Bali Microfiber Diamond Pattern Brief Panties

bali panties for men

Ninety percent nylon, ten percent spandex, the Bali microfiber pattern brief provides comfort and a pretty fit in a relatively modest cut that, if you get it in one of the more restrained color options (like black) can probably pass as being non-gender specific underwear.

If you’re into flaunting your panties, these come in a really cute purple shade called ‘Bayou Blue Diamond’, they also come in a couple different variations of white, a rose pink and the aforementioned black. If you want something in beige, you can always go with the ‘nude diamond’. Oh, and there even appears to be an emerald green iteration floating about too, which is a fairly rare shade. So whether you’re collecting all the panty colors of the rainbow, or just looking for a highly comfortable pair of panties, you might want to check these out.

Bali Microfiber Pattern Brief Panty