Calvin Klein Invisible Panties

These panties are clearly not actually invisible on account of the fact that you’re looking at them right now. In fact they’re rather brightly colored in the same sort of way hi-vis vests are, making these the perfect panties for everything from heavy construction to hunting deer in the backwoods.

But the real secret of these panties is the way that they achieve no lines at all, meaning you can wear them without fear of detection, you can enjoy bright shining lingerie whilst hiding it under the clothing of your choice.

If highlighter orange isn’t your color, there are options, like kimono purple, as well as several other plainer options including the traditional beige we all know and love, this time dubbed ‘light caramel’. This is why I maintain that there are more terms for beige than there are stars in the galaxy.

Anyway, these are bold, bright panties that won’t give the game away in sensitive situations.

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