Stretch Lace Bras For Men

American Apparel is notorious for making clothing that doesn’t really fit the majority of women over the age of 18. They tend to design for the narrow of hips and the relatively flat of chest – which is why their bras are perfect for male wearers on the slimmer side. I call them bras and […]

Exagerate Your Bosom With Bullet Bras

These are definitely vintage and retro in their styling, but women in the 1950’s knew the worth of a good bullet bra for accentuating one’s bosom. It’s pretty difficult to find new bras made in the bullet bra style these days because nowadays the focus is on a natural looking rounded bosom, but E Bay […]

Rebel Bras For Rebel Men

When most bra wearing humans think about brassieres, they think about support, comfort, picking one that doesn’t dig into their shoulders painfully, ones they won’t accidentally fall out of, ones that flatter the figure. But there are some bra wearing humans for whom the mundane applications of brassiere wearing are irrelevant. There are some for […]

The Parable Of The Beige Brassiere

Once there was a man who always spoke in parables. We nailed him to a tree and then spent the next two thousand years regretting our harsh actions, so I make it a point to only occasionally speak in parables. This is the parable of the beige brassiere, feel free to form a cult like […]

Red Battle Bras For Men and Women

Sometimes lingerie doesn’t simply serve as a mere undergarment, it becomes the base for full blown battle attire. You know what I mean, skirts, heels, stockings, war paint – er, ‘make up’, the whole nine yards. In these instances, red lingerie is the only lingerie with the necessary vibrancy and spectrum to properly gird your […]

Bullet Bras For Men Of Danger

Are you a man of danger? Do you often fight enemy spies? Have you been known to take down an international crime ring using only your wits and a paper clip? Then indubitably, you must be made aware of the bullet bra, a brassiere capable of storing several rounds in its voluminous and pointy / […]

Hanky Panky Totally Made Bras For Giraffe Men

I know that sometimes some of you think I’ve lost my ever loving mind when I’m doing these lingerie reviews. I know that, and I’m okay with that. You know why? Because nothing I write, and I’m even including my musings on space lingerie in this, could possibly be anywhere near as weird as what […]

Hanky Panky Totally Made Some Bras For Men

Thanks to reader Cantsay for pointing out this lovely line of what I’m pretty much going to call lace bandeau bras for men from Hanky Panky. Did Hanky Panky ostensibly say they were for men? No, of course not, however I am willing to bet that the average male would be far more comfortable in […]

Three Empowering Men’s Brassieres

When women wanted to be empowered, they burned their bras. When men wanted to be empowered, some of them put bras on. Thus the bra has transcended status as mere clothing and become something of a magical totem garment. No wonder men are so attracted to bras. Even if they don’t want to wear them, […]

Perfectly Soft Microfiber Bras For Men

I’m a big fan of microfiber for many reasons, its smooth, it has a sheen to it, it is comfortable, and it is the way of the future. When all the cotton dies out due to global warming, those of us who have already adapted to polymer clothing will have an advantage over those who […]

Doodle Bras For Men

Referred to me by a reader a few months ago, this is the perfect bra for the creative man or woman who loves lingerie. You know how when you’re a child, you yearn to draw on everything, and over time that desire is curbed by punishment, looking down on taggers and the slow Alzheimerfication of […]

Bras For Men | Have You Earned A Black Bra?

To wear a black bra, you must be daring. To wear a black bra, you must be bold. In wearing a black bra, you come to understand that although lingerie lies next to your skin, safely tucked away under your outer clothing, it is nevertheless a very real presence. The man who wears a black […]