A Man’s First Panties

A man’s first panties are special. Most men who wear panties can clearly remember the first pair of panties they tried on, and the first pair of panties they bought. Though many panties will come and go over a man’s lifetime, those first panties will always have a special place in his heart and oftentimes, in his lingerie drawer.

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4 thoughts on “A Man’s First Panties

  1. jimfirstpanty

    My mom’s pink nylon full cut brief was my first. One night not long after that first pair I wore a pair to bed. I dropped off to sleep before achieving anything good. Woke up early Saturdayi with Piss hardon. Got to door and heard toilet flush. Bathroom door opened and there was my dad. He was wearing apair of white nylon panties with lace down the seams and a white lace nylon bra. Out of shock I opened my bedoom door wide. There I stood with tented pink panties. He looked at me, my condition then laughed and said, “A chip off the old block.” Though my mom got on my case for taking her’s without asking she bought me a week’s supply of panties like hers. After getting mixed up in the wash I wore them even after I married. At 81 now I still wear pink nylon, “grannies”, panty hose and nylon night gowns. My wife of 56 years still thinks I look good in all that I have. We have a common panty drawer.

  2. teddybear

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this subject. I myself enjoy wearing panties and i know the feeling of putting on my first pair of my sisters panties over 30yrs ago. I had such a good feeling come over me when i tried them on, although my penis was quite lng at the time, and as of today it still gets good size when i but on my wifes panties. I see no reason why men can’t wear panties. I think that we were born to wear womens panties anyway, so why not? I love the feel of them next to my penis and i love to wear them to bed when having sexual intercourse with my wife. I love it.
    I also think as boys we get turned on by looking at girls in their panties and we have sexual arrosment come over us. That maybe another reason we guys wear panties a lot. So gals if you see your hubby in pair of your panties don’t freak out, it very normal for that to accur, besides, they maybe sending you a message. So take it for what it is worth. sex is fun and beautiful all the same time. So girls don’t be a drag enjoy yourselves and turn him on. After all he may just turn you on as well.

  3. teddybear

    Yes i can remember the first time I had but on a pair of panties. It was when i was along at home when i was 12yrs old. My mom had gone away for the weekend so i had the house all to myself. So on friday night i got into her panty drawer and i saw her panties. I found myself pullling my pants down and taking off my underwear and soon my penis was expanding as i was looking at her panties. I was having a sexual erousement just looking at them. I was afraid at first to try them on but I did anyway. My penis must have gotten 12″ long as i was pulling the panties up to my ass. I was shaking like a leaf but enjoying it just the same. As i stood in front of the mirror looking at myself in her panties i liked what i saw. They felt so good on me. and i wanted to play in them. So i took three pairs into my bed rm and i had sex in her panties thinking what it would be like wearing other girls panties. I loved it, that from that day on i never looked back, i always made sure i had a pair of panties to wear. Im now in my 60’s and i still have a good bonner when it comes to panties.
    so girls it is ok for your boyfriend to try on your panties and play in them as well, cause it will make the sex better for both of you. Besides he might look real good in them so enjoy your sexual deisers. After all we men are human and we love our sex just like you girls & women do. So let us alone so we can have our own panty fun. Sex is great but i know that wearing panties is even better.

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