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String Bikinis and Nylon Briefs: Comfortable Wide Gusset Panties For Men

This is a new type of post for He Wears Panties! Instead of my opinions being heard at length, breadth and width, I now bring you the Reader Recommendation section, in which panty suggestions from our forum members make the front page of He Wears Panties. Or as I like to put it, this is how we air our members’ lingerie ;). Today we have two rather different types of panties recommended by members of the He Wears Panties forum, one is a full nylon brief, the other a playful string bikini, but both panties fit a male wearer very comfortably owing to their generous gusset.

Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Tailored Nylon Brief

vanity fair makes comfortable panties for men

Now although these panties could perhaps earn themselves the title of  ‘granny panties’ owing to the sheer length of the fabric, this is a good thing for the male wearer of panties. I could talk about silky smooth nylon and a traditional cut, but ‘luvpanties2‘ has more specifics on the situation, so let’s go to a quote:

Vanity Fair Tailored Perfectly Yours that have a wider no cotton gusset crotch in a gray. These are more of a brief than hi cut style. These are wonderful if you like VF nylon and want a brief. One of the biggest issues I have always had with womens panties is the gusset being too narrow. I am in the car a lot and the worst thing is having the crotch digging in. These designs removed that issue completely.

Mary Green Silk Knit String Bikini Panty (L21)

mary green silk string bikini for men

If you’re looking for something a little more skimpy, then this string bikini from Mary Green could be just the ticket. Member ‘Patsy Panties‘ says:

My favorite panties are by Mary Green @ The ‘L201’ sport brief is a basic bikini panty made of knit silk. The ‘L21’ string bikini is the same wonderful material and is a little bit sexier and naughtier! Light, thin and scanty – they are so comfortable and pleasurable to wear. The gusset is also a little wider than some other brands of panties, which increases the comfort factor while staying very femme. They become more comfortable with repeated wearings because of the stretchability of knit silk.

Never Say Never, Lace Lingerie Set

dusty rose bralette for men

Lingerie sets are fun. Lace lingerie sets are even more fun, and if you’re easing into the idea of wearing lingerie above the belly button, then a bralette is the perfect place to start. And if you never thought you’d get a pretty set of lace lingerie, well, like this little outfit teaches us, one should never say never. Especially when it comes to cute panty / bralette combos.

Another thing going for this set is that it comes in over twenty colors, so if you like the general idea of this lingerie, but wish it came in say, tangerine, or perhaps anthracite (seriously, that’s a color you can get this in) then you are in luck. In fact, you’re virtually guaranteed to find one color you like and one you didn’t know existed. Yellows, multiple kinds of pinks, greens, blues, a color for every day and a color for every occasion.

You could buy two in matching colors and wear them as a lingerie set, or you could mix and match for a sort of festival, Rio di Janero feel. This is lingerie not just for the body, but for the imagination. Enjoy!

Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra

Cosabella Never Say Never Hipster

dusty rose hipster panties

Wacoal Lace Kiss Bikini Panties

wacoal lace kiss panties for men

Lace atop lace, these panties might be mere scraps of fabric, but they pack a lot of lingerie quality in there. Like a rich gateaux, one you can only have a few spoonfuls of even though it is indescribably delicious, that’s what these panties are like. They’re utterly gorgeous, so much so one could simply sit and feast one’s eyes upon them long before daring to slide them on.

Once on, they do not provide a great deal of coverage, but coverage is not what these panties are for. These panties are for sensual exploration, for freeing one’s senses and perhaps one’s mind for a little while too. These are panties you’ll want to watch yourself wearing. These are panties you’ll treasure for quite some time.

Wacoal Lace Kiss Bikini

Lace Bralettes For Men

bralettes for men

2 PACK: Black Lace Bralette

A bralette is a little lacey introduction to the world of bra wearing. It is subtle, tasteful and does not require you to know your cup size. It is therefore perfect for men who do not have the time to stand about measuring themselves or who have a physique that would render a more developed brassiere useless.

The only significant issue with bralettes is finding one that will fit. You see, a bralette is made under the assumption that a woman is not well endowed. It is made with the assumption that she is slim of figure and needs little support. For that reason, most bralettes will best fit a man with a chest measurement of less than 40 inches.

Hanky Panky boasts a superior range of bralettes, with colors in every conceivable shade. A veritable rainbow of lingerie, as it were. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Bralette

If you are a larger fellow, never fear, for plus sized bralettes are also in existence. In fact, the one I’m about to showcase for your viewing pleasure also comes with a matching pair of lace ruffle panties, and it comes in bright colors too!

plus size bralette for men

Plus Size Stretch Lace Soft Triangle Bralette & Ruffle Thong Set

Bralettes are the perfect way to expand your lingerie inventory and experiment with new forms of lingerie. They’re light, playful, have a low entry cost (the bralettes featured at the top of this article only cost 15 for two) but you can also go all the way up to the top of the quality range and invest in the Hanky Panky bralettes, which have the buttery lace technology, creating bralettes so soft your chest will feel as if it is being caressed by a myriad of silken butterflies every time you make a move.

