Silver Lynx Panties For The Animal Within

Love panties? Love animals? Combine your love of the wild with your love of lingerie with these aptly named silver lynx panties from Maidenform. A wide waistband guarantees comfort, while a sleek silver animal print guarantees fashion points. Click here to get these panties on!

Lingerie on the Runway, Men In More Than Panties

It’s no secret that I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race. This past week was the lingerie runway challenge, and I think you’ll adore some of these looks and pieces, as commented on by queens supreme, Raja and Raven. My favorite of the week has to be Valentina, with a classically sensual lingerie look.

Comfortable Wide Waistband Panties

These comfortable and economical panties boast a beautiful waistband in wide format for those who enjoy panty excellence at a reasonable price as they’re on sale now! Usually almost $20, they’re down by 75%, making them an excellent buy. I really like the geometric patterning on the band, and the sleek fabric which covers the […]

Endless Hipster Panties

Calvin Klein takes elegance to the next level with these hipster panties. Pale mesh lace, angular momentum, minimalism in your panty drawer. What more does one need? Click here to invoke endless panties…

Hanky Panky Star Spangled Panties

Feeling patriotic? Or feeling like rubbing your rear on the flag? These panties work whatever your political orientation or general mood. The star spangled design is rather lovely and bold, guaranteed to give you something to wear on federal holidays. Click here to express your panty pride!

Hnggggg! Royal Panties For Men

These royal blue panties from Panache are a layered dream frosted with white lace, providing full coverage for the royal jewels and a little peekabo slit ribbed for your viewing pleasure. These panties are GORGEOUS. I love the lace details, I love the polka dot innocence, I like the way every part of these panties […]

Nipplex Stella Panties, Flirty Summer Fun

A streetcar named lingerie desire, that’s what these panties scream. Stellllaaaa! With a playful white base festooned with summer buds, and trimmed with more pink lace than anyone really needs, these panties are fun, on trend and ready for your new season of lingerie. Click here to check out the rear!

High Visibility Panties For Men

Whether you’re seducing someone, or doing a little roading construction, these panties from Wacoal have you covered in their high visibility orange, a hue which is near and dear to my heart as the city I live in has been in a constant state of rebuilding since it fell down about six years ago. (We’re […]

JPEG Error Panties

Ever wanted to wear lingerie which makes your general crotch region look like a graphics glitch? These panties combine pretty patterns with bright innovative excitement and a general ambiance of newness. These are panties which might appeal to millenials. And also, not millenials. Click here to view these panties in more jpeg detail!

Italian Lingerie, Sweet Samba Panties

These plus size panties are HOT, with an Italian design flair which is evident in details big and small. The slightly retro, but oh so bold paisely inspired pattern takes the ubiquitous floral motif and elevates it, while generous black lace elegantly encases the body in a flattering cut perfect for wearers of any size. […]

Felina Cuddle Panties

From high fashion to simply irresistible, these everyday panties from Felina are perfect for the regular panty wearer who doesn’t always need his ass to be architecturally inspired. These are for the lingerie lover who sometimes needs a softer, gentler, more comfortable touch. Feminine but simple. Like apple pie. And they come in a pastel […]

Empriente Cassiopee Panties

If you don’t understand any of the words in the name of a pair of panties, they’re probably expensive. These panties are definitely expensive. They’re also rather lovely, in their royal purple glory. The waistband is advertised as being ‘non-binding’, which is probably important. (Binding panties can be so hard to get in and out […]