Bali’s Moderate Control Panties, For Men With A Moderate Need For Lingerie Control

comfortable sensible panties

These panties from Bali combine a sensible, no frills comfortable panty design with lace accents – or in other words, frills. Because let’s face it, nobody ever actually doesn’t want frills. We all want frills all the time. I’ve written the word frills a silly number of times for a pair of panties that actually aren’t frilled.

They are however, rather lovely with all their lace, and they come in a two pack, so you can wear one whilst hand-washing the others in an airplane bathroom sink. Or some other scenario. They come in pure white, deep black and dreary beige, so you won’t be flustered when it comes to a choice in colors – or overstimulated by bright patterns.

Solid. That’s what these panties are. Reliable. Like a jeep, but slightly easier on the eyes.

Bali Microfiber Moderate Control Brief Two Pack