Almost A Dress | Nightgowns, Slips, Chemises, and Petticoats For Men

Even when a man expressly stays away from skirts and dresses, there are plenty of light lingerie garments tempting him to enjoy the incredible pleasure of satin, lace, nylon and other fine fabrics encasing the body almost entirely. There’s nothing quite like slipping into a single tube of lingerie to make a man feel feminine…


Hot Men In Petticoats | Pictures Of Men Wearing Petticoats

I wrote a hub about petticoats, and men wearing petticoats, but you know what I didn’t have? Any pictures of men wearing petticoats. That left a gap in authenticity in my hub, after all, if I claim that men sometimes wear petticoats, but offer no pictures, how do you know that I am telling the truth, after all, the Second Law of the Internet clearly states: Pics or it didn’t happen.

Petticoats, Slips and Chemises For Men
Pretty, frilly, lacy petticoats are a delight to behold. At one time they were an essential part of every repressed woman’s wardrobe. (If you think a burka is bad, try stuffing your waist into a corset then layering the lower half of your body in so many sheets of lace that it’s difficult to find your own legs.)

Sensual Nylon Nightgowns | Feminine Sleepwear For Men

So you like to wear lingerie under your clothes during the day, but would like to extend your lingerie obsession into the night as well? (There’s nothing wrong with lingerie being an obsession, in fact, one could argue that it is obsessions which make the world go round.)

The Power Of The Feminine | Petticoats For Men

Pretty petticoats, the type that flounce and bounce when the wearer spins are something of a garment gone by (unless you happen to be an avid dancer,) but there’s a sector of society not ready to let them go gently into the quiet fashion night just yet, and that sector is mostly made up of men.

Naughty Nylon Dreams | Fabulous Full Slips For Men

Sliding over your head, the smooth nylon, the slightly rougher sensation of lace. It extends over your shoulders, brushes over your chest, teases your torso and continues onwards down your body. The straps settle in on your shoulders, the last few inches falling down to your thighs, swaying gently with the movements you impart, brushing gently against tender skin.

Welcome to the world of the full slip.