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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

Chantelle Masculine-Feminine Shorty Panties

It’s not terribly often that we come across panties with their own sense of gender ambiguity, but these panties are actually called the ‘masculine – feminine’ panty. The moment I saw them I knew they belonged here.

Chantelle have this to say about their product:

The boyshort panty from this chic collection combines smooth, masculine pinstriped fabrication with alluring feminine lace.

I say, finally a pair of panties I can make a case for wearing to a business meeting!

More Chantelle panties and purchasing information can be found at the end of this link…

Deux Chemise by Natori

A chemise is a lovely piece of lingerie sleepwear that descends from the bosom to the upper thigh with light grace, aiding the transition from the world of wakefulness to the realms of fantasy. Here are two chemises I rather fell in love with, from eminent designer Natori.

(Click any image in this article to see the full garment displayed.)

Lolita Flower Chemise

I was looking for something that blurred the line of lacey lingerie and, well, a dress and I think I’ve found it. The world of chemises is one fraught with collagen and open cups, but this type of lingerie can be sensual and classy too. (Even if they did have to sling the word ‘Lolita’ into the name of the garment just so its peers wouldn’t stuff it into lockers and give it a complex.) It’s beautiful actually, as is most of the lingerie Natori puts out.

Electro Chemise

Whilst I’m at it, I’ll also mention the ‘Electro’ from the same family as the Lolita chemise. The Electro is a little more mature and shows a bit more architecture in its construction. It’s certainly one of the most unique chemises I’ve laid eyes on and I’m sure any man who delights in fine lingerie will likewise be entranced by the way his chest is transformed into something quite transcendent and lovely.

Self Loathing And Panties

Recently we’ve been having some discussions on the forum about what images are and aren’t acceptable. It’s looking like we’re not going to allow members to publish private images of themselves as the general consensus is that these images are often erotically charged, and that’s not the point of the site. I agree with that, but I’ve noticed something else in these discussions, something that quite frankly saddens me.
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Two Cheetah Animal Print Panties

I wanted something a little bit animalistic today, something a little bit RAWR. I found two panties, one of them I chose because it combines what could be a trashy animal print with some of the best lingerie manufacturing standards in the business, the other, well, I’ll point that out when we get to it. Without further ado, let’s look at these cheetah print panties, shall we? If you’d like to know more about these panties, click the title links or the images.

Olga Without A Stitch Microfiber Cheetah Hipster Panty

Olga is a well established name in lingerie for good reason, the material is always silky, the cut almost always full and satisfying. Usually Olga restrains itself to the simple colors and shades like black, white and beige, but with these panties a little of the wild side is revealed. If the cheetah print is too much for you, but you like the panties, don’t worry you can also get them in ‘Butterscotch’ – a clever code name for beige.



TFC Fine Intimates Wonderful Edge Cheetah Panties

These panties have great reviews, but above and beyond that I couldn’t tell whether I was looking at the front or the back of them when I first, second and third laid eyes on them. This pretty much means that you have the opportunity to make it look like your butt is on backwards and I think most people would leap at that opportunity like a predatory cat leaps upon a doe eyed gazelle. Other features of these panties include no panty line technology and silicone stays to make sure your optical illusion panties never ride up. They also come in Zebra, White, Black and Ecru, which is another name for sort of beige.

Hope’s Rainbow Collection, Colorful Lingerie

I was feeling fanciful today, so I thought I might make a collection of lingerie drawing inspiration from the colors of the rainbow. All the lingerie featured here is guaranteed to be bright and uplifting.

Honeydew Rainbow Rhumba Panties

We begin with Rainbow Panties, all the colors of the rainbow trapped in frills around your rear, what could be more cheerful? Even the greatest critic of lingerie would have to have a hard heart indeed to not find these charming on some level. Sing along with me! Red and yellow and a slightly darker yellow and aqua marine and purple and blue, I can sing a lingerie rainbow, a   lingerie rainbow too!



Jezebel French Doll Bra

This French Doll bra takes purple to a whole new level. Note the snippets of pink woven in here and there to make the purple pop for more effect, and the satiny pink flashing across the top of the piece that sets the whole thing off in the same way icing sets off a birthday cake. (That’s where the saying ‘the icing on the cake comes from, you know.)  This is a gorgeous piece of lingerie. It’s cut in the balconette style, so it’s perfect for those who don’t have much in the way of cleavage, but who want to feel a pretty bra fastened across their chest.

Passion Sexy Stretch Sheer Mesh Mini Skirt With Sequins Built-In Thong Panty

Representing the green we have this pretty thong that also comes with an attached sheer ‘mini skirt’. If you’re looking for something tropical and super feminine, this really should fit the bill. The thong cut shows off your rear, whilst the mesh skirting subtly hides it, allowing you to play naughty games of peekabo, if you so desire.

Never Say Never Hottie Low-Rise Hipster Panties

What about something yellow? These lace low rise panties are startlingly yellow, and startlingly gorgeous too!

American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Low Slung Panty

For our final touch of blue, we have these lacy blue panties from American Apparel. They also come in a veritable rainbow of other colors if you’d like them in a different shade. The draw point of these panties is the sheer stretch lace which will shift to accommodate you as you grow and dwindle. If you know what I mean. And you do.







