Calvin Klein “Naked Glamour” All Lace Hipster Panties

calvin klein lace panties

Everyone looks lovely in lace, and a low cut lace hipster panty is a perfect cut for a man who likes his lingerie. These are a lot like the naked glamour panties previously mentioned on this site, but they are entirely lace instead of being the sort of material that obscures the beauty of the human body from the curiosity of human eyes.

The colors are quite glorious, the Valentine’s red is perfect for upcoming celebrations, but here’s also a beige, a black, a white and a sweet pink hue, not to mention the possibility of purple (it’s called ‘innuendo’, so I don’t want to refer to it directly). There’s also a color named “China Berry”. You can play a fun little game by guessing what that color might be, then clicking on the link below to find out if you were right.

Calvin Klein Naked Glamour All Lace Hipster