Piikabu Opaque Lace Mini-Cami

This isn’t a bra, it’s a sweet little lace mini-cami which can be worn atop your chest as a means of balancing a lingerie outfit. Life is all about balance of course. If you’re wearing a nice pair of panties, it is very possible that more northern regions of your body might clamor for something […]

Cinema Etoile Tank Camisole

It’s been a long while since I wrote about anything north of the panty border, but this simple camisole inspired me to do so. What caught my eye was the shimmer of the fabric, which on closer inspection turned out to be 100% polyester satin. The cut is also in its favor, though some might […]

Nylon Lace Camisoles For Men

I’ve always said that the camisole is one of the most potentially satisfying pieces of lingerie. A good camisole has all the sweet femininity of a bra and panty set, and the soft touch of a satiny pair of panties, but instead of being confined to rather specific parts of your anatomy, the feeling can […]

Lovely Silky Smooth Lace Camisoles For Men

I do like a man in a camisole, probably for similar reasons that men like women in camisoles. That lovely smooth fabric (especially if silk or fine nylon) sliding over skin is a sensual pleasure like no other. Panties are lovely of course, but a panty / camisole combination provides so much more scope for […]

Best Of | Sexy Camisoles For Men

Another of the best of’s here. This was the first article I ever wrote about camisoles for men. I haven’t written many articles on camisoles when compared to other types of lingerie, but I truly believe that a nice camisole is a man who loves lingerie’s best friend. Not only does it feel good and […]

Classic Camisoles | The Solution To Beige

As part of my longstanding campaign for men who wear lingerie and against beige lingerie, this article will deal with the role and function of the camisole. Camisoles are items of lingerie which cover the shoulders and the torso. They are traditionally sleeveless. They feel lovely against the skin, due to the fact that they […]

Captivating Lace Cami Tops For Men

Lace camisoles aren’t just pretty pieces of lingerie, they are excellent additions to the wardrobe of any man who loves lingerie. Why? Because they not only allow him to enjoy the soft feeling of lace, but they also lend themselves to going out into the world wearing womens clothing. Gorgeous nylon lace creations await you….