Hot Red Lace Panties

DKNY makes these gorgeous red lace panties, which caught my eye and would not let my imagination go. If you’re looking for a bold pair of panties to celebrate Saint Nick style, you can’t go past these naughty but nice offerings from one of America’s oldest design houses. Click here to investigate these panties a […]

Ladies & Men’s Story Dream Lace Panties

Ladies and men’s story (what a name for a panty company) makes panties which look like what a doily would look like if it took off its glasses and let its hair out of its ponytail in one of those teen movies which were so popular fifteen years ago. They come in the blazing red […]

Wacoal Embrace Lace Panties and Garter

If you’re in the mind to spoil yourself with more than just panties, to compliment your lingerie with additional items, these Wacoal lace panties and garter sets are absolutely adorable. The white and pink lace is delicate and feminine, and I particularly admire the asymmetrical placement of the floral design which speaks to attention to […]

Animal Lace Panties For Primal Men

Animal print normally doesn’t come in lace, because lace was bought out by the floral union three hundred years ago and up until recently, only flowery lace patterns were allowed because of patents and maybe Monsanto.* But GAP has taken a great leap forward and put out a range of tanga lace panties with a […]

Holy Rainbows Batman, Lace Panties

This self described ‘daringly low’ thong comes in the boldest rainbow color ever seen before. A mistake at the panty factory? Or your opportunity to taste the rainbow? Perhaps both. Hanky Panky is calling these tie-dye panties, but there’s none of the free spirit hit and miss of the traditional tie dye look here. This […]

Prestige Lace Panties

On sale now for four dollars, these prestige lace panties with the cheetah print are precisely what the panty doctor ordered. The panty doctor is an extremely qualified fellow, having spent eight years in lingerie school and an intensive residency at All Lace Hospital. Prestige Madison Lace Biniki Panties

Aimer Unique Embroidered Lace Panties

If you’re looking for a special pair of panties, you may have just found them. These lace embroidered panties from Aimer feature a neat side bow design with a slotted lace panel. They’re in very short supply, which may or may not add to their desirability. Check out these Embroidered Floral Transparent Panties

Vanity Fair Illumination Lace Panties

A classic brand brings a classic style to a classic panty cut and all that classicism results in these super comfortable, rather lovely lace banded panties. Silky soft strata fabric is designed to make these panties ever so comfortable to wear – and in the rare mid-black color. (You might have thought mid-black would be […]

Laura Ashley Lace Panties

Looking for something modern, but classic? Traditional, yet timeless? These boyshorts from Laura Ashley may just fit the bill with unique patterns and lace detailing that make these panties something special. Perfect for anyone who likes a low panty cut, but also likes to enjoy a certain amount of rear coverage. Laura Ashley Floral Boyshorts […]

Plus Size Vintage Style Lace Panties

There’s something of the ye oldeness about these panties. I think its the way the silky fabric does not conform to the curve of the derriere, but rather hangs with delicate femininity. And the best part? These come in XXL and XXXL sizes, so if you happen to be a strapping fellow, these are panties […]

Seamless Lace Panties, Comfort and Allure Collide

Panties without the seams are like bread without the crusts, or silver linings without the clouds – better in every way. Most seamless panties tend to be fairly boring and monochrome, designed for people who sort of wish they didn’t have to wear underwear. But these panties, these panties are sexy, gorgeous, alluring and a […]