Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Lace Thong

It’s a thong! It has lace! It is comfortable! And seductive! These panties from DKNY are clearly seeking to be all things to all people, so I’m pretty sure that these panties will probably do your taxes and change the oil in your car. Or not. If you want to leave them with your tax forms for a few hours and see what happens, be my guest. That’s what we in the panty business call science.

But seriously, a thong that sets out to be comfortable as well as seductive is the sort of thong you want in your life. These panties come in four colors, black, white, ‘dune’ (which frequent visitors to this blog will immediately recognize as a veiled description of ‘beige’ and this animal print called ‘Urban Cheetah’, because it’s an altogether more sophisticated print than the feral wild cheetah would allow.

Most of the lace mentioned is on the rear of these panties, in that tantalizing triangle before the ‘thongy bit’ dives down the cleft of your cheeks to secure your panties, much like Bear Grylls leaping into a dark and mysterious ravine. If that isn’t a mental image you’ll thank me for, then I don’t know what is ;).

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Thong With Lace