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Hope Alexander is an unlikely fashion guru, pseudo philosopher, and lady who likes men who wear lingerie. Some say that Hope Alexander once round housed Chuck Norris. (After he claimed that public health care would have invariably resulted in the Virgin Mary aborting Jesus.) Others say she eats LOL cats on toast for breakfast and that she once scaled Notre Dame holding a freedom fry in one hand and a baguette in the other. It later turned out that the whole stunt had been filmed not a mile from a major road, which caused a major backlash against her popular bounty hunting tv series in which she bailed out ice heads, then tracked them down whilst wearing feathers and beads in her hair. Today, a shadow of her former self, she writes on the Internet.

Embrace Lace Chemise, Bra and Panty Set

embrace lace lingerie for men

Why not wear a chemise with your favorite panties? This three piece ‘Embrace Lace’ set from Wacoal is comprised of highly sophisticated and unique lingerie. I say three piece, but you can mix and match out of several different panty cuts and bra styles, which means whether you’re a follower of thongs, or a believer in briefs, there’s an option for you. I started this little piece because I had a fascination with the chemise, which is so wonderfully detailed, especially in the white on black version. There’s something about white lace laid across black mesh type fabric that is sensual and alluring. The bodice of the chemise is much more detailed than one commonly expects to find in a garment of this nature. The cup area is sheer, but the herringbone pattern of the light mesh fabric makes it a classy kind of sheer, a dance of the seven veils sheer, rather than 1980’s Cheer sheer. You know what I mean.

The Embrace Lace Bra

The Embrace Lace Bikini

The Embrace Lace Chemise

Flirty Tanga Panties

tanga flirt panties

Summer is here! (Assuming you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) and these panties are perfect for summer celebrations. Lace accents and vivid prints create a range of moods and there’s scope for mixing and matching these panties with other items of lingerie, or to suit your outerwear. Which is all a very long way of saying: these are panties and you can wear them.

Maidenform Flirty Tanga Panties

Ethereal Lace Hipster Panties by Donna Karan

see through panties for men

Ever wished you could see through your panties? It’s so difficult to find good translucent panties these days, but with the Ethereal Lace Hipster panties from Donna Karan you’ll never be at a loss for a view of your most intimate areas.

These panties come in black and ‘froth’ – just when I thought I’d seen every synonym for beige. They’re also on sale in limited quantities, so now is a good time to pick a pair up for much less than their usual thirty dollar price tag.

Donna Karan Ethereal Lace All Lace Hipster Panties

Amoureuse Plus Size Ruffled Lace Chemise

plus sized negligee for men

If you like to feel pretty, this chemise is perfect. In a pale pastel pink or a darker black nuit, you’ll sleep the night away in comfort. I especially like the almost ‘A’ line cut, and you’ll love the silky tricot lining which slips against the skin, complimented by a lace overlay which is simultaneously delicate and alluring. Perfect for anyone in the plus sizes, or a man who likes a little room in his lingerie.

Amoureuse Plus Size Gown In Ruffled Lace

Shapely Long Thong Panties

long thong panties for men

The thing about thong panties is that the wearer is often denied the pleasure of a great expanse of lingerie. With these long line shaping thong panties, that’s not so much of an issue. You can have the cute thong cut that leaves your derriere bare for activities of one shape or another, and also enjoy a nice comfortable and comforting high rise panty. These come in the boudioir maroon pictured above, also in a black and cream and an almost beige combination, so you can be as daring or as demure as you like.

Long Thong Panty Pleasures Await…

Jade Green Rose Red Lingerie

red green lingerie sets

Lingerie is best when worn in combination with other lingerie. Lingerie lends itself to layering, but it doesn’t much lend itself to lending. Something about hygiene or something along those lines. I don’t know. Who can keep clean thoughts in their head when feasting eyes on satin and lace in colors which are frankly more appropriate for Christmas time, but I’m against seasonal grasping at colors. They limit imagination.

With this lingerie set you get yourself a nice lace trimmed bra, a garter set and matching panties. Get one in each color and you can turn yourself into a veritable vintage Christmas tree in mid-summer.

