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Bright Blue Spring Bikini Panties

pretty spring panties

These panties caught my eye out of a plethora of others with their brightness, charm and general cheerfulness. The blue is quite lovely, and the floral print, which carries from the solid center pattern out through the lace lined sides is both bold and refreshing. These panties have a naughty little secret too.. a mesh back designed to bare whilst you wear!

Check out these pretty spring panties, front and back!

Purple Python Printed Mesh Panties

psychidelic panties

These panties are outright psychedelic, perfectly purple and come in a genuinely unique pattern that will enhance your panty collection and indeed, your life. They come in the popular bikini cut, high enough to provide the coverage you crave whilst making the most of your form.

Click here to ride the purple python panties!

Rounderbum, Panties For A Curvier Bottom

bum shaping panties for men

Looking for a pair of panties that will not only compliment your curves, but help create them? Rounderbum is a panty brand with a mission – a mission to lift and round, a mission to turn buns of steel into buns of appeal. Hidden seams in these surprisingly visually stimulating panties will not only create a snug fit, but help shape your figure.

Click here for Rounderbum’s Amazing Butt Lifting Pantes!

Emotive Panties from Calvin Klein

beige panties

Calvin Klein puts the emo in emotive with these panties, which come in just the one color, ‘Darling’. ‘Darling’ is the name of a color now, or rather, a scheme of colors, a symphony of mesh and beige. At first glance these panties seem a little tame, but then one realizes that mesh shapes are being used to evoke floral motif. And then one is like, whoa.

View more Calvin Klein Emotive Bikini Panties…

Why Are You Afraid Of Panties?

Welcome a country where nobody is allowed to wear lace panties. A ban on lingerie containing less than 6% cotton is coming into effect in not just Khazakstan, where bold women protested the law, but in Russia and Belarus as well.

Revenge Of The Floral Panties

prettylife panties

What if you could take all those little floral motifs that often appear on panties and combine them into one, overwhelmingly large flower? These panties answer that question. I’m not saying that these panties have the capability of rampaging through city streets, crushing cars with the power of their huge flower, but I’m also not not saying it.

Check out these massively floral panties…

La Perla Soft Satin Panties

la perla panties for men

These panties from La Perla posesses a satiny sheen, a classic cream floral counterpoint and all the softness and luxury one can expect from a high end lingerie brand. The stretch jersey fabric means that these panties are super soft and super comfortable, conforming to your every line and curve.

La Perla Lace Stretch Panties for you!

Maidenform Shiny Cheeky Panties

shiny panties for men

These panties come highly recommended by a reader, who also thinks I should mention that there’s a forum on this site more often. So these panties are both shiny and comfortable, and He Wears Panties boasts one of the best panty wearing forums where erudite fellows discuss the joys and tribulations of wearing women’s panties. It really is a wonderful place, and these really are wonderful panties :)

Click here for many images of shiny cheeky panties!

Spring Floral Brief Panties

light blue panties with floral embroidery

These adorable panties caught my eye out of a plethora of their contemporaries with their eggshell blue hue and their delicate multicolored embroidery which adds a classic, and yet unique touch to a garment which exudes understated class.

See in the spring with Charnos Rosa Spring Blue Floral Brief Panties!

Illusion Plain White + Pinstripe Panties

illusion plain panties

Here are some plain white panties, which have the capacity to become staples in your lingerie regimen. With a classic low cut bikini design, these will go neatly under every item of clothing. They also come in a rather fetching black and white pinstripe color, business panties for days of serious business.

Ilusion’s Microfiber Low-rise Everyday Comfort Bikini Panties

pinstripe panties

Mimi Holliday Toffee Pudding Stone Silk and Peach Panties

dessert panties

So these panties look and sound like something you’re supposed to eat, but eating isn’t even close to the best way to please your senses with these panties. They’re a dream to look at, with vertically sandwiched layers of divinely delicate fabric, but the appeal of these panties goes well past the visual. Side them on to experience true lingerie satiety…

View these Mimi Holliday Toffee Pudding Stone Silk and Peach Panties in more delicious detail!

Curvy Panties For Full Figured Fellows

lime panties plus size

These beautiful panties come in size 20 and 22, and come in fantastic lime green hues complimented by sweet pink bows. The mesh provides a certain frisson, showing sheer hints of that which lies beneath. The perfect panties for anyone looking for alluring undegarments in the pluserer sizes.

Curvy Kate Portia Lime and Rose Panties!

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