Bronze Times Panties For The Molten Man

bronze times panties for men

Sometimes I worry that I’ll run out of panties to write about, and then I find panties like these. Panties so thoroughly out of left field that I would never have seen them coming in a hundred years. And that’s because these panties claim to be from the Bronze Age, which was from 3000 to 2400 BCE.

I’m pretty sure if you look at these panties and squint you’ll see a boat. That’s how wild and subversive their designs are. The madness is tamed with a hint of lace and a neat brief cut which fulfils ultimate comfort function while making a mockery of form.

They come in a four pack for less than nine dollars, you don’t need an abacus to work out that’s a good deal!

These are panties for the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Click here to feast your eyes on the full range! (There are more, so many, many more.)