For You… Summer Panties!

These are some fun panties with a little bit of a retro vibe, perfect for a 2017 summer where one relishes lingerie and takes a walk down the beach, or indeed, memory lane. Just looking at these panties causes strains of the Beach Boys getting around, and the Monkeys getting the funniest looks from everyone […]

Garter Panties from DKNY

These panties are also garters. These scissors are also a CD player. This crocodile is also a spaceship. Two in one things are always amazing, and these panties may very well be the philosopher’s stone of lingerie. They come in the color shown above, and also an alluring ‘sandalwood’ (which is another way for saying, […]

Ahhh Pin Up Panties…

Today we’re stepping back to the pin up era, where panties were more than little skimpy bits of lace dashed lightly about the general region of one’s loins. These pip up panties have some substance to them, they extend the pleasure of lingerie all the way from belly button to thighs, and are reviewed as […]

Pretty Panties Double Your Desire…

These delicate serene panties come two for one, a delight for those who enjoy light bikini desires. You will recieve these lovely panties, the color of spring water, so their desugner claims, and also a second pair which boasts a far richer hue with the moniker ‘blue bird’. I find the second color to be […]

Cheeky Panties For Brazen Panty Wearers

Leonisa makes lovely panties with a mesh and lace pattern repeating over itself back and forth in a soothing and yet alluring pattern with scalloped edges and a seam which runs right between the cheeks against which this lingerie will display itself. The effects are… effective. Click here to check out these panties front and […]

Magic Eye Panties from Vanity Fair

Every now and then Vanity Fair makes a pair of panties in which you can see a boat. Or a dolphin. Or some other thing. I don’t know, I can’t do those magic eye things, but I know these pantie meet the criteria for ocular confusion and are part of a longstanding line of fine […]

Gorgeous Gypsy Panties

Delicate lace enshrouds the rear, just a triangular sliver of bright color hinting at the riot on frontal display. These panties from Freya not only easily accommodate the plus size panty wearer, but also combine sensuality, fun and style in a way which allures and teases wearer and onlooker alike. Click here to check out […]

Natori Essence Panties

Natori loves to bring new variations on the theme of elegant lingerie, and these Essence panties are no exception. With lovely scalloped lace and a super soft fabric, you can buy these panties in beige, or slightly lighter beige. I really like Natori’s approach to panties, (even though I am not at all a fan […]

Kiwi Panties From Hanky Panky

Need more zest in your lingerie life? Are you struggling to reach your panty five plus a day! Do not despair, these lovely kiwi panties from Hanky Panky are just what the doctor ordered. With a tang and zing and pop, these panties are impossible to ignore and come in Hanky Panky’s trademark super soft […]

Silver Lynx Panties For The Animal Within

Love panties? Love animals? Combine your love of the wild with your love of lingerie with these aptly named silver lynx panties from Maidenform. A wide waistband guarantees comfort, while a sleek silver animal print guarantees fashion points. Click here to get these panties on!

Lingerie on the Runway, Men In More Than Panties

It’s no secret that I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race. This past week was the lingerie runway challenge, and I think you’ll adore some of these looks and pieces, as commented on by queens supreme, Raja and Raven. My favorite of the week has to be Valentina, with a classically sensual lingerie look.

Comfortable Wide Waistband Panties

These comfortable and economical panties boast a beautiful waistband in wide format for those who enjoy panty excellence at a reasonable price as they’re on sale now! Usually almost $20, they’re down by 75%, making them an excellent buy. I really like the geometric patterning on the band, and the sleek fabric which covers the […]