Sexy Sensual Vintage Panties For Men

There’s something so very charming about vintage lingerie. Perhaps it is the way it harks back to a simpler time, before you could program your implanted RFID chip with your mp3 player. Perhaps it is the way that the lingerie from days of olde (a time somewhere between the present and the olden days) always […]

Plus Size Vintage Style Lace Panties

There’s something of the ye oldeness about these panties. I think its the way the silky fabric does not conform to the curve of the derriere, but rather hangs with delicate femininity. And the best part? These come in XXL and XXXL sizes, so if you happen to be a strapping fellow, these are panties […]

Panty Adventures! Vintage Rose Panties

Look at these panties! I love them because not only are they pretty, but they have a certain subversiveness to them. It’s like they’ve taken note of the ubiquitous floral theme that creeps through the world of lingerie, and instead of bucking the trend, have decided to go large with it. Like Lady Gaga in […]

Gorgeous Vintage / Pinup Style Panties

Do you love the look of vintage panties but don’t want to shell out for the real thing? These modern made vintage style briefs are gorgeous. They are very high waisted and highly reminiscent of pin up style lingerie. The black contrast trim extends around the rear of the panties into a triangular point that […]

Heidi Klum’s Panties For Men

These pink and cream lace panties, resplendent with polka dots bear the heightened femininity and just a hint of vintage charm which at times seems to grip the male lingerie wearer’s fancy. Part of erstwhile supermodel Heidi Klum’s lingerie line, these are fun, playful panties which frame the wearer very nicely indeed with lace charm. […]

Elle Macpherson Daisy Christmas Panties

These panties were apparently designed to evoke the idea of a daisy chain. Somewhat ironically, they do not come in yellow, leading me to believe that the designers of Elle Macpherson lingerie are locked away far from the corrupting influence of unchecked nature. These, therefore, are panties designed by people imagining the essence of a […]

Barely There Animal Print Lace Tanga Panties

Cheetah print is primal, but when softened with vintage style lace it becomes something different. A fusion between caveman and Victorian – a battle between time travelling stone lords and cane wielding men with stiff upper lips. I love the thickness of the lace bands and many men will find the low Tanga cut both […]

How To Name Your Panties

Have you named all your panties yet? No? Well this is the hub you’ve been looking for, I think I can safely say without exaggeration, all your life. Lingerie manufacturers commonly assign their creations seemingly random female names, apparently in the hope that women (or men with female alter egos) will connect with the name. […]

Why Nylon Panties Are Mens Underwear

Society, the fashion industry and department stores have got it wrong. Nylon panties aren’t women’s underwear, they are most certainly panties for men. How have I come to that revolutionary conclusion? It is simple. As a woman, I have been made well aware of what can happen if one wears nylon panties on a regular […]

Magical Vintage Lingerie For Men

Lingerie has gone through plenty of permutations throughout its history, and indeed, some vintage lingerie is just as popular now as it was back when it was modern lingerie. In fact, there are plenty of lingerie manufacturers who use vintage styles to create modern day lingerie, but there’s nothing like the real deal. If you’ve […]

How To Find Supremely Ruffled Panties

Most men, whether they wear panties or not, have a weakness for ruffles. Why? Because ruffles are eye catching, feminine and somehow classical. They also accentuate the booty region, which is alluring for all genders. Combining ruffles with panties creates a sort of uber panty, in much the same way that ‘Underworld’ (that vampire movie […]

Vintage Nylon Nightgowns

You’d be surprised what good taste our grandparents had when they were young, that’s what I always say. Nowadays people just slouch around in denim and hoodies, grunting at one another in modified text speak, unable to truly connect with their fellow man sans cellphone. Read more…