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Stuff Your Stockings With Low Waisted Lace Panty Two Packs

animal print panties for men

Hey lingerie lovers, I have two new panty sets for your appraisal. They feature cute cuts, one with an animal print design suitable for expressing one’s wild side, the other with a sparkling floral design with bronze tones which make these appropriate undergarments for driving a chariot, or engaging in high art.

lace panties floral bronze

Click here to check these panties in animal print wildness, or here to check them out in their floral bronze glory!

Sangallo Cotton Thong for Panty Men

designer white thong panties

This pristine white thong has all the appeal of an evening stroll on a Bahaman beach. Beautiful eyelet embroidery adds tasteful appeal, while the thong cut provides the minimalist silhouette all thong wearers adore. This is a panty designed to showcase the wearer and accompany him into a myriad of incredibly classy lingerie dreams. These are the panties you’d wear if you were going to meet royalty, or perhaps to a black tie event. If you’re looking for some designer fashion with minimalist yet classic style, it’s hard to go past Sangallo.

Click here to explore the world of the Sangallo Cotton Thong!

Panty Packs, Ten Panties For The Panty Addict

ten pairs of panties for men

Do you need ten pairs of the same kind of panties but in different colors? Are you in the mood to recreate a rainbow over the course of a week? If so, these deeply discounted panties from La Isla should be in your shopping cart. Just $35 for ten, that works out to $3.50 per panty, less than a mochachocolottolatte, or a reasonably priced kitty toy, or a library fine. It’s less than a lot of things, but more than some other things. But this is no time for a deeper discussion of relativity. It’s time for panties!

These panties boast super silky lotion like feel with a seamless hipster fit which will keep you feeling fresh and sensual every day of the week (and three other days besides.)

Check out this myriad of panties in all imaginable colors here…

Bold Floral Panty Delights To Greet Spring

floral pantrie

The seasons are turning, and new panty lines are starting to bloom in lingerie aisles around the northern hemisphere. A particularly bold and beautiful pair can be seen here in these Jardin Des Delices Tanga panties from luxury line Aubade. Bright, vibrant oranges and reds define the front of these panties, whilst the rear is an entirely more delicate, almost thong like experience. There’s something architectural about the way the back of the panties span over the curve of the cheeks in curves and bounds, whilst the light binding at the very center holds the lingerie firmly to your body.

View more Jardin Des Delices Tanga Panty Pictures…

rear tanga floral designer lingerie

Mimi Holliday Satin Panty Treats

holiday panties

Raspberry Ripple is the name of these panties, because they’re tasty as can be. As the creator says: “Mimi Holliday Raspberry Ripple tanga features a lush pick silk satin front panel with dainty spot mesh extending over the hips and forming a cheeky sheer derriere. Spoil yourself today; buy with matching bra and slip.”

View the Mimi Holliday Raspberry Ripple Silk Satin Classic Knicker!

Silk Panty Treats!


These two faint lemon silk panties are something quite special. One comes with a frilly back edge, the other with side lace and white trim. They’re pretty and they’re feminine and they’re very classically styled in a way that will please anyone who enjoys a ye olde vibe for their panties. If you’re looking for something new for Christmas, these panties may be it!

Narasilk Contra Bow Silk Brief

Narasilk Back Frill Silk Brief

back frill

Delicious Bra and Panty Set

lace bra and panty set for men These panties look good enough to eat, really they do. And not in that tacky candy g-string way, in a dessert at a restaurant where everybody speaks in a baritone hush (even the ladies) sort of way. They also come with a matching bra, and all for under twelve dollars – which may not speak to excessive quality. There’s no denying that this is quite a gorgeous set, and priced to the range of experimental gentlemen who have a taste for adventure.

Luxurious Noble Lace Push Up Bra Set

Shiny Natori Panties | Pink Panty Pleasures

shiny pantiesThe sheen on these panties comes from the nylon lycra blend. They also feature a four way stretch system, which means all your personal bits and pieces will be comfortably covered – and there’s the bonus center rear seam which provides playful definition for your cheeks. Currently on sale for 22% off, these are some pretty pink panties too good to pass up. (Also available in beige and black, if you want something a little more subdued.)

