A moment of your time….

If we can pause the lingerie for just a moment, I have a little announcement to make. I’ve recently been made a feature blogger on Soda Head, a site where news and views are shared. If you like my writing, I’d be very pleased to see you over there. My first two posts have been the following:

Should We Legalize Heroin?

What’s Wrong With A Chinese Hymen?

You can help support this by reblogging these posts, tweeting them,  facebooking them, giving them the ol’ thumbs up (called a ‘rave’ on Soda Head) and of course, commenting on the site. Any support is very much appreciated!

I now return you to your lingerie, gentlemen :)

One thought on “A moment of your time….

  1. rd

    Hope, with the many hours of enlightened wisdom you have provided me in the past, I am more than happy to visit you on another venue and support you there. It takes but only a moment of my time and, as I expected, I came away with much more than I went in with. So the realityis: I gave only a minute of my time and you gave me insight to another dimension of you. Now who got the better end of this deal? I DID!

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