Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Bikini Panties

It’s been a week or so since the last update and I wanted to find some fun panties to talk about. These ‘naked glamor’ panties are just the ticket for several reasons. Let me itemize them for you, we can pretend as if we’re in a meeting if you like.

1. Bikini. The bikini cut is one of the most popular cuts of panties for men.
2. ‘Naked’ right there in the title. Cheap titillation always wins me over, I don’t know about you.
3. The nakedness in the title seems to refer to a certain native indetectibility about these panties. I just made up a word. Get someone from legal to protect that, would you? The beige model in particular could probably cause some consternation from onlookers thinking you’d lost your genitals entirely on account of the smooth somewhat shiny optical illusion created by these panties. Is that a selling point? I don’t know.
4. Shininess. These panties are made of microfiber and they shine. They gleam. They may even glisten under the right circumstances. Though I have the beige model pictured, they come in a wide range of colors and indeed, prints.
5. The last, but perhaps the most important. These are in the top twenty of all bikini panties sold on – that means someone’s doing something right with these babies.

Check these panties out on the…