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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

White Nights Cosmo Cranberry Panties

cranberry panties

It’s not often that I want to blend a pair of panties over some crushed ice and sip them, but these panties have achieved that response. Entitled ‘White Nights Cosmo Cranberry’ I feel as if there are a bunch of hidden meanings in the title, but it’s not the title that matters. It’s the panties. And these are gorgeous. They manage to take the see through nature of mesh and make it not only ornamental, but enticing, tastefully so.

Hungry for these White Nights Cosmo Cranberry Panties? Click here!

A Bikini Named Abigail

agabail panties

I will never in a gazillion years understand why people who make panties name them. It’s just a mockery of the concept of names, in a way. But sometimes I can roll with it. So what can we say about Abigail? Well, for one, she has some really nice, rather unique petal style side panels. A little 1920’s a little ‘glade of the elves’.Then there is the bold floral print center stage, a metaphor perhaps for Abigail’s love of gardening, or for what lies just beyond the fabric veil. Abigail comes in a bikini and a boyshort cut, because Abigail is flexible and also two completely different panties at one time. (That’s what you call a metaphor breaking down.)

Come meet Abigail in her bikini form…

Abigail as a boyshort…

Seamless Stretch Stealth Panties For Men

boyshort panties for men

These are perfect for any man who likes to wear panties with a bit of plausible deniability surrounding the fact that he’s wearing women’s panties. They come in a colorful six pack in a range of color styles, so you can choose plain bold colors, stripes, floral motifs, rhinestones, animal motifs, and even argyle prints. At 19 bucks for a 6 pack, these work out to about three dollars per pair, which is nicely within most budgets – and even better, the one size fits all stretch fabric means they’ll fit sizes from 4 – 18 without trouble.

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Holy Rainbows Batman, Lace Panties

hanky panky rainbow thong

This self described ‘daringly low’ thong comes in the boldest rainbow color ever seen before. A mistake at the panty factory? Or your opportunity to taste the rainbow? Perhaps both.

Hanky Panky is calling these tie-dye panties, but there’s none of the free spirit hit and miss of the traditional tie dye look here. This is planned. This is panty perfect. This is one size fits all. Are you all?

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How Many Men Like To Wear Panties?

pantyville men wearing panties

Lots of men who wear lingerie feel a certain amount of shame and loneliness based on the (wildly incorrect) assumption that their desires are odd or strange. A man, growing up in cultural isolation of such matters, might even feel that he is perhaps one of a very few male people who like to wear lingerie.

I’d just like to take a short moment to dispel that myth. This site receives 4.5 million page views per year and more than one and a half million unique visitors. Let that sink in for a second. It’s absolutely certain that not all men who wear lingerie visit He Wears Panties. There’s no way of telling how many do, but it’s certain that it’s not all.

What we can know for sure, is that if you’re a man who wears panties, you’re in the company of at least, at least one and half MILLION other men. That’s an entire city full of men who wear lingerie. Pantyville. Pop 1.68 million and growing.

You can find many of the inhabitants of that global panty village on the forum here: He Wears Panties Forum

Large Lace Flower Panties

huge lace flower panties

You might think, from the title that this is a post about large lace panties with flowers on them. That’s not what this is about. At. All. This is about teeny weeny skimpy thong panties with a HUGE lace flower adorning the front. I’m not so much recommending these panties as staring at them in a mixture of horror and admiration. These come in four bright color choices. In each of them, the center of the flower is well marked with dark fuzz and silver strands. A homage to the aging process? Or the designer’s vision of what stamens should be? I don’t know. What I do know is that these panties won’t look good under anything at all, but will certainly provide you with hours of amusement should you decide to drop four dollars on them.

Check out the full color range of epic lace flower bow panties!

No Pinching No Problems Panties

no pinch panties

Continuing the theme of comfort and style, these no pinching, no problems panties from Warners are perfect for the man about town, or the man about country. Basically, they are for the man who is about in general. A light microfiber fabric cut in a low rise V makes for the perfect cut, a variation on the very popular no pinching no problems brief panties made by the same manufacturer.

Warner’s No Pinching. No Problems V-Hipster Panties

One Smooth U No Lines, No Slip Panties

black lace pities

These panties have no lines, won’t slip down and won’t ride up. A comfortable fit all day long that gives nothing away under your work or casual wear. These are the panties you want when in the mood for silky soft sensation without the hassle of too much design. The thick lace waistband provides a touch of lace, whilst the microfiber body of the panties keeps you comfortable all day long.

See the full range of Bali One Smooth U No Lines, No Slip Hipster Panties!

Cosabella Low Rise Hot Panties

cosabella panties

Most all the panties I feature on this site, I love. But these ones I have a special affection for. I think it’s something about the orange band around the waist, and the orange hue of the lace accent. These panties are Italian made (although recent discoveries of Chinese sweatshops in Italy might make that a moot point – must mention that in the name of full disclosure.)

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