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Codpiece Panties

codpiece panties

These panties come with a purple lace codpiece. They just do. Why they do I don’t know. They also come with a matching bra, so that’s nice. Color-wise, they come in ‘Red’ (pink) and ‘Jade’ (sort of a sea blue/green). I enjoy the fact that they were clearly listed by someone who doesn’t know what colors are. A multitude of sins can be made up for by polka-dot mesh though, right?

Plejue Bra and Panty Set With Polka Dot Mesh and Lace Accents

Delicious Bra and Panty Set

lace bra and panty set for men These panties look good enough to eat, really they do. And not in that tacky candy g-string way, in a dessert at a restaurant where everybody speaks in a baritone hush (even the ladies) sort of way. They also come with a matching bra, and all for under twelve dollars – which may not speak to excessive quality. There’s no denying that this is quite a gorgeous set, and priced to the range of experimental gentlemen who have a taste for adventure.

Luxurious Noble Lace Push Up Bra Set

Never Say Never, Lace Lingerie Set

dusty rose bralette for men

Lingerie sets are fun. Lace lingerie sets are even more fun, and if you’re easing into the idea of wearing lingerie above the belly button, then a bralette is the perfect place to start. And if you never thought you’d get a pretty set of lace lingerie, well, like this little outfit teaches us, one should never say never. Especially when it comes to cute panty / bralette combos.

Another thing going for this set is that it comes in over twenty colors, so if you like the general idea of this lingerie, but wish it came in say, tangerine, or perhaps anthracite (seriously, that’s a color you can get this in) then you are in luck. In fact, you’re virtually guaranteed to find one color you like and one you didn’t know existed. Yellows, multiple kinds of pinks, greens, blues, a color for every day and a color for every occasion.

You could buy two in matching colors and wear them as a lingerie set, or you could mix and match for a sort of festival, Rio di Janero feel. This is lingerie not just for the body, but for the imagination. Enjoy!

Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra

Cosabella Never Say Never Hipster

dusty rose hipster panties

Lace Bralettes For Men

bralettes for men

2 PACK: Black Lace Bralette

A bralette is a little lacey introduction to the world of bra wearing. It is subtle, tasteful and does not require you to know your cup size. It is therefore perfect for men who do not have the time to stand about measuring themselves or who have a physique that would render a more developed brassiere useless.

The only significant issue with bralettes is finding one that will fit. You see, a bralette is made under the assumption that a woman is not well endowed. It is made with the assumption that she is slim of figure and needs little support. For that reason, most bralettes will best fit a man with a chest measurement of less than 40 inches.

Hanky Panky boasts a superior range of bralettes, with colors in every conceivable shade. A veritable rainbow of lingerie, as it were. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Bralette

If you are a larger fellow, never fear, for plus sized bralettes are also in existence. In fact, the one I’m about to showcase for your viewing pleasure also comes with a matching pair of lace ruffle panties, and it comes in bright colors too!

plus size bralette for men

Plus Size Stretch Lace Soft Triangle Bralette & Ruffle Thong Set

Bralettes are the perfect way to expand your lingerie inventory and experiment with new forms of lingerie. They’re light, playful, have a low entry cost (the bralettes featured at the top of this article only cost 15 for two) but you can also go all the way up to the top of the quality range and invest in the Hanky Panky bralettes, which have the buttery lace technology, creating bralettes so soft your chest will feel as if it is being caressed by a myriad of silken butterflies every time you make a move.

Lace Kiss Bralette

A bralette is a bra for people who don’t really need to wear a bra for support, but like the way it looks. Thus the bralette is perfect for the discerning fellow who likes to not only wear a little lingerie, but an entire ensemble, or for the guy with an eye for lovely lace located a little north of the usual lingerie location. (I’m all hopped up on alliteration folks, it’s been a long weekend.)

The bralette featured in this little article is clearly beige, but guess what they’ve called it ‘mother of pearl’. I like to imagine mother of pearl as a distinguished woman just back from riding her favorite stallion across the English countryside, but this works too. This little lace bra also comes in black and in a rather lovely blue teal.

See the Wacoal Lace Kiss Bralette in all colors!

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

This isn’t a bra, it’s a sweet little lace mini-cami which can be worn atop your chest as a means of balancing a lingerie outfit. Life is all about balance of course. If you’re wearing a nice pair of panties, it is very possible that more northern regions of your body might clamor for something of their own. Obnoxious cutesy misspellings of the product’s name aside, this is a rather nice mini camisole that might very well be your first step into expanding your lingerie repertoire – or simply be an addition to an already impressive collection.

This isn’t a secretive ‘stealth lingerie’ item, unless you plan on wearing it under a buttoned up shirt and tie that will not come unbuttoned or untied during the course of the day. Letting a few buttons slip open will result in the prominent display of lacy frills and then lord only knows what will happen. I’m assuming it involves planets falling out of orbit or something to that effect.

(I’ve realized that I already mentioned this item back in May, but damn, it is a nice little cami.)

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

Almost A Bra! The Piikabu Lace Mini-Cami

Here’s something a little different and a lot fun, a ‘mini cami’ made of lace. It’s not quite a bra, but it is a very exciting entry into the world of chest bound lingerie. Halfway between a brassiere and a camisole, you find this sweet creation. There are no straps to adjust, no back clasps to cause bra lines that might be difficult to explain to the public at large, or to get caught up in other bits and pieces of clothing in awkward fashion. But there is a nice thick band of lace that walks the fine line between drama and comfort. With rave reviews from several satisfied customers, this is a little piece of lingerie you might want to consider.

