A Secret Panty Show

These panties, called Secret Show, feature strategic lace panels where the wearer’s cheeks are. This innovative design creates a cheeky surprise for the unwary, and a source of delight for the wear-y. For those with panty economy in mind, these panties also travel in a pack, like wolves. Get a full compliment of four, or […]

Lingerie Basics: Panty Four Pack

This four pack of traditional panties can form the base of any lingerie collection of merit. Thick lace waistband provides alluring femininity, and the light super smooth microfiber is not merely appealing to the eye but soft against the skin as well. If you’re an every day wearer, or looking for a simply delightful set […]

Pink Panty Delights

Pink is a favorite when it comes to panty shades, but not all pinks are made equal. These panties from Chantelle are gorgeous, created with structural layers merging multiple kinds of lace to create a tapestry of lingerie loveliness. There is tulle too, lightweight soft mesh which allows onlookers to admire both the panties, and […]

A Divine Panty Bouquet…

Gorgeous tanga panties from Aubade create a delicious floral display on the most strategic part of your anatomy. This fine pair of panties have a variety of colors in the lace embroidery, evoking the changing of the seasons, the bringing of new things, the incredible softness of lingerie riches. Come scent this delightful panty bouquet…

It’s Time For Panty Fun!

It’s time for panty fun, yes, yes, and what could possibly be more fun than a pair of purple (alleged navy) polka dot panties with gold trim and white mesh and a fascinating embroidery actoss the mesh panels. If you think these are cute, I have wonderful news… there are four other variations just waiting […]

Tropical Panty Fire

Your lingerie is on fire! These hot panties from Jockey lingerie feature a burning hot pattern with tropical accents. These super smooth panties also offer the promise of no pantylines, but they say nothing about the possibility of total spontaneous panty combustion. Visit the panty fire station…

Armani Panty Delights

These playful lace panties come from the enviable emporio of Armani, designer lingerie from a designer, who, for once, has resisted the urge to splash their name across the waistband in large capital letters as if they were an over zealous mother labelling them for a school trip. The rear of this delightful teal pair […]

Cheeky Panties For Brazen Panty Wearers

Leonisa makes lovely panties with a mesh and lace pattern repeating over itself back and forth in a soothing and yet alluring pattern with scalloped edges and a seam which runs right between the cheeks against which this lingerie will display itself. The effects are… effective. Click here to check out these panties front and […]

Raise Your Panty Awareness

A beautiful violet bloom heralds these awareness panties from Wacoal, esteemed creator of lingerie, titled, ‘Awareness Hi Cut Panties’. These are panties guaranteed to raise your awareness, though what you will become aware of precisely, I cannot say. They are lovely though, and I do very much enjoy the sheen of the waistband contrasted with […]

Prima Donna Scarlet Panties For Dramatic Panty Wearers

If your lingerie life needs a splash of drama and pride, look no further than Prima Donna panties in scarlet red. These are not economical panties, these are not disposable panties, these are panties which demand respect and elegance from their wearer. Be transformed by the red satin splashed across your rear, the mesh making […]

CK’s Microthong Panty Revolution

Do you like your lingerie minimalist? Calvin Klein has an adorable Nylon Lycra thong panty with a light mesh pattern on the sides and rear. These are simple, light, feminine and yet possibly deniable if you’re the sort of person who likes to make your lingerie choices somewhat inscrutable at times. Comfortable, wearable and perfect […]