Alana Raso Is More Productive In Women’s Clothing… Are You?

From the article, Are Men Women When They Wear Lingerie? The Fantasy of Reality

Alana Raso  says:

When I wear lingerie, I imagine myself as a feminine creature.  I know my sex, I just like to choose an alternative gender when an opportunity arises.  I telecommute twice a week, I usually dress in a silk blouse and skirt when doing so.  Interesting, I usually accomplish much more when I am wearing the clothing (and lingerie) of my preference.  Does anyone else feel like they are more product ive when dressed?

2 thoughts on “Alana Raso Is More Productive In Women’s Clothing… Are You?

  1. Bob

    Interesting you would make that observation. Until I read your statement I hadn’t quite put things together about what I was wearing. I also sometime work out of home. I have noticed that when I need to stick at work that requires a lot of detail, which I tend to put off until I have “extra time”, when dressed up I have more patience and get through the assignment with no stress. I’m generally more relaxed. Daily wear is restricted to panties. That is my “go to the office” wearing…panties. Panty wearing does tend to center me.
    Always comfortable in panties.

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