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A Man In A Dress Is A Splendid Thing | Victorian Ladies Walking Suit For Men

Sometimes one wishes to wear feminine attire, but one is caught up in situations which call for a certain amount of decorum and propriety. Funerals, for instance are one sort of occasion, attending the birth of a child is another. Many of my articles deal with the notion of men wearing skirts, however a skirt will not always suffice. On occasion, something more impressive is required. For those occasions, I can only recommend Victorian Ladies Walking Suits.

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Why Men Must Wear Dresses

This is a two part post about the state of feminine fashion when it comes to men, and the reasons behind it. If you were looking for a reason to wear a dress, you’ll find it here.

What do you think when you hear the words, feminine fashion? Do you imagine skimpy skirts and tube tops? Do you imagine pretty lacy undergarments? Do you imagine long floral dresses? Do you imagine short shorts and a tank top? Perhaps you imagine jodhpurs and a riding jacket, or maybe a sharp two piece business suit?

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Men must wear dresses. In fact, I would like to posit the theory that until all men are able to walk about in dresses without fear of mockery, losing their jobs or putting off potential mates, we will not have achieved freedom and equality in our societies.

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Men Wearing Beards And Dresses

One of the hardest things for men who like feminine clothing is the fact that they often have manly traits that make the feminine clothing seem, well, unfeminine. In particular, an abundance of body hair often gets in the way, cluttering up the place and creating a clash of the worlds that some men find problematic.

The best solution, in my limited opinion, is to simply embrace the contrast. There’s nothing like a lovely handlebar mustache above a sweet pink nylon nightgown.

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The Toga: An Acceptable Dress For Men

If a man of a certain (college) age wishes to wear a dress without arousing the suspicions or derision of his peers, he calls for a toga party. After one graduates, Togas must generally be put aside for fancy dress parties and Halloween. However, is there really any reason that men should not recover the old Roman fashions and a little bit of their un-bifurcated fashion glory?

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Pretty Party Dresses For Men

The male party dress market has largely been overlooked by the fashion industry who assume that all males are genetically predisposed to attending parties looking like penguins. But what better event than a party to to wear a party dress? Parties are about fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Ideally, they are also about quirky tales people will remember for a life time.

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