Maidenform Red Polka Dot Lace Hipster Panty

We end with a very sweet pair of red polka dot panties by Maidenform. These should be winners for their hipster cut, touch of lace and bold femininity tempered with a certain carefree charm.

Grenier Serenade Garter Belt

Just for something a little different, let’s talk about garters. I think that this garter will be popular with the ‘lingerie for sensuality’ and ‘lingerie for femininity’ crowds because well, it’s utterly gorgeous and comprised of thick bands of lace that will swaddle your midsection in the way only loving lingerie can do.  The lace band is a full 7 and 3/4 inches long at the front and sides, that’s coverage above and beyond the call of duty. The rear of the belt is also divine, you can follow the link below to see more product pictures, but trust me when I say that the ‘U’ shaped cut out will show your pantied rear to perfection!

Click for more on the Grenier Serenade Garter Belt

Lingerie Challenge Accepted: Pretty Plus Size Panties Under $10

There’s been a little discussion on the forum lately about the panties and lingerie I post about here. One reader mentioned that many of the posts weren’t entirely relevant to his interests as he wears larger size panties and also likes to maintain a respectable $10 budget when it comes to his lingerie. That sounded like a very worthy challenge to me, so I’ve collected a few attractive plus size panties under ten dollars, for people who like their lingerie large and their price low.

Torrid Plus Size Black Lace Cheeky Short

I had to go deep for something truly naughty and lacey under ten dollars, but these panties by Torrid came through like the champions they are. Gorgeous and revealing, they’re available all the way up to 4XL for $8.50.These panties come in a range of colors, ranging from hot pink to sweet feminine baby blue with stars, to stripy buzzy bee, to polka dot to popcorn theme. There are a lot of panties in this range, and they have a lovely soft whimsical nature. You can even get them in ‘Hello Kitty’ styles if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Olga Secret Hug Panties

I almost added an additional limiting factor of ‘nothing that comes only in white or beige’ (even if it was a little pretty) because frankly, frumpy plain plus size panties are an insult, to panties and the people that wear them. But I made an exception for these Olga panties, because Olga is notoriously allergic to color in all sizes and frankly, these panties are gorgeous and a total bargain at just $5.00.

Avenue Plus Size Rose Hi Cut Panty with Lace

These panties are somewhat of an unknown proposition, but at $8.90 and running all the way up to size 28, they fit the plus size bill admirably. They’re a hi-cut cotton blend panty, and the hi-cut style has always been popular with men who wear lingerie on account of the coverage the cut offers. They too come in an admirable range of styles and colors, perfect for the plus sized panty wearer who wants a bit of choice.

Leg Avenue Lace Garter Belt w/ Matching Thong

Pretty? Check. Pink? Check. Comes with a garter belt, which was also a request on the forum? Check. Under ten dollars? Check at $9.75.

Good Devil Lace Panties For Men

Here they come, the lace panties made for men, lace panties that not only fit the male figure, but also, and I quote ‘provide lift for your package’. Lovely.

These are brilliant panties for men who don’t want the (social or perhaps spousal) hassle of wearing women’s underwear, and whilst that’s not every man who visits this site, it’s got to be a relief for those who are tired of fighting about what constitutes ‘men’s underwear’. These say ‘men’s’ right on the label.

Even the copy from the retailer is delicious: Your fetish for lace need not go forbidden anymore! The Good Devil Lace Boxer gives the manly lover of lace the same sheer, delicate feeling with a more anatomical fit in the pouch area. Elastic trim around the waist and legs keeps a snug fit that won’t show up under your pants. The stretch lace feels airy and smooth against your skin, and is sheer enough to be both naughty and luxurious.

Good Devil Lace Boxer Panties For Men

Embrace Lace For Men, Wacoal Panties

Afraid of getting coal for Christmas? What about Wacoal? Ha! I see what I did there. Barely tenable seasonal puns aside however, would you look at these pretty purple lace panties? They’re from the ’embrace lace’ series by Wacoal and they’re beautiful. There’s the white floral embroidery that makes the waistband its own, and then there are the horizontal beams of pretty, sensual material that give these panties structural integrity. So delightful! The color you’re looking at there is ‘Deep Wisteria’, they also come in Naturally Nude (beige), Fig / Very Berry (one name is not enough), Mocha Espresso (the sort of beige that makes other beige jealous, and Black and white.

See the pretty panties!

Satin Low Rise Bikinis With A Lace Frontage

I don’t know about y’all, but I find Christmas very stressful. What I don’t find stressful is lingerie. Which is not to say that lingerie is part of this alleged war on Christmas lead by Jim Carrey’s grinch and a pack of rabid penguins.

Anyway, on with the panties, where my coherency might be greater. These panties are low cut, satin in the back and lace in the front, which is a sensual way to package your, ahem, goods this Christmas. We’re back to Christmas again. Deck your manly parts with delicate lace this season, and celebrate good will to all!

View them on the internet!

Lace Thongs and Mini Shorts For Men

These lace panties are 100% lace and 100% designed for men. I know this will be somewhat contentious for some men, who prefer their panties to be made for women, but for those who have been waiting for lingerie manufacturers to get around to giving men some visually appealing underwear they may be very welcome indeed. Also for those men whose partners whine when they don’t wear ‘men’s underwear’ – well, here’s your men’s underwear! They come in both black and white, which is one more color than the original Ford automobile, so that’s nice.

Check out the lace thong….

Check out the lace mini-shorts…