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Hanky Panky Totally Made Some Bras For Men

Thanks to reader Cantsay for pointing out this lovely line of what I’m pretty much going to call lace bandeau bras for men from Hanky Panky. Did Hanky Panky ostensibly say they were for men? No, of course not, however I am willing to bet that the average male would be far more comfortable in one of these lovely stretchy lace contraptions than the average female.

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Natori Zen Cami Bra | Hope’s Panty Bra Pick

I know this is supposed to be the ‘panty pick’, but you know me, I like to break rules. Oh the heady rush! Anyway, if you’re not pleased to learn about the Natori Zen Floral Cami Bra, then I suggest you check to see that you still have a pulse. Because, you know, you might be dead, if you’re not excited by these light and lacy charms.

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The bra featured in this article, plus another one that caught my eye and is also by Natori are below.  If you want more information regarding product parameters (because lingerie can be technical) or purchasing, click the images.

Three Empowering Men’s Brassieres

When women wanted to be empowered, they burned their bras. When men wanted to be empowered, some of them put bras on. Thus the bra has transcended status as mere clothing and become something of a magical totem garment. No wonder men are so attracted to bras. Even if they don’t want to wear them, men are often fascinated by brassieres.

These are some bras, which when worn, may very well empower the wearer with femininity. Alternatively, they may just feel really good and look most excellent.

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And because people always ask me where I find these pretty pieces of lingerie, here are links to all the bras featured, plus one bonus bra for good luck!

Perfectly Soft Microfiber Bras For Men

I’m a big fan of microfiber for many reasons, its smooth, it has a sheen to it, it is comfortable, and it is the way of the future. When all the cotton dies out due to global warming, those of us who have already adapted to polymer clothing will have an advantage over those who keep whining about the fact you can’t drink the water anymore.

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If you are interested in the beautiful bras featured in this article, they can be found here:

This bra features a unique turban wrap back that smooths you for a flawless look. This underwire, molded cup bra is made of seamless microfiber fabric for soft comfort. This bra features a plunge neckline with elegant lace trim that provides a feminine touch. Supreme support Simplex fabric offers ultimate shaping and comport.

This Olga bra doesn’t diminish fat but will smooth it where it is needed most. Great cup capacity for the full figure woman. Seamless sides for a smooth look under clothes. Tagless for comfort. Close-set straps won’t slip. Straps adjust in the back with metal hardware. Olga suggests this style as a replacement for Olga Suddenly Smooth Minimizer Bra 319.

This bra features a beautiful rose pattern that is smooth enough to wear under knits. No-poke wire design. Molded, lined, underwire cups support and shape the breasts. This Olga’s Christina bra is molded and double lined in mesh. The tone-on-tone floral print on the cups adds a beautiful touch to this sheer full figure support bra. Feminine floral lace design is smooth under clothes. Microfiber straps are soft against the skin.

This Olga’s Christina bra has lined wings with no exposed elastic for added side support. Leotard back minimizes back fat and provides additional support. Shoulder straps adjust in the back with metal hardware.

Doodle Bras For Men

Referred to me by a reader a few months ago, this is the perfect bra for the creative man or woman who loves lingerie. You know how when you’re a child, you yearn to draw on everything, and over time that desire is curbed by punishment, looking down on taggers and the slow Alzheimerfication of your brain? Well here’s some lingerie that may just rekindle that spark of creativity that you used to revel in all those years ago. It’s the Doodle Bra!

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Bras For Men | Have You Earned A Black Bra?

To wear a black bra, you must be daring. To wear a black bra, you must be bold. In wearing a black bra, you come to understand that although lingerie lies next to your skin, safely tucked away under your outer clothing, it is nevertheless a very real presence. The man who wears a black bra is a man who has mastered the arts of lingerie, he is one with the essential nature of lingerie.

