Blissful Disorder Panties

These panties pretty much had me at their name, ‘Blissful Disorder’, but their design is so stunningly interesting and dare I say, rather haute coture. In amongst all the mesh and the lace and the restrained frills , there’s something a little bit delightfully insitutional-ish about these panties. Not in a bad way, more in a ‘strict matron who trained back when nursing was a career you took seriously dammit and nurses lived in dormitories’ sort of a way.

These panties also have a rear center seam, which means ‘rearly’ great definition. (I apologize for that. I couldn’t help it. I was weak.) If you want to make your behind look full and contoured in feminine fashion, a rear center seam is what you’ll be needing. They also come with a matching bra, so you can have a set, which is nice.

There are just TWO left according to stocking levels on and Her Room, so, you know, get quick if you’re interested.

HOTmilk Blissful Disorder French Panty