Bare Lace Hipster Panties

Want something low cut and so see through the point of panties is made almost, if not entirely redundant? If so, have I got the panties for you! Calvin Klein produces a rainbow of beautiful skimpy lace offerings. The color shown is ‘pink slip’, but you can find these in everything from ‘amplified blue’ to […]

Pretty Lace Hipster Panties

Tommy Hilfiger knows how to structure layers of lace so they have the same effect as an Aztec pyramid without any of the need for blood sacrifice. And if that doesn’t make you want these panties, then I don’t know what will. Geometric panty hallucinations await those who don these panties, red, white and blue […]

Endless Hipster Panties

Calvin Klein takes elegance to the next level with these hipster panties. Pale mesh lace, angular momentum, minimalism in your panty drawer. What more does one need? Click here to invoke endless panties…

Lace Kiss Hipster Panties

Wacoal have discovered a naughty side with their B Tempt’d line of panties, lacy, skimpy pieces of lingerie which flatter the wearer. Lace layered upon lace, different shades and patterns meshed together to create sexy appeal. Much like the name of the label, these are modern, a little bit edgy, and always fun. Click here […]

Three Charming Hipster Panties

On the third day of Christmas, your lingerie Santa might very well give you three pairs of charming black lace panties – sufficient panties to wear to the opera, the bank and the PTA meeting. So vibrant! So elegant! So multi-purpose! You can choose between a three pack of all black lace panties, or, if […]

Cute Pink Hipster Panties For Men

A neat pair of sleek pink panties with intriguing cutouts highlighted with angular mesh lace, these panties are restrained but elegant, charming and modern. A fine guage knit fabric ensures a soft, comfortable fit beneath even the most close fitting outerwear. Click here to check out these cute panties in their full range of colors…

Elegant Lace Hipster Panties by Honeydew

These are some very pretty panties, with a darling lace panel which sits proudly at the fore, almost like a skirt – except for the fact that it is not a skirt, it is the lacy denouement atop a very comfortable panty. With three different color combinations titled ‘Emerald’ ‘Orange’ and ‘Plum’, this is a […]

New! Wacoal Full Bloom Hipster Panties

New from Wacoal, these pretty panties come in a range of lace lined color combinations. The ‘Amparo Blue’ as seen above is only the beginning of a light and airy summer line, which ranges from the playful to the conservative. There are even two beige / brown options, tastefully labelled as Cinnamon and Coffee Bean, […]

Ethereal Lace Hipster Panties by Donna Karan

Ever wished you could see through your panties? It’s so difficult to find good translucent panties these days, but with the Ethereal Lace Hipster panties from Donna Karan you’ll never be at a loss for a view of your most intimate areas. These panties come in black and ‘froth’ – just when I thought I’d […]

Wacoal Captivation Hipster Panties

These 93% lace hipster panties from lingerie legends Wacoal are both gorgeous and sophisticated. They come in the seasonal red, as pictured above, as well as a more restrained black, beige and a what I am calling Empress Blue. (Red is one of the rarest lingerie colors to come by, so if you’re looking for […]