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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

When All Boys Were Girls

I love history. Why? Because it puts the modern world into context. Too many of us assume that things as they are now are the way that they’ve always been, always should be and always will be. Spending just two minutes looking at history teaches us valuable lessons about the fickle natures of fashion and the fickle nature of man himself (and herself.) For example, I bet you did not know that at one time, all children were girls.

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Secret Women’s Lingerie Sales Revealed

Many men dismiss the idea of lingerie sales, often because they think that sales are something that attract silly women, (though the odd deadly stampede on Black Friday seems to be comprised of both male and female bargain hunters,) they also often think that sales are just a trap to get you into the store to spend your money on things you don’t want or need, and they’re sort of right, but a man who loves lingerie and abstains from lingerie sales is a man missing out on a great deal of low cost, high quality lingerie.

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Man Wears Boyshort Panties, Looks Pretty

After years of denying himself the treasures in the women’s side of the lingerie department. Steve Stevowitz, 34, finally cracked when he spotted the sign ‘boyshorts’ posted above some low cut pretty panties that had been calling his name all morning.

“See! I told you!” he cried, plunging into the women’s lingerie department, throwing off the cowed and confused expression society had made him wear for the past18 years. “I knew they made these for men! I knew it!”

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Raunchy Red Designer Lingerie For Men

Men are some of the most rabid lovers of lingerie in the world, and where do they go when they want the best? Usually, they turn to lingerie designers, people who have dedicated their lives to creating pretty little scraps of clothing that adorn the body in charming ways. Here are a few designers who know how to make red lingerie men will love. (Why red? Well, red is a most excellent color, passionate and intense, and often quite difficult to find in stores that aren’t trying to shove the concepts of Valentine’s Day or Christmas down one’s throat.)

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Wife Won’t Let You Wear Women’s Clothes?

So, as you know, I spend a great deal of time telling my readers how wonderful it is for men to wear women’s clothing, and how much they should indulge their fashion sense to its fullest limits. I do realize, however, that many men who like to wear women’s clothing are very much restrained by other influences in their lives. These influences usually come in the form of women that the men in question want to remain married to or living with.

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Rachel Ray Recommends Cross Dressing

Just when you think that fashion inequality probably couldn’t get much worse, fashion trends back towards masculine styles for women and leaves men out in the cold once more. What am I talking about? Well thanks to the lovely Cyndie, I have become aware of the fact that Rachel Ray, that charming, husky voiced ex cheerleader who can make a meal quicker than McDonald’s can make your order, has recommended that her female audience wear men’s Hanes beefy tees.

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It’s A Lady With A Mustache

As part of my ongoing drive to stamp out inequality between the sexes, or at least come to some terms of inequality we can all agree with (like keeping different sets of privates for the purposes of procreation, and perhaps allowing men to get away with not carrying fetuses to full term as long as they don’t start growing uteruses, because at that point, labor is going to be shared in all ways), anyway, as part of all that, I’ve decided to tackle the topic of women’s mustaches. Or rather, in this hub, to illuminate one man’s struggle to handle the sight of a woman wearing a mustache.

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Boys Will Be Girls

Once upon a time, men were ‘real men’ and women were ‘real women’, who wore skirts so long and pretty that the second biggest killer of women after childbirth used to be setting themselves on fire whilst cooking. But times have changed. Not fitting your gender stereotype is now a far worse fate for a male than a female.

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If Men Can Wear Lingerie, Why Is It Advertised By Women?

I occasionally get comments from people who haven’t bothered to read all 1,000 of my hubs that ask if the lingerie I’m discussing can be worn by men, then why it is advertised by women? I imagine they type this with a smug sort of satisfaction, as if they’ve proved some deeper point about the inherent femininity of lingerie. They haven’t, they’ve simply replaced their ability to think independently with marketing. I imagine they also drive by McDonalds chanting ‘have it your way’, and occasionally shriek ‘I’m lovin’ it!’ for no apparent reason whenever they view a larger than normal M.

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Fine Fellows In Frilly Lingerie

Nothing is so fine as a man who knows how to wear frills with style. Whether about the neck, the wrists, or beneath his clothing about his waist and legs, a man who wears frills is a man with an eye for classic ornamental style.

Unfortunately, unless one wears a frilled cravat and or perhaps pretends one is a pirate (a practice legitimized by thousands of screaming Johnny Depp fans,) one must keep ones frills confined to one’s underwear.

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