Carpe Pantiem!

Are you wearing panties today?

Do you want to be?

If you answered no, and then yes – why not?

Today could be your very last day on earth.

Today could be the start of a new adventure.

Today could be the day you break free of the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself.

Today could be the day you realize that you are okay no matter what you wear.

Today could be the day you realise just how damn good satin feels against your skin.

Today could be the day.

7 thoughts on “Carpe Pantiem!

  1. phil

    I have been wearing nylon panties exclusively since my teens. My favorites are full briefs. I love how they feel on my butt and tummy.

  2. allen

    i have been wearing panties and every other kind of lingerie u can think of since i was 9 i am now 52 and still wearing panties and lingerie i love wearing nylon bikini panties with lots of lace with my corsets and nylons feels so good why cant men just be able to wear these things without people comenting or juding them to me im getting to the age i dont care what people say i am single so when i meet a women i now tell her as soon as possible i love panties and lingerie and wear them 24/7 if they dont like it oh well see them later and believe me 98 percent of women dont like it where are those 2 percent if u are out there i am waiting im a hard working guy guy that just loves soft sexy things nothing wrong with that in my book anyways i will stop now i could rant all day just let us wear what we want ladies we dont tell u what to wear or judge u let us be thanks ALLEN

  3. John

    Allen, Right on! I’ve been wearing Fem undies since about 5yo, 60 now.
    Had a gf once who thought it was cute wearing mens boxers around the house – I was en-closette at the time and wearing them myself. When I started wearing panties from my stash she freaked & split. No loss.
    There will be no equality between the sexes as long as “what’s sauce for the Goose, ain’t sauce for the Gander!

  4. Mikki

    I wear panties, camisoles, garters, stockings, bustiers, merrywidows, slips, waist nippers (good for my back too!), corsets… funny, I don’t like bra’s… but all the above make me feel centered and mentally fit. I also like to wear skirts, dresses and other women’s clothes whenever I can… and I love heels! They make you look and feel so tall and slender!
    Darned if I know! But I have been wearing traditionally female attire since I was 8 years old. I have managed to keep it a secret all these years, and I have even stopped for long periods of time out of shame and guilt. Only in the past 10 years have I come to realize that this is not something I can get away from, not a weekend thrill, not a passing fancy… it’s a lifelong predilection that is driven by something deep inside my brain, my genes, or some other mechanism that I can’t change, can’t control and can’t forgo. So now I indulge myself to wearing what I can, when I can… and if I get caught I’ll deal with the consequences at that time.

  5. Hope Post author

    Hey thanks for sharing Mikki! I love the way you always get so involved and really contribute to this place :) Self acceptance is a great and beautiful thing.

  6. scantilyclad

    well seeing as though i wear panties 24/7 then yes i am wearing panties right now, like Mikki i am not into bras but i do wear sometimes skirts, dresses, petticoats and pantyhose, i like to relax in a pink blanket fleece housecoat or robe or soft terry dressing gown in winter and in the summer i have pink lacey robes and also light blue , my bathrobes are both ladies & pink i also prefer to sleep in womens pyjamas, panties and a nightdress, cami set or when really cold footed sleepers.
    I like to wear panties as i find they fit me better and therefor are more comfortable

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