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Velvet Smooth Vanity Fair Panties

vanity fair smooth panties for men

Vanity Fair is the sort of panty creator with an emphasis on quality over bright colors and other modern shenanigans. These panties are no exception to that rule. An elongated V lace panel at the front of the panties provides a note of elegant style, while the main body of the garment is dedicated to satiny smooth nylon expanses which are sure to make wearing these panties a pleasurable experience.

Click here to check out the range and rear of these Vanity Fair panties…

Cosabella Two Tone Italian Panties

designer panties for men

Now here’s a panty scheme I haven’t seen in a very long while – and I bet you haven’t either. Usually panties are one color or another, but these Italian made Cosabella panties start out pink and fade to pristine white. There are two variants to choose from a lighter pink termed ‘Lotus’ or a darker shade called ‘Persian Violet’. Frankly, I think these panties look good enough to eat.

Click here to check out the full range and backsides of these designer Italian panties…

Porcelain Viva Panties from Panache!

pinstripe panties for men

Men always look good in pinstripe, and these panties from Panache are no exception. The living porcelain range sounds like a working title for one of those movies where a doll comes alive and starts dismantling people, but the panties themselves are gorgeous with contemporary styling which is not afraid to gently evoke some Regency glamor with the contrasting lace trim. A sheer rear in the same pinstripe mesh creates a fascinating illusion of crouching buttocks, hidden ledgers. These are panties that are not afraid to get down to business, but are equally happy taking smelling salts for a fit of the vapors.

Click here to check out these beautiful panties and meet the matching bra!

Natori Luxure Garter Brief Panties

natori garter belt panties

My favorite lingerie is almost always made by Natori. I love their style aesthetic. I love how it is always original and yet somehow classical, I love how they can be original without being brash, bold without being cocky. This is lingerie you could comfortably wear to a White House reception.

These panties in particular catch my eye for their geometric ribbon and lace work, the garters flowing naturally from the lines created within the garment. And because the garter straps come attached to the panties, these are perfect for men looking to explore the world of traditional stockings of the kind that don’t stay up of their own accord.

What you’re looking at here is something special, the kind of panties you buy when you want to take your lingerie collection to the next level.

Explore the delicious world of Natori garter panties here… (and uncover the mesh secrets of the back of these panties.)

Animal Lace Panties For Primal Men

black lace animal print panties

Animal print normally doesn’t come in lace, because lace was bought out by the floral union three hundred years ago and up until recently, only flowery lace patterns were allowed because of patents and maybe Monsanto.* But GAP has taken a great leap forward and put out a range of tanga lace panties with a cheetah lace print. And that’s something to be excited about. Or at least notice, and maybe exhale a little more forcefully about.

These panties come in a range of colors, with a range of color names. I respect a company which can keep a straight face and call a yellow pair of panties ‘new chamois beige’. It takes a lot of late nights with a lot of stimulants and an overabundance of thesarusi to come up with that sort of thing.

Click here to check out all the hues of these animal lace tanga panties!

*Some of these things I just make up. Terribly sorry. The panties are real though.

Freya Panties For The End of the World

freya rapture panties

Are you ready for the rapture? Do you have your panties planned? If not, Freya has you covered. These mesh and lace geometric undergarments are apparently just what you’ll need when fire rains from the sky and the dead rise from their graves and other general unpleasantness ensues. You won’t be able to beat back the walking dead in any old attire, nor will you be able to transmogrify into a sheep or a goat. I may be mixing end of world fables here, but you get my gist. These are the sort of panties that will get you through tough times in comfort and style while evoking the Norse goddess of love, sex, beauty, and er, well, death.

Click here to explore your options when it comes to Freya Rapture Short Panties For Men (and Armageddon.)

The Future of Hi-Cut Panties Is Here!

gorgeous wacoal panties

Contemporary style isn’t necessarily what one thinks of when one things Wacoal, but would you look at the sleek, almost futuristic lines of these panties! Although these are hi-cuts which veer dangerously close to the granny panty – these certainly aren’t your grandmother’s undergarments. The mesh panels are perfectly placed to create an almost g-string effect while still providing the wearer with all the delicious coverage he desires. And there’s an almost architectural bent with the way triangles compliment curves and lines plunge from waistband to you know where. I’m deeply impressed with these panties, and I think you might be too.

Click here for more views of these stylish panties!

Dandelion Lace Back Tanga Panties

dandelion lace back tanga panties

Maidenform makes some of the most solid panties… in the worrrllld. And when I say solid, I don’t mean that they’re hard and unyeilding, I mean that they are made with superior attention to style, detail, and making sure the seams stay where they’re supposed to. (In this case, we have a center butt seam which gives extra definition to the wearer’s curves and swerves.) These particular panties are just stunning in dandelion yellow, but if gold tinted lingerie isn’t your thing, they also come in a wide range of other colors and patterns, from the bold to the demure, the classic to the contemporary.

Click here to view the range of Maidenform lace back tanga panties…

Charming Beautiful Buttock Panties For Men

beautiful man panties

I was first drawn to these panties because of their clean lines, mesh back and tasteful embroidered side panels. I stayed with these panties because they also come with some of the best Engrish descriptions ever, and because of that I’m not even going to edit them, I’m just going to share them as they naturally appeared in the wild:

Perfect in package buttock and show your natural fruity charming beautiful buttock.

Made of superior cotton,polyester and spandex, the panties feels soft and comfort when you touching. With the lace joint design on the back and exquisite embroidery on the front, it best show your taste. Besides, the front style can mobilize the atmosphere on the lovers.

Well, I’m sold, how about you?

Click here to check out more epic panty descriptions, and view these panties in tasteful peach!

Grow Your Lingerie Obsession With Elomi Botanical Panties

elomi botanical panties

Every so often I see a pair of panties which give me a physical reaction of delight. These panties made me make a little squealing sound because they are so pretty and so elegant and so perfectly botanical for the season of spring which it totally is assuming you live in the northern hemisphere, which I don’t, but being a dark and twisted Adams family type of person I prefer Fall anyway, but we are way off track because… panties!

These are called the Edie brief, which makes me wonder if they are at all inspired by Little Edie of Gray Gardens. A coincidence, perhaps? Or perhaps not. Gardens. Botanical prints. A full cut brief with some of the most classically inspired lace work I’ve seen in a while… all the elements are there!

Click here for more Elomi lingerie pictures, including a matching bra and extra panty information!

Fun Panties For Fun People

colorful lace panties for men

These cute, colorful panties come as a pair, so you don’t have to pick between them. You could even wear them both at once if that was something that took your fancy. Neon lime with pink trim and pink zebra with black lace trim are your options here, and the most difficult thing you’ll encounter in your dealings with these panties is deciding which of them you like the most. (And that’s not even something you have to actually do, you can love them both equally, because panty love should be multiplied, not divided.)

Click here for more double fun Cheeky Panties with Lace Trim Fun Prints!

High Rise Thong Panties, Towering Lingerie

high waist thong panties for men

Ever wished you could wear a thong, but still have enough coverage to smuggle a small circus? The fine folks at Commando lingerie have heard your silent cries and engineered the panties you see here. From the front they are demure lace creations, covering everything from belly button to unmentionable. From the back… well….you see what they’ve done here, don’t you. It’s a subversion of our panty expectations! A revolution in pantitude!

Click here to check out the revolutionary Double Take High Rise Thong!

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