Seven Til Midnight Simply Stunning Lingerie Set

Corsellete Lingerie Shapewear For Men

corsellete for men

It looks like a corset, but this shapewear will do more than suck you in. It will help put curves in the right places with a clever design which not only tucks in anything that might be hanging loose, but also creates the visual appearance of curves by merit of the shape of the patterned material against the black ‘background’ of the garment. That’s science! Lingerie science! And art.

What Katie Did Lulu Red and Black Corselette

Hanes Stretch Satin Panty Delights

hanes stretch satin panties

Sleek, shiny and guaranteed to stay in place, these panties from Hanes combine the best of a comfortable fit with the grace and glamor of shining satin. Their unique nylon spandex blend creates a glistening expanse of soft material which will give you all the coverage and comfort you desire. Designed to fit smoothly under clothing, these panties will never give you away, letting your outer attire slip right over the shimmering fabric.

Hanes Body Creations Stretch Satin Panties

Wearing Lingerie With Your Lady Can Be Done | He Wears Panties Reader’s Story

This came in the form of a letter, but the writer was kind enough to let me share it with everyone. Hopefully this will inspire those of you perhaps feeling as if lingerie and relationships just can’t mix.

Hi Hope,

I’ve been reading your hubs for years now and your point of view helped me to further understand myself as a lingerie wearing man. I was married for a little over five years and it came to an end for various reasons, but one of them was that I was not honest with my ex about wearing lingerie. I look back on it now, some three years later and own my part in the breakdown of my marriage however, I am now with a wonderful woman who understands, accepts and encourages my lingerie wearing! We are both second timers and when we met and knew the relationship was going places, we promised to always be honest with each other about everything no matter what. NO secrets this time!

I was able to build up the courage and I explained myself to her and she was fascinated! She didn’t run away or freak out. She took the time to hear me out and understand who I was. It’s been an amazing ride so far! We shop for lingerie together and have a HUGE selection of bras, panties, stockings and the list goes on. Before I met her I mostly stuck with panties and a bra here and there but not often. Now she encourages me to wear bras and loves to see me in them. My sex life has never been better!

What’s even cooler is that she spent some time reading all she could about men like me, and found your sites (here and the Hubs) and it further expanded her understanding. If it wasn’t for people such as yourself, men like me would still be pretty apprehensive about exposing who we really are. I’ve never felt so free and comfortable in a relationship before. I don’t have to hide or keep my collection under lock and key anymore. All of our panties are where they should be; in a dresser. Same with our bras. Our outfits hang in the closet as they should and I have free choice to wear whatever I want, when I want, unless she chooses for me of course!

So, I just wanted to send this off to you to say THANK YOU and to let you know another one of your readers/fans made it to the promised panty land by finding an amazing, supportive woman who just lets me be me.

Only Hearts, Lace Venice Panties

lace panties for men

These loose panties are rather charming in their own unique way. With an almost skirt like appearance complete with lace inserts, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of space in your lingerie. These are also available in ‘toast’ and ‘antique white’. Those who enjoy a classic lingerie aesthetic will find that these panties have a certain allure that cannot be long denied.

Only Hearts Venice Hipster W/Lace Insets

The Ladies Are Squeeming

squeem lady shapewear for men

If you’re interested in trends in feminine lingerie, then you might be interested in the latest wildly popular piece of intimate apparel designed to create an ideal female form. It’s called Squeam, a brand umbrella-ing a bunch of shapewear

I chose the image of the pretty lady leaning nonchalantly against a tree in her bra, panties and shapewear because it is perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. It seems to imply that this underwear can become outerwear, as long as your make up is neat and you intend on accessorizing with a smile.

Made with rubber and cotton, the shapwear pictured is designed to cinch the waist, creating something approximate to a hourglass shape. Waist definition is a marker of good health and fitness, which is why we find it so appealing in our mates.

If you find this appealing, find out more at the link below…

Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear

A Return To Naked Glamor…

naked panties for men

Remember these panties? No, probably because these are naked glamor panties as you’ve never seen them before. With a new range of patterns, up to ten different styles, including a pale pink ‘fairy wings’ and a bolder ‘rock candy’, there’s a print and a color designed to fit your mood and panty personality. I love panties that are not only made to be comfortable and pretty, but which also allow for an expression of the inner self, something a little bit playful. Something a little unique. These panties fit the bill.

View the new range of naked glamour bikini panties…