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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

This isn’t a bra, it’s a sweet little lace mini-cami which can be worn atop your chest as a means of balancing a lingerie outfit. Life is all about balance of course. If you’re wearing a nice pair of panties, it is very possible that more northern regions of your body might clamor for something of their own. Obnoxious cutesy misspellings of the product’s name aside, this is a rather nice mini camisole that might very well be your first step into expanding your lingerie repertoire – or simply be an addition to an already impressive collection.

This isn’t a secretive ‘stealth lingerie’ item, unless you plan on wearing it under a buttoned up shirt and tie that will not come unbuttoned or untied during the course of the day. Letting a few buttons slip open will result in the prominent display of lacy frills and then lord only knows what will happen. I’m assuming it involves planets falling out of orbit or something to that effect.

(I’ve realized that I already mentioned this item back in May, but damn, it is a nice little cami.)

Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

Mya Bikini Panties by Natori

Some panties are comfortable. Some are pretty. These Mya bikini panties are in a realm of their own, soaring with the majestic peacock in a riot of purple and lime green. These are not panties to be ashamed of, these are panties to be proud of, unique works of art. The rear provides ample coverage, for these panties are a simple bikini cut, but the front, the front erupts in feminine glory. You don’t even need to wear these panties to enjoy them, heck, you almost don’t even need to own them, they are just that beautiful to look at. I love the many layered effect of the fabric which creates a rather avant garde and multi-dimensional appeal. The mesh allows a little skin to peek through, skin touched with a royal shades of purple.

Mya Bikini Panties by Natori

Warner’s No Wedgies No Worries Brief Panties

No wedgies, no worries. If these panties were made of stainless steel tempered in the forges of hell I would still have to make mention of them just for the name. As it turns out they’re not made of any hellish metal, but rather a soft nylon spandex blend designed to sit silky smooth against your skin. These are panties designed for comfort and no doubt they will tickle the tastes of any man who likes a high cut panty. It’s been a good long while since we entertained the high cuts, and they do have their place you know. These ones add an additional level of comfort with a promise not to recede into one’s anterior crevice during the course of the day. These panties come in a decent range of colors and patterns, the animal print, an interesting lace dot style that tantalizes the eye with an almost psychedelic print and the usual white, black, beige and a little pink for a change too.

Warner’s No Wedgies No Worries Brief

Felina Timeless Hipster Panties

Classical hipster panties with contemporary style, you’ll never be rushed when you don these nylon undergarments. There’s a little touch of Olga in the thick lace waistband, but also a skimpier side with the hipster style guaranteed not to cramp yours.

These come in a range of colors and styles, the usual white, black beige and some more interesting ones, like the mini houndstooth pattern pictured below.

More of these charming Felina Timeless Hipster Panties

Maidenform Dream Collection Boy Shorts

These incredibly popular panties caught my eye not only because of their simple, nigh uni-sex cut, not only because of the smooth spandex fabric which is comprised of a 80% nylon blend (smooth and silky for those of you looking for a fabric translation) but because of the plethora of panties and colors they come in. You can get these panties in plain black or beige and pretend that they’re just men’s underwear in a ‘European cut’, or splash all out on a hot pink number, or a riot of color like the ‘Zebra Fun House’ print. There are seventeen different colors and patterns in total ranging from the conservative to the abstract, so something for everyone!

Maidenform Dream Collection Boy Short

Handmade Frilly Panties For Men

These panties confused me at first. They confused me because they look like the sort of panties that are made for the ‘sissy’ scene and yet they’re made in Thailand, apparently by someone who is sort of pretending that they’re for women. If these are made for women, I’ll eat my hat. And my socks. And this edible thong.

If this sort of thing is your cup of tea however, there are a great many panties like them available from the same tireless Thai craftsperson. With an emphasis on lace and bows and an abundance of nylon, you can satisfy your cravings for either sissy panties or the panties of yore. It seems to be pretty much the same thing as far as I can tell. There’s just something kinky about history, right?

Cinema Etoile Tank Camisole

It’s been a long while since I wrote about anything north of the panty border, but this simple camisole inspired me to do so. What caught my eye was the shimmer of the fabric, which on closer inspection turned out to be 100% polyester satin.

