Amanda Simpson And The Sordid Truth About Transgendered People

This is an article that has gone up on the new site I write at, Soda Head, it’s pretty relevant to many readers here, so I’ve crossposted it. I’d appreciate it a great deal if you like the article, make a log on and give it an upvote. In the crazy world of Internet writing, that sort of thing makes a difference :)

A popular poll featured recently on Soda Head asked: was a transgendered woman appointed to please gay activists?

Whilst being something of an interesting and perhaps even valid question, it belied a deep lack of understanding of the nature of transgendered people. Transgendered people aren’t gay. They’re not (necessarily) men who are attracted to other men, or women who are attracted to other women. Transgendered people are people who were born with one set of sexual organs and a body that they deeply feel do not match how they feel on the inside.

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