A Question of Pr0n

Feel free to skip this post if you’re not interested in matters of p0rn (my terminology is so stealth, I know.) But you see, I had a musing and thought that the community of men who wear lingerie might shed some light on it, or at least find it interesting to discuss.

I notice that there’s a weird dynamic in much of such video material which must surely reflect some fantasy of the target demographic, ie, males.  The dynamic is this: stupid/poor/combination of both woman gets taken advantage of by well endowed man or group of men. It’s pretty rare that you see some material where women are taking advantage of guys – thought admittedly there are a few sites specializing in such material.

But here’s the question… is our ideal of sex a matter of trickery and power? Is this a naieve question? What’s the difference between raw sexual expression and sex within a relationship from the male perspective?

So many questions… you should answer them ;) (In the comments, or email me. I like getting email.)

10 thoughts on “A Question of Pr0n

  1. Mikki

    First, related to your observation regarding women being ravished by ravenous men… perhaps some men fantasize about fulfilling the feminine role in those dioramas?

    Second, about your question… in the male mind, more specifically in MY male mind, there is a huge difference between relationship sex and other sexual encounters. In the former there is deep emotional attachment associated with the physical act. I love my wife and will do everything “in my power” to ensure she is happy and content to be my partner in life.

    But unlike the majority of men, I also have a very strong feminine psyche which has always needed it’s own nurturing and development over the years. This part of my personality has it’s own gender needs and I have come to terms with those needs and have learned to satisfy them as a means to maintain my mental health. These are needs my wife cannot possibly satisfy or understand, so they remain separate from her knowledge.

    That being said, for me to indulge in an extramarital act as a male is completely out of my character… from my perspective I am completely monogamous in my male role. My female role… well, she is a bit of a party girl!

    I think many people will judge me as either a nut, a proto-schizophrenic, a two-timing closet dweller or just plain pathetic. And that’s OK… at one time or another I have felt the same way (and worse) about myself. But when you come to understand your own limitations you begin to understand you will never really figure out the “why” of your actions – you only have to deal with the reality.

    So to provide an answer to your question – you are being a bit on the naive side. Depending on how many variables you want to consider, at the end of the day there are far more that just trickery or power to consider.

  2. Hope Post author

    Wow, killer answer Mikki, and full with the sort of honesty that isn’t often popular. Thanks!

    Perhaps most interesting is the way you said “But when you come to understand your own limitations you begin to understand you will never really figure out the “why” of your actions – you only have to deal with the reality.”

    Being hyper analytical myself, I have always assumed that we know why we do things. But perhaps that is just arrogance on my part.

    At any rate, thank you once again for the great and incredibly honest reply, I appreciate it greatly :)

  3. Mikki

    I do enjoy your little blog corner of the world. It is refreshing in content and style, and it provides a really nice opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with a woman who is not appalled or threatened by a male who enjoys lingerie.

  4. boatswains47

    Wow! Both you guys got it together. I do love my wife! I do wear panties. I am sexual. Uh I am bi sexual to but that may not be generic to this blog. My wife helps me explore my panty thing and even shops with me. This isn’t a regular thing, it happens rarely. but when it does —yipes!

  5. dan

    it is not a question of trickery or anything , it is a part of a man that is differnt from other perhaps,but still it is just a part of man that he must deal with,and wearing panties deals with the “fem” part of his life on one should or can hold it against him , the she in his life should accept it or just let it be ,or jump in and take advantage of it ,,it is just who we are , and we are guys that waer panties ,not because we have to because thatis who we are,we all have our reasons or maybe it is a feddish what everit is it is us , i am a man and i wear my wifes panties, dan

  6. dan

    my wife knows i wear her panties,she will not talk aboutit look at them,she pretends i am not wearing her panties i guess,i tried to talk to her ,i emailed her ,i let her know they are on me before sex, ect ect ,do i keep trying to talk about it , or leave it alone , i am confused on what to do , any advise would help thanks

  7. Hope Post author

    Hm, weird situation Dan, it is hard to say what to do. If you have told her about things and she chooses to ignore it and live in a fantasy land where you don’t wear lingerie then I am not entirely sure what you can do about that. You’ve done your part by being honest, I’d give her some space and let her try to come to terms with things in her own time…. You may not get the result you desired, but it is better than living your life in the panty closet…

  8. Hope Post author

    Hey Mikki :) Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you enjoy what you find here. It’s my aim to make a little crossdressing lingerie friendly oasis for men who like to wear lingerie…

  9. dan

    For you Hope , it is nice to see that someone can accept life for life, that is awsome, and then to create this site is going out of your way to help men understand what they do !! or you give helpfull advise to the female involved in the pantie part of there man! you go out of your way and you deserve more than we can say for you so thanks for your time and you site HE WEARS PANTIES ! thanks much dan

  10. Hope Post author

    Hey Dan :) I’m glad you enjoy the site and get something out of it. From the beginning, the point of writing these articles was to help men feel more free with their desires when it comes to lingerie. There’s nothing wrong with a man wearing panties – enjoy yours!

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