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Get A More Feminine Shape For Your Behind With SPANX Booty Boosting Panties

Some men wear lingerie because it feels good, some wear lingerie because they love how feminine it makes them feel. These booty padding panties from SPANX add rounded, feminine shape to one’s bottom, provide a little lift in the rear end, store a little junk in the proverbial trunk. You get the idea. Now of course, they’re not exactly pretty and lacy and all the rest of it, but they are women’s underwear and if that’s good enough for women, then why wouldn’t it be enough for you hmmm? Hmmm?

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Also, from EBay, some completely unrelated Booty Pop panties, which do the same thing, but they do it with lace and shine, ma cherie, with lace and shine.

Men Wearing Dresses On The Red Carpet

Back in 2000, Trey Parker and Matt Stone wore dresses to the Academy Awards – and not just any dresses, reproductions of J Lo’s Versace dress and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ralph Lauren gown. You might say that this has only the barest of relevance to anything happening today, and you might be correct, but I like posting pictures of men wearing dresses dammit, especially reproduction designer dresses. Trey looks pretty good in that wig too. I’ve always been a sucker for long hair on men.

Mike Rowe In A Pretty Pink Apron

Okay, so it’s not exactly lingerie, but it is clothing probably designed for a woman – and he looks more than a little desirable wearing it, in my frank opinion.

Thanks to all those who left comments of welcome on the Shadow Thong post the other day. What a wonderful response! I have manual approvals on for spam control so they didn’t appear right away, but I’ve just caught up with them now, they were very nice and put a big smile on my face :)

Helpless Women Are More Attractive

I know I said I wouldn’t be doing this anymore, and I don’t intend to do it too often, but I thought this article might be of interest to those of you who take an interest in the differences between men’s clothing and women’s clothing. This started off as an article about a purse, and morphed into one of my typical observational rants about clothing and gender inequality. You might enjoy it.

Purses never cease to amaze me. Actually the whole fact that women’s attire is still designed in such a way that the woman is functionally defenseless continues to amaze me.

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Reality and the Man Who Wore A Bra

It was a sunny Saturday morning and Reality was lurking in a hydrangea bush whilst it stared through the blinds of Steve’s humble first floor apartment. The blinds were drawn, which dissuaded most prying eyes, however to Reality, the spaces between the blinds were as wide as the rings of Saturn and it could see Steve as clearly as if they had been standing no more than a carbon atom’s breadth apart from one another.

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Let’s Do Lingerie Science! The Evolution of the Common Household Panty

As a panty scientist (with a white coat), I study panties day in day out. Some people say that’s strange. I say it’s a valuable use of oxygen and carbon atoms.

Stephen Hawking and other scientists with actual science degrees and their own chemistry sets say that the universe tends to chaos under the forces of entropy. My expert panty studies have revealed a similar truth in panties, however instead of tending towards chaos, it is clear that panties are tending towards nothingness. Indeed, I hypothesize that somewhere in the fashion universe there is a lingerie black hole steadily drawing panties towards it.

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