For more Natori Reverie Girl Brief Panties click here!

shiny panty rear

Blurred Panty Lines

A new take on what some are calling the song of the summer, this time with men in panties…


Eda2000 Plus Size Panty Sale


Right now on, Eda2000 pretty plus size panties are flying off the shelves. They all seem to be at about half price and they’re utterly gorgeous. These panties feature mesh backs, satin embroidery, lace panels and so much more. There are more designs and styles on sale than can easily be counted, and the panties listed here are only the beginning of the plus size panty sale mayhem. Click on any of the images in this article to find out more about these panties.

satinpanties for men

black lace panties for men

white lace panties

pink satin panties for men

wine panties for men

Panty Adventures! Vintage Rose Panties

vintage rose panties for men

Look at these panties! I love them because not only are they pretty, but they have a certain subversiveness to them. It’s like they’ve taken note of the ubiquitous floral theme that creeps through the world of lingerie, and instead of bucking the trend, have decided to go large with it. Like Lady Gaga in a meat dress, but more appealing to General Tastes. (General Tastes loves his panties, you know ;)

Kissed By The Rose On The Lace Panties!

Stepping Out Of The Panty Closet

This is one of a series of reposted articles taken from my original Hub Pages site, which is currently being decimated in an attempt to cleanse the internet of anything that might offend people who think that the world should be santized for the benefit of their offspring. I’m rehosting them here, a location where adults are free to be adults and discuss adult topics and ‘mature’ isn’t a dirty word.

This article relates to an issue that I know affects a great deal of men who like to wear women’s lingerie. You meet someone, she’s beautiful, and she’s sweet, and she is smart, she’s everything you want in a woman. There’s just one problem – she either doesn’t know about your proclivities towards wearing women’s lingerie, or she can’t stand you wearing it. In either case, you’ve run up against a very sticky problem. What do you do?

There are two levels of problem here, the first one is more easily solved than the second. The first one is that she isn’t into it because you haven’t told her about it. Many men avoid telling their partners until later on in the relationship because they fear rejection. This is a mistake for a couple of reasons. One, there is a stage in a relationship, usually around the time that things start getting intimate, when it is only fair to her and you to reveal this desire.

The second reason it is a mistake to withold the fact that you wear lingerie is illustrated by comments on some of these hubs from women who say things like “Well if he wore lingerie, he better tell me on the first date, because I’ll never see him again.”

Tell me, do those women sound like nice people? Do they sound like someone you’d be happy in a relationship with? Chances are, if a woman rejects a potential mate based on what they wear regardless of their personality or any other characteristics, then she is more than likely going to be one of those soul sucking succubi who will consume you from the inside out.

People who are that narrow minded when it comes to someone they care about will have a hard time accommodating other life problems. If you can’t wear panties, then what else isn’t going to be acceptable in her world? What unrealistic expectations is she going to put on you as a man? If you lose your job and can no longer afford to buy nice clothes, will she leave you?

I am not saying that simply because a woman doesn’t want to be with a man who wears panties sometimes that she is evil, I am saying that the type of thinking that leads a person to reject a loving, caring, smart, etc guy based on his underwear is so flawed that it cannot help but have a negative impact in other areas of their life. Bottom line, if you tell her and she reacts like that, then she would make you miserable anyway.

Here’s a secret guys… if a woman loves you, she won’t care if you want to wear a dinosaur suit while making love, as long as its not all the time, and as long as you are equally accommodating of her needs and desires as she is going to have to be of yours.

I’m going to let you in on a little personal story… I wasn’t always a fan of men who wore lingerie. I didn’t even think about it. It just wasn’t something that had ever come up. Then one day I met a man, grew to like him, and at an appropriate point in our relationship, as we began to get intimate and share our desires, he shared the fact that he liked to wear womens lingerie sometimes. It was a little odd at first, but I loved him, and I soon grew to like the lingerie, to the point that I now write about it extensively.

If you’re in the closet and it doesn’t affect you, if you’re happy in your relationships, and you can live with there being a significant facet of your life that your significant other doesn’t know about, then fine, but if it is eating away at you any making you unsatisfied, then coming out of the closet isn’t just something you need to do for you, its something you need to do for your partner too. If she refuses to accept it at first, there may still be a way forward if you are willing to discuss the matter and perhaps negotiate with her. If this is a revelation you have sprung on her after several years of marriage, or if you’ve been together for several years, then be prepared to take the heat, you do deserve it.

Relationships are about negotiation and fufiling one another’s desires. Seek to find a way that you can pursue your lingerie wearing interests to the benefit of both of you.

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