Ilusion Low-rise Lace Front Satin Bikini

low rise bikini panties for men

Now these are some pretty panties, lace in the front, satin in the back. So I suppose the panties conform to the 80’s mullet mantra, business in the front, party in the back.

There’s a lot to like about these panties. They take a fairly traditional formula and they make it work, with a silky sheen toward the rear and a lace panel with a very pretty floral motif that will hide precisely nothing. The low cut makes them appealing to the male panty wearer, and they come in a decent range of colors. There are not one, but two shades of beige to choose from, but also a brighter raspberry pink tone, which is quite adventurous, as well as a more muted pink.

EDIT: These panties have been the subject of a VERY in depth review from one of our forum members, and I do mean in depth, pictures, even diagrams. It’s impressive and you should really check out this review from a man who has been wearing these panties since 2010, and has declared them to be his favorite.

Check out the full range of Ilusion Low-rise Lace Front Satin Bikini Panties

Groovin’ V-Cut Bikini Briefs For Men

mens bikini panties

Now here are some bikini panties legitimately designed for men. Customer reviews suggest a snug, comfortable fit, and one can hardly deny that these are as much a pair of low cut bikini panties as any other. Though they don’t come in a range of patterns, they do come in a range of colors, the three variations seen above are only the beginning, there’s also a vibrant blue, a neon green and a bold red to peruse. The low ‘v’ cut is tailored to the male form and space has been allowed for the extra equipment men bring to the panty party.

Groovin’ White V-Cut Bikini Brief

The Heartbeat Lace Bikini

heartbeat lace bikini panties

For those for whom lingerie will always have a place in their hearts will no doubt find a delicious irony in the name and design of these lace bikini panties. The heart motif is at the forefront of course, yet not too bold. It provides a little modest reprieve from the mesh and is surrounded by contrast black lace for effect.

These panties come in various shades, Precious Pink, Think Pink, and Raven Black, they’re all worth having a gander at for sure, as some are bolder than others.

View the full range of Betsey Johnson Heartbeat Lace Bikini panties!

Jezebel’s Cheeky Boyshort Panties

cheeky panties for men

These panties are sweet and sexy rolled into one little mesh package. They come in the ‘bare’ variant pictured above and also in bright red, black and white and a more demure white.

You don’t often see beige on this site, but what made me feature these panties was the naughty optical illusion they create. By having a white lace trim and a light beige interior, these panties give the illusion of being see through, whilst giving absolutely nothing away. Lingerie science at its best :D.

Jezebel Show Off Cheeky Boyshort

Ruffled Sides Polka Dot Bikini Panty

yellow polka dot bikini panties for men

These panties are perfect for a hot day, or for trying to remember what a hot day might feel like on a cold day. I love the adorable little side ruffles, which are just pronounced enough to provide feminine flounce, but not so thick that you won’t be able to wear them under every day clothing. The playful polka dots add visual interest to these panties, which come in a wide range of colors including baby blue, pink, black and more.

See The Full Range Of Ruffled Sides Polka Dot Bikini Panties!

Lovely Lace Thighs Panty Twelve Pack

lace plus size panties for men

Really, the title says it all. These panties are not only exceptionally cute with a thick lace cut over the thigh section that is both flattering and adorable, but they also come in a range of  seven colors and you can pick up twelve of them in a single bound. Like panty superman!

These are perfect panties for anybody on the plusser side of the equation, theyr’e bright and colorful and they have a lot of coverage whilst also having those lovely shaped lace panels that really make these panties something special and turn the rear view into something of an event.

A Lingerie Lover’s Dozen Panties From Angelina

cute lace panties for men

My Favorite Pants, Panties From Vanity Fair

my favorite pants

The ladies love these panties, and odds are a man who loves lingerie will find them suitable for his requirements as well. Just look at some of the reviews on these panties!

Like wearing air… but better!”

These panties are eminently suited to wearers of the larger sizes, and scale down to fit those in the smaller sizes as well, though not at the same time. They are very comfortable, but they are not magical. Call that a fault if you want, I call it consensus reality.

Some of the patterns and textures remind me a bit of the sort of wallpaper you find in houses that haven’t been remodeled since the 1960’s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – they come in a range of colors, so whether you’re a Blue Steel or a Ballet Pink sort of fellow, you’ll find a panty shade that matches your outfit and mood.

Vanity Fair My Favorite Pants Panties

Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Black Lace Knicker

mimi holiday knickers for men

These panties are straight out of the 1920’s, peeled from a passing flapper’s undercarriage and lovingly preserved for wearers in the year 2013. Can you believe it is actually the year 2013? I’m having some extreme trouble with the idea myself. 2012 was one thing, but to make the leap to 2013, well, that’s just outright ludicrous!

What’s not so ludicrous are these elegant panties which have a truly one of a kind styling. There’s also a matching garter belt if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I really, really like the thick tasteful laceiness of it, but if you want the matching belt you might want to hurry, as there’s apparently only one left in stock and it’s extra large.

Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Berry Black Lace Knicker

black lace suspender belt