Bloomers – The Lingerie Of Heroes


So here’s an interesting fact I learned lately: many men who wear lingerie don’t just love panties, they also love bloomers. That’s right, those old style, old school pantaloons from days of old. Bloomers were originally named after a woman, Amelia Bloomer, and surprisingly enough they were actually created as part of the women’s rights movement.

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2 thoughts on “Bloomers – The Lingerie Of Heroes

  1. Mikki

    I can only speak for myself… I like the panty style bloomers, like the ones worn over the underpanties for night gowns. One summer when I was nine I stayed with my aunt and uncle who had only daughters (both a couple years older than I). My mom had forgotten to pack PJ’s and my aunt was horrified at the idea of me running about in my underwear and t-shirt, so she simply dressed me in the girls old PJ’s and night gowns. I loved them and wore them for the next couple of weeks until my mom came by with my “boy” PJ’s. I can remember complaining to my aunt and she forged a “secret” between us to let me wear the girls pajamas. I didn’t tell her, but I also wore a few pairs of their panties too… but I think she knew that ;-).

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