I’m a human with eyes, and any human with eyes can see that if there’s anything that modern living sets us up for, its feeling guilty and giving us reasons for disliking ourselves.

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Pretty Hair Bows For Men And Women

Wearing a pretty bow in your hair is a no-lose way to look instantly fashionable, no matter what gender you are. Whilst females may find bows more accessible, because they grew up having ‘girly’ things shoved in their face on such a regular basis that they eventually started to feel guilty and weird if they didn’t look pretty and feminine, men have a solid historical claim to bows that cannot, and in this article, shall not, be overlooked.

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How To Get The Courage To Wear Women’s Clothing In Public

A man wears a dress in public quite happily. This is a doozie of a leap for many men to make. It is one thing to accept yourself and have fun wearing women’s clothing in the privacy of your own home, but to go out of it and expose yourself to the eyes and judgment of the world, now that is quite another thing. But if you really want to wear women’s clothing in public, this article may help you do that.

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The Panties of Ultimate Feminine Knowledge

It is written (on a scrap of paper half covered in animal debris, don’t ask what animal debris is, you wouldn’t like the answer,) that there exist on Earth a pair of panties imbued with magical powers. The wearer of these panties is blessed with Ultimate Feminine Knowledge. For generations, these panties have been passed down through maternal lines, granting women a +10 intellect bonus which they have traditionally used to create innovative crochet products, knit booties that fit on tiny baby feet and create arguments with the simple sentence ‘you should already know why I am angry at you.’

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How To Walk In High Heels, A Guide For Men

High heels are lovely, but they do take some skill to wear without causing serious damage or even worse, looking silly. Oh the horror of looking silly! The women one occasionally sees striding down the streets of major metropolitan centers deftly avoiding subway grates in their four inch heels aren’t as stupid as they look you know, in fact any one of them could probably dance across a tightrope stretched over the Niagara falls.

If you would like to attain the same lithe grace, here are a few tips for walking in high heels.

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Brooches For Men

This feminine trend started off on the streets of Europe and is sweeping the world of fashionable dandies, further pushing the androgynous agenda that we have seen recently embraced in Givenchy’s Fall / Winter 2010 collection. I tell you, it is an exciting time to be writing about the world of fashion, an exciting time indeed. Some people thought that by the time we got to 2010, we’d only have shell suits and antennae ornaments to write about, but instead we are watching the continual mutation of fashion back and forth through time. Brilliant.

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How To Secretly Buy Lingerie

There are many reasons why one might want to secretly buy lingerie. Perhaps it is intended to be a present. Perhaps one is living under a cruel, anti-lingerie regime. Perhaps one simply likes to be stealthy in the way that one makes one’s purchases. A great deal of emphasis is put on being open and transparent in one’s activities these days, so much so that there is little room for the quiet joy of having little secret nooks and crannies in one’s home, mind and soul.

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