The cut is also in its favor, though some might fault it for perhaps being too simple, I think that the plain cut, loose style and low-ish neckline will make it absolutely perfect for the man who likes to wear lingerie under his everyday clothing, but doesn’t want lace peeking out here and there. Much like the Shadowline panties below, this is lingerie for the sensualist.

Click for more detail, pictures and product information on the Cinema Etoile Tank Camisole

Shadowline Super Sheer Low Rise Hipster Briefs

Shadowline is one of the watchwords of lingerie, especially when it comes to the lingerie men like to wear. That’s because Shadowline create 100% nylon, devastatingly silky smooth panties that feel amazing against the nether regions. Even the low rise provides plenty of coverage for the man who likes feeling the soft touch of silky sheer feminine fabric.

The panties pictured above are available in a three pack for just on twenty dollars, which is a pretty good price for a triple dose of sweet, sleek lingerie. They’re currently available in just white and black, because Shadowline isn’t about flashy colors and transient trends in fashion, it’s about a solid, classic product that appeals to the most primal sense of all – the sense of touch.

Shadowline Nylon Lo-Rise Briefs 3 Pack

Adventure Panties For Men

How many times have you wanted to don a pair of panties, but been concerned that the day’s activities would be too vigorous for the delicate underwear? Whether hunting, hang gliding, hounding enemy agents or just running around being manly, ExOfficio makes a pair of panties designed to take the stresses and strains of an adventurous lifestyle.

The special mesh design and lycra fabric content make these incredibly light, easily packable and quick drying panties, so a single pair can suffice even on extended journeys in the hinterlands.

The plain style might not grab the eye as much as some lacy panties do, but it does offer plausbible deniability as well as extreme comfort and versatility. If you’ve been looking for a pair of hard wearing panties that can keep up with you in the hairiest of situations, ExOfficio Give n Go are the panties for you.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs

Calvin Klein Invisible Panties

These panties are clearly not actually invisible on account of the fact that you’re looking at them right now. In fact they’re rather brightly colored in the same sort of way hi-vis vests are, making these the perfect panties for everything from heavy construction to hunting deer in the backwoods.

But the real secret of these panties is the way that they achieve no lines at all, meaning you can wear them without fear of detection, you can enjoy bright shining lingerie whilst hiding it under the clothing of your choice.

If highlighter orange isn’t your color, there are options, like kimono purple, as well as several other plainer options including the traditional beige we all know and love, this time dubbed ‘light caramel’. This is why I maintain that there are more terms for beige than there are stars in the galaxy.

Anyway, these are bold, bright panties that won’t give the game away in sensitive situations.

Check out these Calvin Klein Invisibles Hipster Panties

Natori Bliss Brief Panties

Bliss is a pair of soft panties that fit perfectly. Unlike the transcendent Bhuddist version of spiritual bliss, which takes years and an awful lot of staring at the back of one’s eyelids to attain, bliss as a state of lingerie can easily be attained. Plus one point to materialism! These panties contain a 6% nylon, 94% cotton blend that makes them just the right combination of soft, stretchy and sheer. The design is simple, but like most Natori lingerie it is the little details that set these panties apart. The waistband isn’t just pretty, it’s different from pretty much every other lace waistband out there – and in the world of panties, that is saying quite a bit. These panties come in a range of colors from the ‘sorbet’ pictured to black, beige, white, red and quite a lovely pale purple too.

Natori Bliss Girl Brief Panties

Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons Thong

Some very pretty panties here, don’t you agree? They go by the name ‘sheer ribbons’, mostly because that sounds a lot more feminine than ‘sort of pin stripe eh wot’ panties, though I’m not sure the title matters much when you have panties as gently luxurious as these.

The soft, almost gauzey muslin fabric of the main body of these panties is perfectly set off by the rich egg toned lace that surrounds the more delicate center. In these panties, lace becomes something robust, something that borders and protects instead of merely decorating.

There’s not an inch of these panties not dedicated to being aesthetically pleasing, I like to pretend that they are thong panties because what had been designed to cover the derriere was deemed not worthy by some strict lingerie designer herself wearing a hat of black lace.

There is a certain romance in these panties, I’m sure you’ll agree. They hearken back to a gentler time, all the whilst enabling ones derriere to hang free in the breeze, the perfect combination of modern decadence and classical design.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Sheer Ribbons Thong