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Paul Says You Shouldn’t Hide Your Bra Lines…

bra through shirtWe knew that paul thinks that nobody, man or woman should be ashamed of panty lines, but where does he stand on the dreaded bra show through effect which can occur when a man wears a bra?

Originally left on Men, Here’s How To Wear A Bra To Work

pauls_boat says:
5 days ago

i do not see the point of men wearing bra’s and trying to hide them if you want to wear a bra then do not try to hide itthe bra is there to support the breast if a man has breasts then he should not be ashamed of wearing a bra no woman is ashamed of them, also if he is wearing false breasts then he should not try to hide them either.

if he is just wearing a bra with no natural breasts or false ones then what is the reason of the bra. Continue reading

Pretty Polka Dot Lingerie

polka dot lingeriePolka dots, the remnants of a bygone era have an undeniable charm that becomes even more charming when it is displayed upon lingerie. Polka dot lingerie is sweet, fun, playful lingerie that flatters any body type and provides an admirable alternative to beige. We must always be vigilant in searching for alternatives to beige.

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The Perfect Bra For Men?

If you were thinking about the perfect bra for a man, what would your criteria be? Would the bra need to be pretty and feminine with unique colors? Would it have to incorporate a little lace? Would it have to have shallow cups which allow it to fit a man’s chest so much better than other women’s bras? Well men, I think I have found a bra that many of you are going to absolutely love! (And best of all, it even comes from a fearsomely masculine sounding designer, ‘Diesel’.)

Click the image to view more details about the Diesel Microfiber Kikka Print Push-Up Bra

Notes from Her Room: Enhance your cleavage while looking stylish in this fashionable and extremely soft bra. Bra features sexy ombre print with burnout stripes. Molded, contour, underwire cups feature graduated padding for modesty and maximum cleavage. Bra is made of soft, stretch microfiber and has a plunge front, so you can wear your lower-cut fashions. Embroidered Diesel logo on left wing. Black lace trim adorns the top of cups and bottom of wings. Twinned spaghetti straps in front with Diesel logo on adjustable elastic straps in back.

Are You Wearing Her Bra?

mens braIn which I reveal tell tale secrets of the bra wearing man! (Don’t worry, not too many :)

It’s been a little while since I wrote about bras for men, at least two or three days, egads! Imagine what could have happened in that time! Wars have been won in shorter timescales, but fortunately, the lingerie fashion revolution is a slow moving beast and male bra wearers have yet to deplete global bra stocks to the point where anyone is really taking any notice at all.

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Comfortable Cotton Bras For Men

vs demi braI recently received a question on the He Wears Panties forum regarding comfortable bras for men. As the reader noted, men tend to perspire more than women, and combined with snug synthetic fabric many pretty womens bras are made from, this is a recipe for discomfort and even rashes.

Well, there is a solution to this problem, and this is the cotton bra.

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Sensual Silk Bras For Men

karen milen braSilk. The soft, sensual feeling of silk against skin is a sensation every lingerie lover should experience at least once in their lifetimes, and if at all possible, once a week or more. Silk panties are quite often on a man who loves lingerie’s shopping list, but what about a silk bra or two? A silk bra completes the set and gives one a feeling of lingerie satisfaction and satiation, (until you take it off, that is.)

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Becoming Feminine | Frilly Bras For Men

satin gingham braThe interesting thing about lingerie designed for men who want to feel feminine and girly is that it is often designed in a very hyper feminine, hyper girly way. It is so feminine and girly in fact that it far out feminizes and girlifies anything a woman might wear. Some men like this kind of lingerie, some men don’t, but if nothing else I think it is incredibly fun and pretty to look at.

Check out these gorgeous feminine bras…

Sneaky, Sexy, Show – Off Lingerie! Camisole Bras

comfort choiceSometimes a bra is not enough. You want more than a bra, but less than a full blown camisole. You want to experience the greatest amount of concentrated lingerie in the smallest space possible. You want to be banded about the chest, held firm by lingerie which both supports you and makes you look amazing. You though that it couldn’t be done, but you hadn’t met a camisole bra yet.

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Bullet Bras, Deadly Gorgeous Bras For Men

bullet bra sexySome of you may be old enough to remember the time, (or old enough to have watched television programs which depict a time,) where women’s bras were not the contour formed works of art that they are today. No. Once upon a time, a woman’s bra did not curve with the shape of her bust, it pointed out aggressively at the world, it proved itself not only as an icon of femininity, but as a icon of a time which was fast going by.