Ruffle Rumba Panties For Men

Looking for something fun, frilly and feminine? These panties certainly fit the bill! Cute white frills festooned with light pink hearts, a flattering high cut rising over the rear, you’ll adore yourself in these panties which are designed to be not just flattering, but playful too. Express your lighter side in lingerie! Click here for […]

Ruffle My Feathers Panties

Well ruffle my panties, these are some adorable items of lingerie, are they not? With sweet frills (but not so many that one finds oneself irreversibly dipped into the perennially filly waters of the sissy style – not that there’s anything wrong with that, besides a certain amount of difficulty integrating it into every day […]

‘Edgy Girl’ Lace and Ruffles Hipster Panties

Ruffles and lace and hipster panties, oh my! If you’re an edgy sort of girl, or an edgy sort of guy more likely, you might fancy edging your end into these pretty panties which come in lovely black and white and also white and black, if that’s more your speed. Also ‘Carribean Blue’ and some […]

Cotton Bikini Panties With Extra Ruffles!

These panties are so cute, and they’re also cotton. I’m trying to be more open to cotton these days because its a natural fiber and quite a good one for having next to your intimate skin. The ruffles soften what might otherwise be a severe cottony landscape and even better, these come in a twelve […]

Romantic Ruffles Boyshort Panties

Hold the dictionaries, there’s a new definition for ‘adorable’ and it’s these ruffled boyshort panties from Seven ’til Midnight, a lingerie designer with a focus on visually appealing panties. They come in dramatic red, and we all know how hard it is to come by nice red lingerie (seriously, aside from Christmas and Valentine’s novelty […]

Ruffle Butt Panties For Men

Ruffles are a fun and playful way to express a feminine side whilst wearing panties. These contrast ruffle panties from Leg Avenue happen to currently be #19 in the Exotic Apparel > Women’s Panties section on, and can thousands of exotically minded panty purchasers be wrong? I don’t think so. These are not panties […]

How To Find Supremely Ruffled Panties

Most men, whether they wear panties or not, have a weakness for ruffles. Why? Because ruffles are eye catching, feminine and somehow classical. They also accentuate the booty region, which is alluring for all genders. Combining ruffles with panties creates a sort of uber panty, in much the same way that ‘Underworld’ (that vampire movie […]

Velvet Kitten Ruched Panties

These pretty ruched panties with a sheer mesh fabric combine traditional styling with a modern attitude to minimal coverage, creating a panty which is alluring and innocent all at the same time. If you’re tired with your balls of string and rattly mice, it might be time for something new to entertain your kittenish desires. […]

Romantic Panties

These super low cut panties will provide male wearers with the same conundrum many women have when squeezing into romantic clothing – just where are you supposed to put everything? Turns out, that’s a trick question. It doesn’t much matter which way you choose to arrange yourself, the sheer mesh of these panties ensures that […]

Amoureuse Plus Size Ruffled Lace Chemise

If you like to feel pretty, this chemise is perfect. In a pale pastel pink or a darker black nuit, you’ll sleep the night away in comfort. I especially like the almost ‘A’ line cut, and you’ll love the silky tricot lining which slips against the skin, complimented by a lace overlay which is simultaneously […]

Coquette Ruffle Panty Shorts

If this post had a sub-title, it would be ‘because I wouldn’t shut up about ruffles yesterday.’ These very popularly ruffled panties are adorable, aren’t they? They come in red, black, pink and white. With a bow on the backside of these panties, you’ll be looking over your shoulder and into the nearest reflective surface […]