Pinstripe Panties for Formal Fellows

I love these panties. They’re elegant and fun and beautiful with an innovative pinstripe pattern which makes them stand out from the panty crowd. I’m sure more than one of our readers would have a suit to match these, proving that whether you’re in the bedroom or the board room, there’s always lingerie to match. […]

Brief Fantasie Panties

Need a short fantasy? Need some panties to give you a mood lift, a little break from the world of the plain and the mundane? These panties have an utterly adorable lace side panel and a white base against which flowers unfurl. There’s something whimsical and playful about these, hearkening to simpler times. Click here […]

Have You Seen These Panties?

I feel like I should have seen these panties before, and yet, I have not. Hot red from Calvin Klein, I can’t help but feeling that their design is somewhat evocative of the very thing they are alleged to cover, no? Click here to see these in black, or buy a pair!

More Panties From Drew Barrymore

Drew is hitting it out of the park with these panties, and that’s not easy to do with panties because physics. I adore these very full brief panties with a very retro vibe which is simultaneously modern, because that’s how things are these days. Everything’s been done and yet, has never been done at all. […]

Never Say Never Booty Panties

These panties come with a positive upbeat attitude and a range of colors, the range being from pretty to oh god why. I admire a lingerie line that isn’t afraid to make panties in a color that almost nobody on the planet wants – except perhaps for people wearing nothing but panties in tactical situations. […]

New Year, New Panties!

Happy Panty New Year! Here are three brand new panty releases for 2018, so you can update your panty wardrobe with the latest in lingerie. The first and brightest of the bunch comes from Hanky Panky, who, after years of producing the softest in lace thongs, are starting to get a bit manic with their […]

Drew Barrymore Has Panties For You

Drew Barrymore has suffered in her lifetime from a lack of career success, but now she’s found panties, I’m guessing things are about to turn around for the actress turned lingerie designer. Drew seems to reckon the pinnacle of pantydom is a pair of modal spandex briefs which offer medium coverage and and innovative mesh […]

Panties That Need Panties

These lace boy briefs from Maidenform’s ‘must have’ line are so sexy and sheer, they made the model wear panties under her panties, so she can panties while she panties. You could panty while you panty, or you could bare your sheer beneath your outerwear as best pleases you. Click here to see three variations […]

Bare Lace Hipster Panties

Want something low cut and so see through the point of panties is made almost, if not entirely redundant? If so, have I got the panties for you! Calvin Klein produces a rainbow of beautiful skimpy lace offerings. The color shown is ‘pink slip’, but you can find these in everything from ‘amplified blue’ to […]

Violet Lace Desire Panties For Men

Bali understands lace desire, and also the need for full rear coverage. These are panties with every day wearability and beauty all wrapped up in one silky smooth package. Nylon microfiber ensures that you’ll be comfortable as long as you’re wearing these panties, and the high cut ensures that there’s plenty of fabric to go […]

Merry Christmas, Men In Panties

T’is the season to be jolly, in garments that slip and slide and make you feel good all over :) Wishing you the merriest of Christmases and lots of silky satiny delights beneath the tree! (If you like the model’s ensemble, it can be found here.)

Rhonda’s Fancy Panties For You

Everybody knows that the definition of fancy is ruching, and these panties have enough ruching for a debutante ball, which means they’re very fancy indeed. With an equally fancy red lace panel in the very core of the panty construct, the center of your panty experience is framed beautifully by the curtains which sit astride […]