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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

Guy Glitter | Cosmetics For Men

Here’s a fashion trend that comes around periodically, bringing with it squeals of approval and howls of derision alternately, glitter. Not the glitter that you stick on arts and crafts materials, but the glitter you stick on your face. Most often, glitter is employed in eyeshadows and lip glosses, for that ‘sparkle sparkle princess’ sort of look.

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Five Beauty Products For Men

Though the beauty market is changing, it is still seen as slightly effeminate if a man uses beauty products, unless he’s George Clooney, in which case all that mascara is fine. (George Clooney is so wearing mascara in many of his pictures, he has lashes that supermodels would cave his face up for.) Here are five beauty maintenance products men can, and should use if they are interested in looking their best. (Whatever that means. Rolling around in the dirt and then scrubbing one’s face down with soap and hot ashes is also okay if you can’t be bothered with any of the products below.)

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How Men Can Wear Women’s Clothing, But Still Look Masculine

This is a question from a reader, it’s taken me three months to answer, mostly because I’m not very good at reading the little hidden questiony bits they have here. It’s a very good question however, and it is most worthy of an answer.

The Question: You have some interesting pages such as power-skirts for men. Now I don’t want to pretend to be a women, or pretend to be Scottish. How does someone pull off, for example a skirt, in the context of an otherwise complete manly outfit, especially with respect to shoes/boots, career wear, hose, body-hair, and I suppose underwear, just in case of strong wind?

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Wearing Plastic Dresses For Fun and Profit

You know what’s an excellent material? Plastic. Plastic gets a hard rap because there’s so much of it clogging up landfills and biodegrading slowly, but as scientist friends tell me, that’s not necessarily an awful thing because plastic is potentially quite an effective carbon sink. That’s not a sink made of carbon, that’s a material that absorbs more carbon than it releases. Scientists are working on ways to use C02 emitted in industrial processes as a raw material for plastics. But all of that is technical and dry and doesn’t help get you into some shiny plastic clothes, or does it?

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1920’s Flapper Dresses | Find The Rebellious Flapper Within

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of the 1920’s. It’s been portrayed as a glamorous time filled with tassels and outrageous frills and willowy women named ‘Bea’ who ran fashion houses and had scandalous affairs with the dashing men who would come by. Women emerged briefly from their place in the kitchen to dance the night away in sordid Jazz houses, bare arms and legs scandalously flashing in wanton displays of frenetic dance.

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I Failed At Quitting – Here’s An Article About Men, Hats and Skirts

Quitting fail. Oh well. Here’s an article all about cowboy hats and skirts for men.

I think I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore, but you know, old habits die hard. And I can do what I want, it’s the Internet! I make the rules! Mwa haha ha ha! (I think I made it at least a week without one of these articles.) Anyways, I was recently looking at men wearing cowboy hats and pondering just how very flattering cowboy hats are on guys and girls. There’s just something about covering the forehead and having stiff fabric brimming out at right angles about the head that really compliments the average human face.

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Why I Don’t Wear Girly Things

One of my readers recently wrote an awesome article about what he called ‘deny-vestites’, (if you want to read it, you can do so here) women who don’t wear feminine clothing, who instead prefer simple clothing of a more androgynous kind and who don’t bother too much about make up. He was surprised when I replied back and said that I thought his article was brilliant and that I myself could probably identify as a ‘deny-vestite.’ His response was one of surprise. How could I write about women’s clothing and lingerie so much if I didn’t wear a great deal of uber feminine things?

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How To Discretely Buy Lingerie

This question comes from a reader, who asks:

Hope, I am a 25 year old man who enjoys wearing lingerie and panties under my clothes. I can’t order things online as I am currently living with two college buddies who are often going through my mail. I prefer the line of lingerie and panties at Victoria’s secret but I also want to try the items on before I purchase them. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

This is a great question, and no doubt one that is relevant to many men who wear lingerie.

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H&M Skirts for Men Hit The Mainstream

For decades, men who like skirts and suchlike have been complaining that there are no fetching skirts on the market for men. H&M have changed all that with their Spring 2010 collection that includes skirts and hosiery for men. That’s right, skirts and hosiery for men. The fashion revolution continues to roll along, how many of you will take up the gauntlet thrown down by H&M and their ilk and vote with your dollars, purchasing these skirts for men and showing manufacturers and the world that yes, men do want skirts.

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Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie Sale

I don’t usually make posts purely about lingerie sales, but Frederick’s of Hollywood are one of those companies that make lingerie you’ll treasure for years.  Unfettered by concerns associated with store brands, Frederick’s of Hollywood create sexy, sensual lingerie that women rave about and men drool over. They have an incredible sale on at the moment, two bras for $10 and four panties for $15. This is the lowest you’ll probably ever be able to buy Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie, so if you have a spare twenty / twenty five bucks sitting around, this is your chance to stock up on some seriously sexy lingerie. Click the links on the side bar to visit and take advantage of their offer!

What If Men and Women Really Were Equal?

Like many of you, I grew up being told that girls can do anything that boys could do, but as a biological set bonus, they also got the power to bleed for several days every month and bear live young . It was the mid 80’s when feminism was hot and hip and terribly important. Gender equality was all the rage then, and some people would say that we are closer to true gender equality than ever before, but are we really? And what would happen if we actually achieved true gender equality? Take a look into the magical pool of equality and see what the world would be like if men and women truly were equal.

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