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami on Amazon!

Gorgeous Vintage / Pinup Style Panties

Do you love the look of vintage panties but don’t want to shell out for the real thing? These modern made vintage style briefs are gorgeous. They are very high waisted and highly reminiscent of pin up style lingerie. The black contrast trim extends around the rear of the panties into a triangular point that is quite interesting from a style perspective. Those men who prefer a 1950’s feel to their undergarments are sure to fall head over heels for these panties, which also come with a matching brassiere.

These panties are available on…

The panty and bra set (along with additional images) can be found on Her Room…

Stretch Lace Bras For Men

American Apparel is notorious for making clothing that doesn’t really fit the majority of women over the age of 18. They tend to design for the narrow of hips and the relatively flat of chest – which is why their bras are perfect for male wearers on the slimmer side. I call them bras and indeed, they call them bras, but they’re not really bras in the traditional sense of the word in that they don’t so much offer support as a general covering of lace.

The three bras above, in order from left to right:

American Apparel Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bra

American Apparel Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Triangle Cross-Back Bra

American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Ruched Front Tube Bra

And one more for luck…

American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Bra

Hope’s Rainbow Collection, Colorful Lingerie

I was feeling fanciful today, so I thought I might make a collection of lingerie drawing inspiration from the colors of the rainbow. All the lingerie featured here is guaranteed to be bright and uplifting.

Honeydew Rainbow Rhumba Panties

We begin with Rainbow Panties, all the colors of the rainbow trapped in frills around your rear, what could be more cheerful? Even the greatest critic of lingerie would have to have a hard heart indeed to not find these charming on some level. Sing along with me! Red and yellow and a slightly darker yellow and aqua marine and purple and blue, I can sing a lingerie rainbow, a   lingerie rainbow too!



Jezebel French Doll Bra

This French Doll bra takes purple to a whole new level. Note the snippets of pink woven in here and there to make the purple pop for more effect, and the satiny pink flashing across the top of the piece that sets the whole thing off in the same way icing sets off a birthday cake. (That’s where the saying ‘the icing on the cake comes from, you know.)  This is a gorgeous piece of lingerie. It’s cut in the balconette style, so it’s perfect for those who don’t have much in the way of cleavage, but who want to feel a pretty bra fastened across their chest.

Passion Sexy Stretch Sheer Mesh Mini Skirt With Sequins Built-In Thong Panty

Representing the green we have this pretty thong that also comes with an attached sheer ‘mini skirt’. If you’re looking for something tropical and super feminine, this really should fit the bill. The thong cut shows off your rear, whilst the mesh skirting subtly hides it, allowing you to play naughty games of peekabo, if you so desire.

Never Say Never Hottie Low-Rise Hipster Panties

What about something yellow? These lace low rise panties are startlingly yellow, and startlingly gorgeous too!

American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Low Slung Panty

For our final touch of blue, we have these lacy blue panties from American Apparel. They also come in a veritable rainbow of other colors if you’d like them in a different shade. The draw point of these panties is the sheer stretch lace which will shift to accommodate you as you grow and dwindle. If you know what I mean. And you do.







Maidenform Red Polka Dot Lace Hipster Panty

We end with a very sweet pair of red polka dot panties by Maidenform. These should be winners for their hipster cut, touch of lace and bold femininity tempered with a certain carefree charm.

Playful Promises Silk Bra and Panty Set

Another line of panties with a wonderful name, the playful promises panty series is a delightfully skimpy and softly feminine line of undergarments that are sure to enchant anyone seeking a silky feminine touch. Today I’m featuring the silk corsage bra and panty set.

Let’s start with the panties first.

Usually one would pin a corsage to the breast region, or perhaps wear it upon one’s wrist, but I think you’re going to want to wear these panties as panties because to do anything else would be to miss out on their soft, silky embrace.

Click here for the playful promises silk panties…


Now, the brassiere.

This is an interesting item of lingerie, not solely because of the light and frilly design, but because it appears to have been made with those who either don’t have natural breasts, or at the very least, very small breasts in mind. It comes in small, medium and large, which is a lingerie manufacturer’s way of telling you that it’s about as supportive as some wet tissue paper in a high wind. No, this is a brassiere designed to do one thing: keep its playful promises and bring pleasure to the wearer.

Click here for the playful promises silk corsage brassiere…

Peek A Boo Ruffle Panty And Bra Set

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a ruffle quest. It’s like a vision quest but nobody makes you vomit in a desert. The ‘peek a boo’ in the Peek A Boo Ruffle Panty and Bra Set name refers to the fact that one’s nipples will be exposed when one is wearing this sleepwear set. Yes. It’s a sleepwear set. Can you believe it? I can, but only barely. The model is wearing nipple covers, you know, for modesty. Because nothing says modesty like flesh colored nipple stickers. I’m pretty sure the reason that this is regarded as being a sleepwear set is the fact that the bra offers less than no support, which may not may not matter depending on your particular anatomical configuration.

Click here to peek at the Peek a Boo Bra and Ruffle Panty Two Piece Set