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Freedom Is A Well Fitting Man’s Bra

man braFor many men who require brassieres, much freedom can be found in a well fitting bra. Women, and men fortunate enough not to struggle much with weight and hormonal issues might think it odd, or strange that a man might require a bra, but for the many men who have found themselves with substantial amounts of breast tissue, a bra provides just as much support and freedom for them as it does for the average woman.

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Having Fun With Bras For Men

ballon bra daddyBrassieres, ever the domain of the buxom woman, are becoming a popular fashion item amongst male wearers. Why? Well, in some cases, wearing a brassiere provides a man with much needed support (in these modern days of hormone imbalances, significant numbers of men suffer from medical conditions which cause them to grow sufficient tissue to require support from a brassiere.) In other cases, men simply rather like the idea of wearing a brassieres, and why not?

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Leading Lady Bras, Large Band, Small Cup

leading ladyIt’s always challenging to find a bra that fits if you happen to be on either end of the fitting spectrum, that is if you require a large cup size and small band size, or if you happen to require a large band size and a small cup size. However readers who require a large band size and a small cup size may just find a lingerie home with Leading Lady.

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Panman Says Men Should Wear Pink…

More rescued comments from the den of prudish censorship. This was originally posted on Pretty Pink Bras For Men

Panman0304 says:

I love wearing pale pink panties and bras as they make me feel so totally feminine. I have also found that women love seeing me in pink as well…

So, if you want to feel more feminine and be seen as more feminine by the females in your life, wear pink, especially pale or pastel pink. I love my sheer pink panties and bras as well and yes, I do shop exclusively ay Victoria’s Secret where they help fit me with each bra and pair of panties I buy. What a wonderful, and exciting, service. I just love being fitted for panties and bras and standing there in front of the salesgirls in my pretty sheer thong panties and matching bra. God, I do love it so!!! I think they enjoy it as well – seeing through my sheer panties… :-)

The Inflatable Chinese Bra

And a translation from Gizmodo reader, Joshl:

It’s Her. It’s Her. It’s Her!
They’re all the same “her”, but her breasts has a BIG difference (pun?)

At Work, it’s a B cup.
Pretty Beautiful.

On the streets, it’s B cup.
Perfect for attractive people.

At a party, it’s a D Cup! (OMG Ponies!)
Spicy Hot!

This bra can go up in three steps: B, C and D cups.

Before/After Shots…

Celebrated in Europe. (something)… world’s beautiful breast contest.

(She’s mine logo) Automatic pumping bra.

Look at this. One press and it gets bigger.
Bigger and Bigger.
As big as you want, as big as it gets.

Big! Big Big!
(Before/After Shots)

So big that even breast milk is coming out! (wtf?)

it’s like using your hands to push them up.
This bra has passed some sort of international certifacte (o rly?)

The inflatable part is called “God’s Hand” in English, but it says “Space-Age hand” in Chinese. All it takes is a press to inflate it.

Normal Magic Bras are too heavy. After a while, they sag down. (haha saggy tits!). It adds more weight to your straps too. So they aren’t good breasts, but saggy breasts.
But with “God’s hands”, 5 of them = the weight of a normal silicon breast thingy.

Hey, It’s actually trendy! It’s comfortable! The bra has a safe feeling with no pressure.

Hurry up and call the buy now!

Hello! Hello! What are you wearing now? I’m wearing a B cup. What do you like? I wish my breast were a little bigger. And B cups are fine. Bigger breasts are every woman’s wish. What are your wish? Wow they’re 3cm bigger! Can it get any bigger? Yes! Wow, it’s even bigger my 2.5cm. Can it get even bigger? Of course! Do you want to try it? No, no they’re big enough.

There are 3 technologies in this bra: “God’s hand” – hold your back up.

That granny at 3:33 – They’re excellent, I feel younger! (puke)
The God’s Hands are made from some Japanese natural material. They give off some sort of infrared-red radiation to increase blood circulation, and therefore your breasts will grow bigger.

Ugly woman at 3:54 – not only are they comfortable and healthy, my breasts are getting bigger too!