Olga Invigorates An Old Style With A New Twist

The very first man in panties I ever knew was a huge fan of Olga lingerie. It was almost twenty years ago now that I knew him, but Olga continues to make sleek stylish panties which are ever so comfortable to wear. I like these panties very much. They’re styled after the incredibly popular ‘Secret […]

Lacy Intentions by Olga

I think it’s safe to say that most everyone reading this has some seriously lacy intentions. Olga understands that, and has created panties with a fully realized lace fantasy. These panties come in a range of typically classical colors, the beiges are well represented, but we do also have a royal blue for those with […]

Olga Without A Stitch Hi Cut Panties

Endorsed by so many men who love women’s lingerie that some women have been slightly intimidated, Olga Without A Stitch Hi Cut panties have turned out to be a winning style for both men and women. The proof of that is in the widespread popularity of their leopard skin, butterscotch, and ruby coloured panty pudding. […]

Without A Stitch, Brief Panties For Men

Olga has long been a staple of many panty wearing men’s wardrobes, for reasons of fit, comfort and quality. This three pack imbues all those lingerie values in economical and stylish fashion. Choose the color combination you most resonate with, either in vibrant blues and pinks, or a range of beige oriented tones guaranteed to […]

No Slip Bikini Panties For Men

Are your bikini panties forever riding up? Slipping into places they have no place being at three pm on a Tuesday afternoon? If so, Bali have the lace lined, rubber reinforced panty solution for you. That might not sound appealing, but when the smooth sensation of nylon is kept snug against your skin by means […]

Exotic Panties For Men

So you have hundreds of panties neatly tucked away in dresser drawers specially designated for the holding of your extensive lingerie collection. Perhaps you think you own one of every kind of panty in the world. Perhaps you think that you’ve caught them all and become a lingerie master. Perhaps you have. Or perhaps not. […]

Vassarette Comfortable String Bikini and Hi Cut Panties

Vassarette Silken Heather String Bikini Panty Two panties from one designer today, the Vassarette range is known for comfort and restrained style. Judging by what I see on their listings, we can add ‘the lowest of all the hi-cut panties’ to that list of qualities. These panties actually remind me quite a lot of the […]

Simple Panties For Men

There have been an awful lot of showy panties on display here lately, so I figure it is time for a change of gear and a little look into the plainer styles of panty wear that focus on comfort and feel rather than peacock showiness. Shadowline Nylon Lo-Rise Panties (Pkg of 3) It’s always nice […]

Felina Timeless Hipster Panties

Classical hipster panties with contemporary style, you’ll never be rushed when you don these nylon undergarments. There’s a little touch of Olga in the thick lace waistband, but also a skimpier side with the hipster style guaranteed not to cramp yours. These come in a range of colors and styles, the usual white, black beige […]

Half Lace Hiphugger Panties

Hiphuggers are low cut panties that snuggle low around the hips. They’re cut quite nicely for the masculine figure and in the case of these specific panties from Leonisa, are pretty much 50% lace, which is an awful lot of lace, especially for such a small pair of panties. It isn’t lazy lace either, it […]