Barely There ‘Go Girlie’ Flirt Microfiber Thong

These panties have such a long name one almost suspects that they’re making up for something. It turns out that what they’re making up for is a lack of rear coverage because they’re a thong style panty.

The color of the panties pictured is called ‘lovely orchard’ which is perfectly charming and mildly agricultural. What better color scheme to adorn the region of the body where one’s seed is produced? (That’s not vulgar, I maintain that the designer knew exactly what they were doing when they called purple and blue ‘orchard’. What orchard has blue and purple in it, I ask you? Blue and purple are berry and vegetable colors. But now I have digressed so far from the topic of lingerie that returning to it will take more skill than I have. So I shall end this parenthesis here and allow you to do with this information what you will.)

Barely There Go Girlie Flirt Microfiber Thong