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Daring Demi Cup Bras For Men

bettybra12Demi cup bras, as one might imagine, are brassieres which have low cut cups which barely hope to contain the treasure inside. When women wear demi cups they are at constant risk of spilling out all over the place, which is why demi cup bras have become so popular over the years in places like Hollywood, where the only way you can gracefully fall out of your top is to have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

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Sporty Stealth Bras For Men

anita light sportsBras are fun, bras are hot, but bras are also much harder to get away with than panties. If you intend on wearing a brassiere out in the field, and if the possibility of hostiles becoming aware of your hidden cargo is of concern to you, why not try one of these stealth bras, made tough for men who may just have to throw themselves on the ground and roll to safety through enemy fire, or dangle from the edge of a sky scraper at a moment’s notice.

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From Raunchy To Romantic | Wacoal Bras For Men

wild bunch silverThere is something romantic about a well made bra, a bra which has been designed carefully from the underwire up, a bra that is really less a garment and more a work of art. Wacoal have earned their name in the lingerie world by consistently producing gorgeous, well made bras that, once seen, are hard to forget. In this little collection you will find brassieres that shimmer and shine, brassieres which cannot be ignored. You will also find much more subtle bras, bras, which seem to be so plain until one looks a little closer and realizes what a prize one has obtained. Whether you already love Wacoal lingerie, or whether this is your first encounter with it, you are in for a real treat!

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Why Bras Love Men

sexy hot bra for menIt’s a well known fact that many men love bras. They love bras with a passion which can only come from being kept apart from such a delightful and entirely gorgeous taboo object. The women of this world can wear brassieres with impunity, and in a tragedy greater than they will every know, some women don’t actually wear bras at all. Women are bra spoiled, we take brassieres for granted. To us, they are mere utilitarian devices, only good for supporting our mammary glands and luring mates from dark corners.

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Three Cheers For Convertible Bras For Men

toast wacoalConvertible bras were originally designed to allow women to wear all sorts of naughty pieces of outerwear without exposing their underwear. Men can enjoy the same benefits, plus the additional ones garnered from enjoying the sheer mechanical brilliance employed in the construction of such garments. I mean, to not secure the straps with thread, but to allow them to clip here there and everywhere!? Madness! But brilliant madness, madness you want a piece of.

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Sexy Lace Push Up Bras For Men From Lily Of France

twice_the_spiceLily of France might look like every other lingerie brand ever created at first glance, a slightly pretentious, slightly nonsensical, highly whimsical name backing a relatively small range of brassieres. But I tell you men, you skip the Lily of France at your own peril, for among the collection are a number of brassieres capable of giving cleavage to a rock.

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Men, Here’s How To Wear A Bra To Work

Man At WorkI write a great deal on the topic of men wearing lingerie in public and yet, it seems that there is not enough writing in the world to properly address this topic. Words only go so far, some things require illustration, and a great friend of mine and regular contributor to He Wears Panties has been so very kind as to provide some before an after pictures of himself wearing a brassiere under working attire.

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Sexy Designer Bras For Men From DKNY

belle dy jourDonna Karen has been running hither and thither about the place for decades now designing this, designing that, transforming average men and women into sleek, chic fashion machines. The say that DKNY lingerie is comprised of lace, love and the essence of New York itself. I think it’s a little better than distilled fraud and getting groped on the subway, but that is simply my humble opinion.

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How Not To Get Caught Wearing A Bra At Work (And In Public)

guy in a braBelieve it or not, some men want to wear a bra to work, (or anywhere in public, for that matter,) but don’t want to get caught doing it. Gadzooks! How are they to achieve such a goal. I have some tips for them, which I believe will help. I can only help they read this in time, before they go running out of the house in a red lace bra under a wet white t-shirt.

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Large Band Size, Small Cup Size | How To Find A Bra For a Big Man

Anita_TopComfortRecently I have received some correspondence and comments from men looking for bras which fit them. The dilemma is simple, if the cup size fits, the band size is too small, and if the band size fits, then the cups are too large. Bra extenders alleviate the problem somewhat, but they also put the straps in a different position, which means they sometimes don’t fit the way they should.

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When Men Must Wear Brassieres | Minimizer Bras For Men

Men must wear brassieres? Why? Well, men need support too you know. Not every man is a flat chested, muscled behemoth. Some men have breasty chest tissue which needs support as well. The official name for one form of this condition is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia involves the growth of mammary tissue in the male, resulting in breasts on a male. This is not to be mistaken for the ‘moob’ phenomenon in which a male simply puts on a fair bit of weight and as a result of this grows chest tissue in proportion.

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Fine Feminine Lingerie From Natori

natori peony braNatori is a luxury lifestyle brand with its roots in lingerie, and I gotta say, the lingerie is something to write home about. (The towels ain’t bad either, but they’re not what we’re here to talk about.) Delicate styling, cuts that break the rules and fabrics fit for a king are some of the factors that set Natori lingerie apart from the rest of the herd.

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