Ladies & Men’s Story Dream Lace Panties

Ladies and men’s story (what a name for a panty company) makes panties which look like what a doily would look like if it took off its glasses and let its hair out of its ponytail in one of those teen movies which were so popular fifteen years ago. They come in the blazing red […]

Saphir Brief, French Lingerie Panties

These panties are so expensive I can barely believe it, but they are also utterly gorgeous. From the front, they’re elegant. From the back… well… when I saw the back of these panties I felt that little pang you get right in the center of your chest when you see something truly beautiful. For a […]

Silk Exception Panties from Lise Charmel

Grege rose is the name of this color, in case you were trying to explain it to someone on the telephone, or perhaps through radio waves, not that those words would mean anything to anyone ever, thus making them the perfect descriptors for a color not quite of this world. These silk panties from Lise […]

Fantasie Sasha Not A Thong Panties

What if you could wear a pair of panties which looked a lot like a cute thong, but used the power of mesh and lace to provide more coverage to your undercarriage? What would happen if a bright spring pattern meshed with delicate floral accoutrements to create something aesthetically desireable? And what if the behind […]

Vanity Fair Cool Touch Panties For Hot Men

You might look hot in your panties, but you don’t have to feel it thanks to Vanity Fair’s panty cooling technology. Using wincool fabric (a fabric which not only keeps your bits and pieces nice and ventilated, but which conforms to the Kyoto protocol in some arcane way I couldn’t possibly understand) these panties are […]

Nipplex Bohemian Panties

I’m not sure who decided to call their line of lingerie ‘Nipplex’, but I think they deserve some kind of prize. These panties aren’t bad either. The patterns are simple but also reminiscent of wallpaper… which is a good thing? Yes. It’s bohemian. That’s what it is. Flowers in the hair, flowers on the underwear. […]

Prima Donna Scarlet Panties For Dramatic Panty Wearers

If your lingerie life needs a splash of drama and pride, look no further than Prima Donna panties in scarlet red. These are not economical panties, these are not disposable panties, these are panties which demand respect and elegance from their wearer. Be transformed by the red satin splashed across your rear, the mesh making […]

Body Caress Bikini Panties…

Do you need a little more caressing in your lingerie life? Vanity Fair are keen to come to your rescue with this rather stylish pair of bikini panties with an elegant lace waistband and a lovely nylon spandex fabric which will softly and tenderly make sure that the most sensitive parts of you are held […]

B Gorgeous Panties

Wacoal does it again with their modern take on panties with a lot of lace and little coverage. The ‘B’ range (B Tempted, B Gorgeous etc) is Wacoal’s rebellious brand, the brand that says “YOU’RE NOT MY REAL MOM” while stealing your panties. This particular pair comes in bridal white, which works with my previous […]

Cheeky Satin Panties

Searching for something smooth and revealing, with just a touch of lace in the right place to turn what could be a thong into a booty shaping work of art? Well, you have some stringent criteria, but I believe these panties meet them :) Faceface, a lingerie designer with issues of the existential kind, boasts […]

Bali Cotton Desire Panties

Time for something with a little more coverage, I think. These panties are cute, comfortable and offer some modesty for the panty wearer, if he desires such a thing. The smooth fabric makes for a lovely plane down the front of these panties, and there’s just a hint of lace at the sides. Click here […]