Amazon’s Top Panty Sellers

Ever wonder what women are buying? Here are the top three best selling panties on, as chosen by those who vote with their cash and leave positive reviews. What’s really nice about these three panties is that they’ve proven to be not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but economical too. The most expensive panties in this selection cost less than ten dollars, and the average price is closer to just two dollars. If you’re looking for some popular panty bargains, this is a post you won’t want to miss!

Vanity Fair My Favorite Pants Illumination String Bikini

Vanity Fair’s string bikini panties are the bestselling panties on at the time of writing. These most popular panties are notable because they come single, where all the others are multiple panty packs. The string bikini comes in a variety of colors, ranging from Jane Gray pink, pictured in the image above, to blue to white to beige to Steele Violet. The strings at the sides are considered elegant by many and the rave reviews left by satisfied wearers speak for themselves.

Angelina Lace Boxer Short

The second best selling panties are popular because of their lace and volume. You get twelve pairs of panties in this pack, which are pretty much all the panties a man or woman could need for at least twelve days. The backside on these rides a little high, exposing one’s rear, which is fun and charming and probably a recipe for success.

Fruit of the Loom Cotton Bikini

It’s pretty rare that cotton gets on this site, mostly because of my perhaps over zealous personal preferences for things lacier and fancier and, well, prettier , but the masses have spoken and these are the third most popular panties. They also happen to come in a six pack, which makes them not only comfortable and popular, but entirely economical.