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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

Black Lace Boyshort Panties

Is there any kind of panty  more darkly  alluring and mysterious than the black lace panty? The panties pictures are from Affinitas Intimates, a lingerie designer evidently highly skilled in the art of taking playful panty styles and coaxing the deeper allure out of them.

I love the slightly vintage feel of the large floral pattern mixed with a significant slice of modern minx.

These are panties you’ll be begging to be seen in.  Interested? Just click here for more information.

Pretty Polka Dot Lingerie

polka dot lingeriePolka dots, the remnants of a bygone era have an undeniable charm that becomes even more charming when it is displayed upon lingerie. Polka dot lingerie is sweet, fun, playful lingerie that flatters any body type and provides an admirable alternative to beige. We must always be vigilant in searching for alternatives to beige.

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Moderated Comments | Your Penis Is Still Attached

Originally posted on Manly Corsets for Men, this comment includes the word ‘penis’ which as we all know, is enough to make ladies pregnant if they read it. Please be a little more careful people!

Mikk says:

I think the term “manly” is a pretty warped perception for most men these days. I mean come on guys do we really have to be unshaven, fat or super buff, eat raw bloody animal flesh, and be an asshole to be considered a man? Think back in history to the heroes and soldiers of greece, rome, scotland, ireland, asia…every one of them wore dresses of some fashion and they’ve been exalted throughout history. What gives people the right to look down on men who wear anything other than what the latest GQ says we should wear. I say wear what you like and what’s comfortable to you, and if it does happen to be a corset or some kind of frilly underthing, take a good look. Chances are, your penis is still attached.

Also a bonus comment and a link to a story about getting caught with the lingerie. Oh what fun! I warn you, it is quite filthy.

jonquil says:

Above is a link to a story about a man caught red… Well never mind, let’s just say caught.

Buying Second Hand Lingerie

floralAh second hand lingerie. It has such a bad name for itself, thanks to Japan and its weird vending machines of days gone by, but second hand lingerie can be a boon for the lingerie lover. It is cheap, it quite often has something of a ‘vintage’ charm, and it is cheap. Did I say ‘cheap’ twice? That’s because it’s usually very cheap. It’s also good for the environment to re-use old garments rather than burying them in land fills.(It’s also very good for the environment not to breed, so keep that in mind the next time the pope breaks into your house through the bathroom window and tries to steal your prophylactics away.)

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Moderated Comments | Mike’s Bastard Child

This comment included the word ‘breasts’, which could potentially corrupt the minds of the many youths who seek out my writing and disperse it across the world in between episodes of Spongebob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This comment originally appeared on Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes vs Women Who Wear Women’s Clothes

Mark says:

Put me in the first group… no wait, the second… er… both!

It’s always Us vs. Them, isn’t it?

Your second group is the one that flabbergasts me. They say skirts are not to be worn by men who look like men. But it’s okay to wear them if you don’t look like a man. Even if you are a man dressing like a woman who quite obviously is a man dressing like a woman. But God forbid you forget your wig and prosthetic breasts, because then it’s wrong to wear a skirt.

A bastard child of irony and hypocrisy; that’s what you get.

If Men Wear Dresses, Will Women Become Extinct?

man wears a skirtMuch of the panic women experience when men start to wear their styles of clothing comes from a fear of being obsolete, unneeded and unprotected. For all of feminism’s bluster, most women still choose partners who are capable of protecting them when they are vulnerable. For instance, they want men who won’t hide behind them when danger is present. (Guy who once hid behind me when faced with a German Shepherd, I’m looking at you, you pathetic specimen of humanity.)

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Manly Corsets For Men

male corsetThe first thing that starts to spread on men as they pass their mid twenties and head full tilt into middle age is their girth. For centuries, women strapped their waists in using corsets before realizing that they were doing it all wrong and showing their bare midriffs where ever possible, but modern women and men both face the specter of a spreading gut which threatens to ruin the lines of their stylish garments. What can be done about this?

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Moderated Comments | Kristian On How Men Feel Wearing Panties and Lingerie

Another comment too good and lengthy to send into the void, but potentially too scandalous for the prudes in prudeville…

Orignally left on the hub, Men In Lingerie: The Secret Power Of Panties, Skirts, and Makeup

Kristian says:

I don’t think for most men who wear lingerie that the ‘look’ is all that important. Most men who wear lingerie do not go out dressed as women. He knows that he looks nothing like the beauty that even the average woman can look in pretty underwear. Her very female shape is enhanced by her lingerie. Very few men can be as well turned out as a woman as a well turned out woman can even in a skirt and jacket. She has ‘it’, that he doesn’t.

It is more to do with sensory effect. The ‘Feel’. I speak from my experience. I just love the soft, silky feel on my skin and the ‘tighter’ feel of panties. Stretch fabric enables comfort but still provides that tighter, more skin-close sensation. And retro ‘granny’ panties, the full cut nylon-type kind, have a wonderful feel on a gentleman’s manly parts.

I like the ‘look’ of the underwear itself. The lace, the sheen. I even wear a bra sometimes because of its sheer prettiness. My slips are beautiful garments as well as so comfortable. So much so that I wear a medium length slip under my ‘men’s day clothes’ most of the time. I like to know that I have a lacy edge around the hem. I like the feel of a tailored bust-line.

I like stockings. Not tights (pantihose). I like the feel of suspenders (garters) ‘tugging’. I can feel the difference of my trousers against tha small strip of thigh at the top of my stockings and the ‘slide’ of the trousers over the nylon of on my legs.

Not all chaps can ‘look’ girlish in their features, even with cosmetics. Some of us know full well we look silly pretending to be female. But the ‘Feel’ is what I like.

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Jon’s Moderated Panty Story

This comment was posted by Jon, to No Jack, You Can’t WearPanties, The Objectification of Men, unfortunately it was far too explicit for Hub Pages, so here it is in its full glory.

My little story about how this worked out for me.

I must admit that I have a fetish for women’s soft fuzzy angora and cashmere sweaters.

I was married for 16 years and hinted about this a few times by buying her a couple of sweaters. Guess what, she didn’t get it.

She was never a sensual woman and sexually I was never really happy with her. She told me it was the close I liked and not her! I give up!! Point is I’m glad it wasn’t the panties I told her about!

So came along the big D, and for a lot of other reasons beside this.

Anyway, after some time on my own and some sole searching, this year I met the most wonderful girl.

She is eastern European, tall beautiful, sensitive with an awesome personality.

We are both working professional, attractive and educated. We don’t work out, we sexercise and take walks.

She is the all time coolest babe in the world. We even go to the gentleman’s club together because she loves the sexy strippers.

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How To Handle A Lingerie Addiction

pretty lingerieBuying lingerie can be just as addictive as snorting glucose off the top of a doll house. And as many ‘sugar heads’ will tell you, the habit is even harder to break. Why? Well, scientific research conducted by the FDA indicates that 9 out of 10 people who buy lingerie do so because lingerie is ‘awesome.’ It looks good, it feels good and it makes you feel good about yourself. Just one piece of nice lingerie can be more effective than a whole pack of back alley Prozac.

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