Bali Comfort Revolution Microfiber Panties

Are these the most comfortable panties of all time? The jury is still out on that (and will be until the end of time, after which we’ll wish we made a decision sooner). But these are the panties that are replacing the second most popular brief panties sold by the internet’s largest online retailer. So there you go.

Bali’s Comfort Revolution are simple seamless brief cut panties made in a super soft microfiber designed to do one thing, and one thing only – get your derriere from one end of the day to the other in comfort. They come in a range of plain styles, but also have a couple stripe options in among all the beige / black / white offerings. These panties come in four different kinds of beige, for people who want to get really specific about their taste in bland. They are also simple enough to provide the occasionally important┬áplausible┬ádeniability for male wearers – and the seamless cut means that you’ll have much less chance of visible panty line being an issue.

Bali Comfort Revolution Seamless Brief