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sexy camisoleAnother of the best of’s here. This was the first article I ever wrote about camisoles for men. I haven’t written many articles on camisoles when compared to other types of lingerie, but I truly believe that a nice camisole is a man who loves lingerie’s best friend. Not only does it feel good and look good, but it makes for plenty of sensual sliding with a partner.

Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole. Lightweight, innocuous under clothing, but oh so feminine, many men love to wear camisoles as part of their daily attire, giving them a little extra lift throughout the otherwise dreary work day. The feel of satin, chiffon, or silk caressing against your torso as you make a presentation, take the train to work, or simply walk down to the pub for lunch makes for a sexy secret that is sure to lift your spirits, and perhaps various other anatomical regions as well.

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  1. Mikk

    Like Ken, I’ve found that undoing a few shirt buttons to show off a little cami can be quite fashionable along with feeling great not to mention with some good color coordination can look quite sexy.

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