American Apparel Lace Lingerie Shorts

american apparel lace lingerie short

American Apparel Lace Shorts

Sweet, summery and oh so lovely, these lingerie shorts blur the line between underwear and outerwear even more successfully than leggings. I love the line they create, a rather retro curved triangle that provides room to move whilst pretending at modesty.

The bad news is that these lingerie shorts only come in size small. The good news is that they come from American Apparel, where they pretty much think everybody should get to feel small, so the clothing actually runs large.

American Apparel Lace Ribbon Lingerie Short

mesh bloomers for men

American Apparel Mesh Bloomers

Also from American Apparel, and running a little larger, are these mesh bloomers. They’re fun to wear over another pair of panties, and we all know how much many men like to layer their lingerie, these add to the fun of any outfit. They come in the black pictured above and also in beige. Probably because of some sort of beige bylaw or something.

American Apparel Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Bloomer