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Alegro Floral Waltz Plus Size Bra and Thong

Continuing on the plus size theme are these absolutely adorable, and may I say, ever so Moulin Rouge panties named ‘Floral Waltz’ by their creators, Alegro. I fell in love the moment I saw these, mostly because I love red on black and lace covered burgundy triggers that wonderful association in my brain. They’re a thong cut too, which I know a great many of you men who wear lingerie love. I’ve always found that a thong is one step up from being chased around by someone trying to atomic wedgie me all day, but if you like thongs, then may you have all the thongs you dream of. Including this one.

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Oh, and there’s also this matching bra, which is equally adorable and everyone knows that not getting the bra of a bra and panty set is pretty much akin to separating two kittens abandoned together at the side of the road who have bonded together against the world. The 3/4 cup coverage of this bra means that it won’t ride up too high on a male chest, but instead will sit low, possibly teasing you with a wardrobe malfunction.

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Exagerate Your Bosom With Bullet Bras

These are definitely vintage and retro in their styling, but women in the 1950’s knew the worth of a good bullet bra for accentuating one’s bosom. It’s pretty difficult to find new bras made in the bullet bra style these days because nowadays the focus is on a natural looking rounded bosom, but E Bay still has some bullet bra specimens which can round out your otherwise modern lingerie collection.

Steve’s Sports Bra Buying Guide For Men

As you’re all aware, I recently asked for guest bloggers to share their experiences with wearing lingerie with the He Wears Panties readers. SteveD answered that call with a great run down on buying sports brassieres from Lane Bryant that are cost effective and control his gynecomastia, and provides some helpful tips on braving a real world store and coming out with lingerie you’ll love.


I wanted to tell everyone I have finally found a sports bra that works. I picked up eight of these bras to help hide my gynecomastia and control the resulting bounce. I am 48b because of medication and being overweight.

I was very hesitant to purchase these at first because of the non standard Sizes sold at Lane Bryant. Instead of selling by bra size, they sell by dress size. Since I wear an 26w Top I went with the size 26. I was presently surprised when I got them, but that is getting ahead of myself.

I went down to the Lane Bryant store hoping to try them before buying, but alas none were carried locally.  So I had one of the salesladies (they all know me by name) order them using Coupon (You can use 050001552 $25 off $75, $50 off $150, $75 off $225). I highly recommend you sign-up for Mail Coupons or Email ones or both!

Right now until the 11th July Lane Bryant has Buy 2 Bras and Get 2 Free!    Combine that with the coupons for some real savings. I also use my Lane Bryant Credit Card and get Rewards points that way too. Double Points right now.600 points and I got $25 check. So I used that also to reduce the costs and ended up paying 10-11 dollars for each Bra. Free Shipping when you order from the Store.

I found the Microfiber Racerback Sports Bra quite snug. At first I thought that it waas a little big and difficult to put on, but they have some side hooks that allow it to be put on easily. I just left the rear hooks done up and it went over my head with minimum effort.  I found this bra provided excellent control of the bounce and even compressed ‘the girls’ down so they were less noticeable.  It did not get rid of them, but helped quite a bit. The only thing I had to think about was making sure the straps don’t show with the shirt I choose.

The Microfiber Criss-Cross Sports Bra was easier to get on and provided adequate support and also helped hide the girls. The downside to this bra were the foam removable pads. Without the pads I found that my nipples stood out more. When the pads were put in, I had a softer, rounder shape, so I eventually opted to wear the pads. They have to be removed for washing but they are very easy to remove and ‘install’.

The Cotton Criss-Cross Sports Bra was the easiest to put on. On a hot day I can see this bra quickly becoming an favorite.  It fits similarly to the Microfiber Criss-Cross Bra.

Now for a note about Lane Bryant. Initially the salesladies were not all that helpful, but there are ways of turning that around. Firstly, I suggest you go when the store is not busy. Talk to the manager before to get a Bra Fitting if you’re unsure of your size. I always go back with a ‘thank you gift’, like some Wine or candy or even gift cards to Wal-Mart or Olive Garden. In this way, I get excellent customer service. A big fear of many men who wear bras is trying on bras with women, but when women come into the store I have had zero problems, I stand in line with the ladies and say hi. In the dressing rooms, remember to be well mannered is all I can say.

I now have the proper support I wanted in a bra that fits and does the job!

Rebel Bras For Rebel Men

When most bra wearing humans think about brassieres, they think about support, comfort, picking one that doesn’t dig into their shoulders painfully, ones they won’t accidentally fall out of, ones that flatter the figure. But there are some bra wearing humans for whom the mundane applications of brassiere wearing are irrelevant. There are some for whom a bra is not just an item of clothing, but a fashion accessory that says, Yes! I Dare!

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Bras featured in this article (click pictures for purchasing information):

Red Battle Bras For Men and Women

Sometimes lingerie doesn’t simply serve as a mere undergarment, it becomes the base for full blown battle attire. You know what I mean, skirts, heels, stockings, war paint – er, ‘make up’, the whole nine yards. In these instances, red lingerie is the only lingerie with the necessary vibrancy and spectrum to properly gird your intentions for what must surely lie ahead.

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Bras featured in this article include (click pictures for purchasing details):

Reality and the Man Who Wore A Bra

It was a sunny Saturday morning and Reality was lurking in a hydrangea bush whilst it stared through the blinds of Steve’s humble first floor apartment. The blinds were drawn, which dissuaded most prying eyes, however to Reality, the spaces between the blinds were as wide as the rings of Saturn and it could see Steve as clearly as if they had been standing no more than a carbon atom’s breadth apart from one another.

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Diesel Satin Lace Balconette Bra and Panty Set | Hope’s Panty Pick

Today’s panty pick was chosen because of its sweet feminine colors and the lovely lace work that traverses the low cut balconette bra. Diesel is a fashion brand with its fingers in many pies, but it takes its lingerie as seriously as it takes any other fashion items. I love the mix of classic and contemporary styling in this satin bra, that takes a modern pink shine and compliments it beautifully with aboreal lace styling on the cups that makes the lace look rather organic. It’s a nice change from the standard purely floral patterns one is often left with.

The brassiere is matched with a pair of low cut panties with a lovely black lace band defining the waist. Underneath the thick lace, one is caressed with a satin panty panel. But the real treat of these panties comes at the rear, where the lace trim continues to scallop over the panty edges, and a large expanse of sweet pink satin covers the derriere.

Have you fallen in love with this pretty pink set with the darker side? Click the pictures for purchasing information.

Bullet Bras For Men Of Danger

Are you a man of danger? Do you often fight enemy spies? Have you been known to take down an international crime ring using only your wits and a paper clip? Then indubitably, you must be made aware of the bullet bra, a brassiere capable of storing several rounds in its voluminous and pointy / rounded interior.

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Hanky Panky Totally Made Bras For Giraffe Men

I know that sometimes some of you think I’ve lost my ever loving mind when I’m doing these lingerie reviews. I know that, and I’m okay with that. You know why? Because nothing I write, and I’m even including my musings on space lingerie in this, could possibly be anywhere near as weird as what actual lingerie manufacturers are doing for real. Don’t believe me? Think that I must be exaggerating at best and hallucinating at worst? Put your lithium prescriptions away!

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