Adult or Mature?

A few months ago, I made a decision after some consultation with members of the He Wears Panties forum to remove the picture and adult sections from the forum. This came as a surprise to some, although I did post a thread about the matter, not everyone reads every thread ever posted and as it was posted in the general section. It felt a wee bit heavy handed and dictatorial at the time, but nobody came for me and my shiny gold hat and pistols, so that was okay.

I made the change not because I have any real objection to discussions of a more adult nature or pictures of men wearing lingerie but because the tone of the discourse that ensued in these areas of the forum didn’t mesh well with the overall aim of the site.

There was a significant traffic dip after the removal of those sub-forums which I figured would happen, but it did not overly concern me because frankly, this site isn’t about masses of traffic. It’s about supporting men who want to make fashion choices that deviate from the sometimes viciously enforced gender norms.

Since that time, I’ve been really encouraged by how gracefully everyone has gone with the change and how vigorous and interesting the discussion is in the forums. They’re a very positive place to be and though I don’t overtly poke my nose in too often (not wanting to break the flow and whatnot) I do keep an eye on the place and I’m very happy with what I see there. There’s some great practical advice for men who wear and purchase lingerie and a lot of camaraderie and emotional support as well. All this was there before the picture and adult sections were removed of course, but I think by removing them the site has really found a nice focus.

There’s always been two sides to this pretty coin of men wearing women’s clothing. One one side there’s a sort of progressive, egalitarian, almost human rights based approach to the issue, and on the other, the more carnal approach we’re all more than familiar with I would imagine. I think the fetish aspect of the issue is covered at length already in a number of venues, but He Wears Panties has something unique to offer above and beyond that.

If you haven’t checked out the forum yet, please feel free to. There’s a link at the top of the sidebar that will take you there. Just read the joining guidelines and don’t get too upset if your application to join takes a few days. I manually approve memberships (which is why you don’t have spammers selling you erectile aids and football jerseys on the site) so it does take a few days sometimes.