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  1. Mikki

    Those really are cute panties… but the link to the Punk Monk is well worth following.

    It’s interesting to actually read someone who is a leader in what we in the western world would classify as a “religion” espouse the idea that religion is a myth.

    Since I was a very young person (pre-teen) I have held the opinion that organized religion was an expression of evil towards men… as I grew older I continued to find reason to confirm my suspicions. I could rant a bit on this topic, but one thing I have learned: when you state the obvious to the believers it confirms their belief that you need to be saved… even if it means killing you to save your soul.
    I like this link and will put it in my favorites for future reference. Thanks Hope!

  2. Dharmacharya Gurudas Sunyatananda

    Mikki: You hit the nail on the head. While my role is often perceived as one of a “religious leader”, I likewise am committed to helping folks see that religion is not necessary. Inspired by the example of the Dalai Lama, I tell people, “My only religion is compassion. My only god is love. My only path is service to those who suffer.”

    I’d rather hang with a hooker, who feeds the homeless person on the street, as she walks home each night, than waste an hour with a bunch of pretentious, dressed-up, bible-thumpers in a church on Sunday, who turn their heads and avert their glances on the way home, to avoid *seeing* the same homeless person. ANYDAY.

    Namaste –
    gurudas (@gianmichael on twitter)

    Ah, and thank you to the blogger who posted the original kind words too! It will have been worth it, if even one person stops to think about being there for someone else!

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